Oldhammer Orcs

Of all The current projects, the Oldhammer armies will be lowest on the list.

Originally, I wanted to make a really simple, or what I thought of as a 'traditional' army. The units I completed I think fit what I was going for quite well.
The extra items I've picked up along the way may never see glue or paint, as I sadly doubt that I'll ever play what I knew and loved as 'Warhammer Fantasy' ever again...

Once I've setup my airbrush again however, I might be able to get the rest of the models painted to a good standard pretty quickly ready for one of those Sunday afternoon games of Warhammer. Ahh, Nostalgia :)

Built & Playable
- 25 Spears & Shield w/Full command
- 25 Choppa & Shield w/Full command
- 19 Black Orcs command
- Black Orc Boss (the Mean looking metal one with the big Shield)
- Savage orcs + Old Metal savage orc shaman + 50mmx50mm Base unit filler (for 15 orcs total)
- Avatars of War boss with two axes
- Avatars of War Shaman
- GW Orc Shaman with staff
- Converted Plastic Orc Boy shaman
- 2 x Converted Goblin Shamans
- 2 x Retro Metal Goblin Shamans
- Orc Chariot w/new boars

To Assemble
- 19 Orc Boyz
- 18-20 black orcs (some of these were procured to convert into boar boyz but I think i'll make regular boar boyz and salvage what I can for the Bl Orcs)
- Avatars of War Boar boss
- (GW) Orc Boar hero box

- 20 Orc Archers - These look to be from a starter set, as they are one piece?!
- 24 2 Choppas - These look to be from a starter set, as they are one piece?!
- Grimgor Ironhide
- 5 Choppa & Shield built from multi-part box set
- 3 Spears & Shield built from multi-part box set
- 4 bodies + legs

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