Sunday, 5 March 2017

On the Payroll - ROBATS

It's funny you see, as the watcher is a bat type thing and also a robot ^_^ It's also fun to say out loud, try it. Thank me later

I did spend a fair bit of time the other day setting up 'Pages' on the blog, ready for when I audit all my outstanding odds and sods. I realise now that this is totally invisible, pages don't pop up like posts do, so you lot wouldn't even know I'd written a post other than this one this week. Oh well :) I hope to start fleshing out various projects and hyperlinking them on that main Project page as and when I get chance to rummage through everything.

I'm finally at a stage where I am calling Hoffman and his construct friends done. I bit the bullet and painted in all the rivets on the Peacekeeper, Wardens and the few on the Hunters, as well as painting the few 'human' elements on Hoffman & Ryle. I added slime to their bases using the paint I wanted to try out. I have mixed feelings for it, but I think it looks OK, I might add a weak brown wash with some gloss over the whole of the 'sludge' part of the base through yet. I'm happy overall :)

There are a couple of tiny finishing touches to do to these, like the wash on the base I mentioned, some stitching on the watcher's wings and probably a dab of wash on each rivet, but it's less than a half hour of work total :)

Excuse what is hopefully the last in a long line of crappy photos, I did order some parts to hold my phone ion a tripod, and need to fond some lamps.
I also only just discovered the crop function,m but of course only realised that I was saving over the top of the originals by the time I realised I could dictate the size of the crop and have all the images the same...
Learning curve ;)

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