Saturday, 21 January 2017

Storage solution mk2

A while ago I wrote a post on a storage/transport solution I had adapted from a video I saw on Youtube (written a year ago in fact, wow).

Since then I've seen the benefits and disadvantages of said solution, and learned a bit from it.

-First thing is that the self adhesive magnetic stuff really wasn't attracting magnets that strongly, at all. It attracts the baking sheet I ended up using just fine, but magnets (either side) not so much for whatever reason.

-It's great for lugging around whole armies for some game systems but for other, more skirmish based systems its a lot of case to carry around

-It's only really suitable for single factions. I have my Infinity & Guildball models in their own metal tins (i think its meant to be a biscuit tin or similar)

I've been using a new method since maybe June last year, which I feel is working pretty well.

The magic ingredients
Really useful box (4 litres)
Malifaux Miniatures
Steel sheeting
The last item on the list is the easiest and simplest thing I could find in the UK. I know that actual steel sheet would be a lot more cost effective, but buying it and making it the right size and fixing it into the box were all things that I was struggling to find/buy/workout.

One of the steel sheets is a little shorter than the dimensions of the case, so I just cut a small section off a second sheet with scissors to fill the gap.
The rest of it is quite simple, the magnets linked above will fit inside the circle on the underside of a Malifaux base and be flush with the bottom. I superglue them in and fill the gap with greenstuff, I'm not really sure why to be honest, just feels like it might be more secure.

For larger bases I use either those same magnets with greenstuff between them and the base, then liberally covered in superglue, or 2mm magnets which are flush with the 40mm bases.

I really like this solution as storage and transport (fits easily into a backpack), its stack able, easy to expand, easy to setup and the models don't shift about at all (I've proved this in the middle of a hobby shop, inverting the case with no lid and shaking vigorously, with no falling miniatures).

Our current travel bag for playing away from home is just a star wars 'bag for life' with my miniatures (standard and tall mini's - see below) and my wife's miniatures plus a token box, rule book etc sat on top. Bonus kitten.

The only issue I encountered so far was with really tall models like the Emissary. All I did here was simply get a bigger box, and repeat the setup. The Emissary, Lone Marshal and Pale Rider all live quite happily in here and tag along with the smaller box whenever I go to game anywhere.

The other solution to this is for models like the Mature Nephilim or the Guardian from the Hoffman set, or even a Shikome on a flying stand.

All I've done here is stick some of the spare steel sheet to the shortest wall inside the box. The model can now fit in there and not really take up that much more space than the base would. It saves me having to take the larger box if I don't need any of those miniatures, or i'm playing Neverborn for definite :)

And that is it. I've not reinvented the wheel or anything here but I do feel I've improved on my existing solution.
I will be retrofitting my previous case attempts with the steel sheet rather than the previous 'magnetic' stuff and keeping using them for my 40k armies as the model count is usually quite high, and foam is expensive if we are all honest :)

Let me know what you think, do you love it? Do you hate it? what can be improved?

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  1. This is a fantastic idea. Thanks for the link to the rubber steel sheets! I had been looking in Homebase and steel sheeting was very expensive and I couldn't find baking trays to fit the really useful storage boxes I had. Will be buying some of the rubber ones now to cut up and fit in them.

    1. I had been looking at steel sheeting, but it seems to be a lot hard to find outside of the US where home improvement stores seem to have everything! I also found some fridge magnet stuff that's essentially big rolls of the steel sheet -
      Glad it's been useful, let me know how you get on :)