Wolves of Winter

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Wolves of Winter

Current state

2 x Start Collecting Space Wolves

-20 marines
-2 commanders
-6 Thunderwolves
Khorne Juggernaught
10 Marines from the Heresy boxed game
1 Character from the Heresy boxed game
1 Metal terminator chaplain
Logan Grimnar
Space Wolves Terminators
Contemptor Dreadnought (from Betrayal at Calth I think)
Space Wolves Dreadnought
3 Combi bolters (from Betrayal at Calth I think)
4 Heavy bolters from from the Heresy boxed game
4 Plasma Cannons

The list above is pretty much complete for what I want to collect, except for perhaps a second contemptor, and one of the fancy new flyers for the Space Wolves.
I have no intention for this to be effective ruleswise in whatever edition I end up getting any games in, but I'm collecting and painting for fun and for character with my old gaming buddy who is revamping his Thousand Sons.

The breakdown of subprojects would look something like this:

-Magnetised to hold the axe & shield from the venerable dreadnought kit, or stock weapons (power fist plus assault cannon/other)

-Not sure of build type yet

Wolf Priest
-I have two plastic space marine commanders to turn into characters, which will be a great blank canvas to work on

Thunderwolf Lord
-Juggernaught conversion. This is part way there, the sheer amount of green-stuffing involved is a little daunting so this will be a long haul. This of course includes a character to ride, again a blank canvas to work with.

Thunderwolf Cav
-I've made all the wolves, so only bases and riders left to do. Will be trying to make  the most of larg bases and make each rider as characterful as possible.

-All built, some are in sub assemblies for painting

-Bought the set as it was cheaper than getting the character separately on ebay. I built the man himself and will proxy the 'chariot' as some kind of transport I think.

-I love the model and hope to be able to make it look suitably wolf like with embellishments and sculpting.

-I bought the heresy marines to mix the parts into the standard bodies & legs maybe for the heavy weapon marines to make them look more old and venerable as is befitting Long Fangs.

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