Sunday, 26 February 2017

Out of a rut and into the groove

I've finally made some progress with Hoffman and pals :D I also put some work into working out what I wanted to do for the wings on my Nephilim (pictures to follow as I progress more on the crew).
Guild constructs are Very close to being finished now, I think only highlights ti the gold/brass areas are left as well as finishing off the bases once the slimy paint arrives. Hoffman and Ryle just need some work on their clothes and they are done.

I also ordered a tripod mount for my mobile phone in an attempt to start getting better photos onto the blog, after reading this post I found when googling miniature photography.
Which leads on to more mediocre photos of what I've been working on :p

The 'sewer waste' is pretty much done here, maybe I will add some gloss to make it look fresh and wet... :/ grim

He's watching you...

The camera hasn't done justice to a cape i enjoyed painting and was left quite pleased with :(

Hopefully I'll have a finished crew shot to share with you soon, then end is definitely in sight! :)

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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Odds and Ends

I've been a bit under the weather recently, and also had some pretty heavy family related things going on that I've had to deal with as well.

The net result is that I've barely had any motivation to do any hobby stuff if I'm completely honest.

Having said that, I transferred some of my usable Citadel paints into dropper bottles which I bought on Ebay. This should make it easier to use them with both wet palette and airbrush, as well as having them out on the rack rather than stuck in a drawer for example.

I did find some good inspiration on a Facebook group for what I want to do with the wings for my Nephilim models though so I hope I can manage to test that out this week. Hoping to be able to replicate an almost black>purple colour gradient on the wings in contrast to the pale blue which I've used on the skin :)

I've also got myself back into the habit of reading on the train again instead of just browsing the internet in my pre-coffee haze, which means I finished the biography I was reading, and have started again on the series of fantasy books I've been working my way through for years. I messaged some friends on the off-chance that they would want to play a D&D campaign with me in the DM.
I love D&D, I love creating characters, I love 3.5, I love the mechanics. In fact in some of my 'stuck in a rut too fed up to be bothered' time in the evenings recently has been spent noodling around on hero lab creating characters :P.
I also made some dungeon tiles out of old cereal packets which has been a good way to clear my mind and zen out a bit, as well as preparing for when I put pen to paper and start to write the first few encounters for the group.

A bit of a ramble this week, for which I apologise. I hope I get get my head back into it soon and enjoy some hobby time to share with you all.

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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Storage solution mk2.5

I know what you're thinking, I've only just overhauled my storage solution, so why am I updating it again so soon?!

Well the short story is that I showed a friend of mine how to setup this solution for himself, and he found a better size box to use. It turns out the 9litre really useful box is the same dimensions but deeper than the 4litre one I was using. This means it has space for all models of differing heights (my Emissary is tallest by far and fits with lots of headroom), and even allows the lid to be magnetised to make use of a second floor space effectively.

I had some spare steel sheet stuff, and the 9litre box only cost me 5 GBP so I replaced my guild storage boxes with this one. I will stick to the smaller box for Neverborn unless I expand that like crazy at some point.

The new box is a little more than double the height of the 'regular' box I use

It also seems to be a a couple of centimetres larger length/width wise

Bonus lid storage

The height of the box allows a pretty generous amount of room above 'regular models'. I've got my Hoffman Crew on the lid here for ease of access whilst i'm taking them in and out to paint :)

Another good option depending how large your collection is, hope this is useful

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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

On the Payroll - Hardware

I've finally made noticeable progress with Hoffman and pals. It seems to have taken an age to get to even this stage. After initially being excited and having a lot of momentum with assembly, basing and a quick drybrush, I seem to have then come to a halt.
It didn't help at all when I started basecoating in the wrong shade of red, only realising after it's first (patchy, disheartening) layer.
Lessons learned here definitely are that batch painting is a mixed blessing :P
I'm also looking into a better setup to take pictures with. I can't afford to buy a dedicated camera for a hobby blog, but I can stretch to a decent tripod for my phone and perhaps a camera app beyond the default one.

Not far to go now, some weathering/highlighting of the red and some rivets to pick out. The bases are almost done except for some green slime I want to add from the Games Workshop technical paint whose name I can't remember...

I'm going to keep on with these tonight and during any time i get this weekend and hopefully have them table ready soon :) then I can start pushing the 2 or 3 90% complete models I have to completion as well.

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Sunday, 12 February 2017

The Scenic Route - All Mapped Out

For quite a while now I've been wanting some gaming mats for our home Malifaux scene. I originally had some picked out on but with the GBP being as weak as it is at the moment, there was seemingly never a good time to order these.

