Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Up and coming - February

What a start to the year. I've managed to stick to blogging pretty much 3 times a week, and none of it filler posts ( i don't think so at any rate).

I've been making consistent progress with the hobby as well which is great.

I do want to focus down a bit again though and set some soft goals for February:
-Hoffman. I think this is an easy one but I am already finding myself a bit fed up of painting metals. The end is in sight, and most of the metals are already done but if I set a date to have them finished by it will help keep me motivated to have them finished :)

-Infinity. I'd like to get my Morats based, and assembled so that they are ready for painting, and for whatever games might be available soon. I'd hate to be asked down to the store for a game and have nothing ready.

-Scenery. I've got some scenery left to build from some that I bought in a bundle last year. it got to the stage that I had enough for two games side by side on my 6x4 board (just enough) so i stopped, as the lack of instructions provided was a bit tough with some of the pieces. But I'd like to get this finished completely and out of the way now.

-Product reviews. I have a few things coming which I want to do some write-ups on, and showcase some ides I've had for a couple of different things.

I wasn't sure what the format of this post would/should be so I think if it becomes (semi) regular I might do a kind of 'monthly menu' kind of deal with a bit of a musing on what will be coming up in the month.

That's everything for now, hope to show some progress soon on the above :)

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Saturday, 28 January 2017

On the Payroll - Metallics

I made some progress on my Hoffman crew finally and blocked in, washed, and highlighted all the steel metallics. I also added the base colour for the bronze colour.
They are now ready to start adding the red & dark grey that I use across my Guild models.

I've had their big brother Peacekeeper around whilst painting as reference, but they are nearly caught up so I will hopefully get him finished alongside them.

I also finished the sewer pipes except one additional wash, and whatever liquid effect I add to the bases later.

Also featured are the Warden models I got recently :)

I have my Neverborn still mid-way though being painted, but I thought it would be good to have these two projects available at the same time so that I f I get burnt out painting metallics and red (very nearly) for example, I could just use my next painting session to do some Neverborn painting, rather than just not doing any.

I've just ordered some new paint racks and had a sort through of my cupboard that I store my hobby stuff in, so I hope to be able to do a post showcasing the new set up soon.
There's also a product review or two in the pipeline as well :)

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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

The Living Infinite - Aggression Force

A new blog category!

Yep, you are correct I didn't have enough different things to keep on top of at once :P
I wasn't planning on making any headway into Infinity until later in the year if I'm completely honest, but I posted out of curiosity on the Facebook of our new local games store asking if anyone played Infinity locally, and the person responding from the shop wants to learn how to play so I guess we will be learning together once he has gone and looked at rules/minis :)

I had a look at what I have, and it looks as though I sold all of my 2nd edition miniatures, and have only since bought the new Morat Aggression Force starter. I remember putting a load of effort into the larger base included in the boxed set, for the Sogarat with Feurbach, who I had also pinned together. I glued him to the base ready to be sprayed alongside some other miniatures this weekend just gone but I of course forgot to spray him...

I've decided to go with a modified version of their concept colour scheme, with more dark blue, less grey and maybe orange accents? I had also hoped to be able to airbrush this project but I think more and more that this will never happen.

I'm trying to resist buying any more infinity miniatures until I know for certain that anyone is around to play. I'm still getting a definite 'No' from my regular wargaming buddy :P
If it all works out, I'm hoping for regular Wednesday evening for Infinity games at the shop.

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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Storage solution mk2

A while ago I wrote a post on a storage/transport solution I had adapted from a video I saw on Youtube (written a year ago in fact, wow).

Since then I've seen the benefits and disadvantages of said solution, and learned a bit from it.

-First thing is that the self adhesive magnetic stuff really wasn't attracting magnets that strongly, at all. It attracts the baking sheet I ended up using just fine, but magnets (either side) not so much for whatever reason.

-It's great for lugging around whole armies for some game systems but for other, more skirmish based systems its a lot of case to carry around

-It's only really suitable for single factions. I have my Infinity & Guildball models in their own metal tins (i think its meant to be a biscuit tin or similar)

I've been using a new method since maybe June last year, which I feel is working pretty well.

The magic ingredients
Really useful box (4 litres)
Malifaux Miniatures
Steel sheeting
The last item on the list is the easiest and simplest thing I could find in the UK. I know that actual steel sheet would be a lot more cost effective, but buying it and making it the right size and fixing it into the box were all things that I was struggling to find/buy/workout.

One of the steel sheets is a little shorter than the dimensions of the case, so I just cut a small section off a second sheet with scissors to fill the gap.
The rest of it is quite simple, the magnets linked above will fit inside the circle on the underside of a Malifaux base and be flush with the bottom. I superglue them in and fill the gap with greenstuff, I'm not really sure why to be honest, just feels like it might be more secure.

For larger bases I use either those same magnets with greenstuff between them and the base, then liberally covered in superglue, or 2mm magnets which are flush with the 40mm bases.

