Mother of Monsters

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Mother of Monsters

Mother of Monsters (Lilith crew box)
Mature Nephilim
2 x Young Nephilim
Alternate Barbaros
2 x Waldgeist

In Progress:
Mysterious Effigy
Widow Weaver
Black Blood Shaman
Lelu & Lelitu
The Queen's Return (Titania box)

To Assemble:
The Queen's Return (Titania crew box)

Expansion wise, I think I would like to start Collodi at some point. I think Jacob Lynch is interesting too. I will end up with Zoraida's crew eventually for the swamp guys who i believe work well with Lilith, rather than for Zoraida herself. But then I think she would have crossover with Collodi so i'm not sure :)

Guild are my main faction so this will be after I feel like I've collected what I want to paint from Guild.

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