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On The Payroll

The Guild's Judgement (Lady Justice crew)
-Minus totem
Of Metal & Flesh (Hoffman crew)
Captain Daschel
2 x Guild Guard
2 x Executioners
3 x Guild Riflemen
Brutal Emissary
2 x Austringers
2 x Exorcists
2 x Witchling Handlers
2 x Wardens
Nurse Heartsbane
Dr Grimwell
2 x Orderlies

Total Points painted 2016: 
(this seems to be a popular thing on the forums)

In Progress:
Limited Edition Francisco Ortega
Brutal Effigy
Lone Marshall
Pale Rider
Scales of Justice
Malifaux Child
Metal Samael Hopkins
Master Queeg
The Latigo Posse Crew Box
Death Marshall Recruiters
Abuela Ortega
Bound by Law Crew box - minus Captain Daschel and two Guardsmen
Wild Ones crew box (alt McCabe)
Izamu (for McCabe)

To Assemble:
Howard Langston & Joss (for Hoffman)
Guild Hounds
Kamaitahi (for McCabe)

EDIT - all ticked off!!!
The only things left on my wishlist once I have the above assembled and Painted are the mounted guild guards and Master Queeg. If I'm lucky I'd like the Nightmare McCabe crew as well, possibly settling for regular McCabe.

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