Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Diamond Geezer

I love birthdays. Doesn't even have to be mine, they are just great.

We had a barbecue with my gaming buddy and his wife to be, and went to one of our favourite places to eat in Manchester with another set of friends, and ate far too much!
A bit of a mixed blessing was having to replace my phone which started draining a full battery in under an hour without being used. Having to shell out for a new handset was a bit gutting, but a shiny new handset is of course great :)

My wife's family sent me vouchers for the Element Games webstore and I managed to convince myself that the couple of boxes of Harlequins I got on our trip to Warhammer World needed bumping up a little...

The full list now is below
2 Starweavers
2 Troupes
2 Skyweavers

The plan is to convert a Troupe Master, and have him with on troupe in one Starweaver, and the Shadowseer with with the others in the second vehicle. There are enough crews/spare bits floating about to also make a Solitaire and maybe even a Death Jester too. Potentially only interested in another box of Skyweavers in the future as this is a solid little force at around 1000pts.

Rather than the common diamond patterning seen on these models (which ironically is what tempted me to pick some models up when I saw them in the exhibition at Warhammer World), I spotted a rather stunning Harlequin force in a battle report video featuring galaxy/nebula themed paint work which I decided to try and replicated for the vehicles with the airbrush.
Hopefully I'll be able to test out some methods for this soon using masking and sponging etc :)

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