So after Xmas I finally decided to take the plunge and get hold of some. After some quality searching by my wife, we came to Deepcut Studios (who incidentally also made my Warmachine Tourny trays way back when). In an idea to save on shipping from Europe, I originally ordered these from Wayland games, who had them in stock when I ordered but then two days later put the whole order on hold without getting in touch and letting me know why (I have a very strong opinion of Wayland Games which I wont discuss here but feel free to ask). So after cancelling this order I went directly to Deepcut studios and ordered Direct and the mats arrived in 4 days from Lithuania (for a lower total GBP price I might add).

We chose between us the Medieval Ruins & Muddy Fields mats, and a carry bag for storage/transport. After receiving them we promptly used them in a game and snapped some shots of the Muddy fields below :)

The first shot shows the markings on the mat designed to show the measurements required by any and all Malifaux schemes/strategies; Centre line, all available deployment zones, centre marker plus 6". These are clearly marked but not so distinct as to ruin the overall effect.
The print quality is fantastic and the mat looks great all by itself. It looks even better with the scenery all set out and it was great to play on. The markings worked just as intended and saved lots of faff measuring for objectives etc in the middle of the game. This is doubly useful as it means you are able to see specific measurements without using a tape to check them and potentially giving away your intent to your opponent.

I am over the moon with these and would definitely recommend them to anyone in the market for playmats for Malifaux :)
Again,I haven't been sponsored at all for this review and everything is out of my own pocket.

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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The Scenic Route - Scatter

Alongside the paint racks I talked about in my last post, I picked up some MDFterrain bases I got one set of each, with the intention of adding variety to our current terrain collection (more on which to follow this month).

They arrived in giant sealable bags and I promptly set about making the first few ideas I had for scatter terrain, the weekend after I had made the paint racks.

-A simple wall just using broken parts of a pot stand from IKEA, with gravel and sand around the edges of the base

-Rocky outcrop using the same bits of pot stand, also with some of it cut in half to add more topography/variation

-Rough terrain from bits of scrap cork, sand and gravel

I will be painting these and adding grass tufts, hopefully this weekend. I think they look great for little to not time at all spent on them and I look forward to trying them out in some games.

Some of you may already be aware but MDF as with other cheap wood aggregates is very prone to warping when damp/wet. Part of the sand/gravel process involves a layer of watered down PVA to stop it all coming off during painting. I was at least semi-prepared for warping and had found this resource in advance.
It wasn't any real shock when the wall had curved up like a banana, I wet the back and left it overnight but not before realising that the PVA glue had not only warped it but also probably helped it set into that shape, so I gently bent it and heard some creaks and cracks where it was holding that curved shape.
It is now ready for another load of water to be applied to the back (i might leave a wet piece of kitchen towel on it to stop the water pooling/running off), but It will be fine after that :)
UPDATE - I left wet kitchen towel on then and pushed them back into shape and they are completely flat again the morning after.

All in all, well worth the money and I have more ideas to create scenery from quickly, easily and at little cost.

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Monday, 6 February 2017

Hot Desk

After saying how pleased I was about keeping to regular blog days, I go and miss the one I planned for yesterday... :(

To be fair I had all the photos and some of the draft written, but I've not really been well (headaches, earaches and now tinnitus which is really enjoyable..)

So on the the show anyway.

I had plans this year to look again at my desk setup for my hobby area. I did have in mind that the cats would be allowed in the study when we weren't at home, so everything should be easy to get out/put away with minimal fuss, but I think the reality is that they cant be trusted in the study full stop unsupervised as they are tricksy and curious :p
So I originally had all my paints and miniatures in the wooden drawers I bought from IKEA (Moppe)
which can be seen below the new paint racks.
I had been looking at some paint racks for a while, and eventually settled on some I found whilst looking for some MDF terrain bases (which we will be looking at in a later blog). I would have loved the corner workstation combo (with drawers) but that would be too deep for that side of my desk, however the paint rack did fit almost perfectly on top of the drawers I have on top of my desk.

Everything is a lot more easily accessible now and I think it's a much better use of the space. I know the tall rack is almost empty, but I'm just waiting on a delivery of dropper bottles so I can transfer my Citadel paints into them.

The paint racks arrived flat of course and required some assembly with woodglue.

The base of the tall rack had a part which was broken in transit, but this was a small part of the base which is now hidden after assembly and not weight bearing so no harm no foul. Very simple to assemble and barely need the instructions.

The tiered rack was a little more confusing. All the parts are labelled on the instruction sheet, but the design of the rack looks to have changed since these instructions were written/printed so when I was trying to tick off parts I should have vs parts I did have they don't quite tally up. With a little help from my wife though I managed to realise that I had all the right parts, after which assembly is completely fine.

For the price, I would definitely recommend these, they look great, are sturdy and do exactly what they need to .I f you have the luxury of a bit more space, the different combos available for paint racks and drawers etc are fantastic.
The website also has some really nice scenery for multiple games systems, which looks fantastic (especially the light up stuff!)

Lastly, I haven't been sponsored at all for this review, and everything is out of my own pocket.

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