I really like this solution as storage and transport (fits easily into a backpack), its stack able, easy to expand, easy to setup and the models don't shift about at all (I've proved this in the middle of a hobby shop, inverting the case with no lid and shaking vigorously, with no falling miniatures).

Our current travel bag for playing away from home is just a star wars 'bag for life' with my miniatures (standard and tall mini's - see below) and my wife's miniatures plus a token box, rule book etc sat on top. Bonus kitten.

The only issue I encountered so far was with really tall models like the Emissary. All I did here was simply get a bigger box, and repeat the setup. The Emissary, Lone Marshal and Pale Rider all live quite happily in here and tag along with the smaller box whenever I go to game anywhere.

The other solution to this is for models like the Mature Nephilim or the Guardian from the Hoffman set, or even a Shikome on a flying stand.

All I've done here is stick some of the spare steel sheet to the shortest wall inside the box. The model can now fit in there and not really take up that much more space than the base would. It saves me having to take the larger box if I don't need any of those miniatures, or i'm playing Neverborn for definite :)

And that is it. I've not reinvented the wheel or anything here but I do feel I've improved on my existing solution.
I will be retrofitting my previous case attempts with the steel sheet rather than the previous 'magnetic' stuff and keeping using them for my 40k armies as the model count is usually quite high, and foam is expensive if we are all honest :)

Let me know what you think, do you love it? Do you hate it? what can be improved?

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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

On The Payroll - Robo Kitties

I managed to get the last two models assembled for Hoffman over the (busy) weekend, and the Hunters along with the Watcher raised an interesting problem.

All three models have a very thin connection point to the base. In the case of the Hunters I had to plastic glue them straight to the base for strength, and then wonder about how to base them. I eventually decided some kind of mud on the side that the models are one, and sewer type basing on the other side.

I managed to pin the watcher through one very thin and unstable leg to the base. In both cases however I wasn't looking forward to lifting them away from the magnetic storage I have been using of late (future post on my new storage/transport method incoming).

The workaround is these oddly angled pipes that are on the bases.

I have inserted a pin through the base which I've bent to be flush versus the base and then glued, I will also add greenstuff over the top of this to reinforce it. Above the base is a length of plasticard piping, filled with greenstuff which I pushed over the pin sticking out on top. I then glued this in place, and greenstuff the join on the base. Let it dry, and presto - I can pull the miniature away from the base without using the model to pull on, meaning they have no fear of coming away from the base, and I retain my sanity :)
I don't think the pipes look desperately out of place either to be fair. My only regret will be when I come to paint the hunters I think, as they are quite low to the base.

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Sunday, 15 January 2017

On The Payroll - Brothers

Just a quick update today as I've got a busy weekend but did manage to snap a picture to share.

I managed to get the majority of Hoffman and pals based and built completely ready to be primed (whenever it stops raining outside...) for the lowers areas of the bases, I used liquid greenstuff to simulate an uneven 'water' (Sewage?..) texture which I will paint up and then use the paint effect I mentioned previously to hopefully good effect.

In the background you may also be able to make out the alternate Barbaros that I managed to pick up recently which I'm very much looking forward to painting.

That's it for now, keep everything crossed for fairer weather tomorrow sop I can get some miniatures spray coated. My wife also needs a few things sprayed as she 'has run out of models to paint'! I don't think that has ever happened to me :p

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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Weakly WIP

Yeah I'm trying out puns as post titles again, bare with me, but I'm not sure it's going to last long :P

I've got a couple of things on the go at the moment, but more so because I'm weak (oh look, it relates to the title....)

I knuckled down and primed all the Neverborn bases on Saturday morning, I mixed up my own dark grey, watered it down and went to work. It took a reasonably long time as I had to use a relatively small brush instead of just glomping it onto the bases in order to preserver the already pained skin parts of most of the models.

Setting these aside to dry, I decided to start assembling some of the Hoffman miniatures I caved in and bought with some cash I received from family at Xmas. I went ahead and did Ryle and the Guardian first, along with their bases. Just missing greenstuff topping to take flagstone details.

I am going to be pinning unfinished miniatures to unfinished bases and priming the whole lot together with this crew. I seem to have a habit of owning WIP miniatures that can't be used until they are eventually finished, which is not only frustrating, but not really a good use of the minis :p

I have my Peacekeeper (WIP) is based on a sewer style of base, and I will carry this throughout the Guild Constructs.  The idea of Hoffman working on his creations in some kind of mad engineers laboratory, is one that I really like :) I also added some 'charging points' to the Peacekeeper, as he was giving me a very 'Igor' vibe, and I love the idea of him getting recharge via some mad lightning conducting thing... I may have over thought this a little. Here he is, WIP anyway.

There is a technical paint that I've seen from Games Workshop which looks like a decent slimy green kind of effect so I intend to use this to add some interest to the bases, as well as perhaps some blood, because the sewers of Malifaux end up with all sorts down there...

That's it for now, lots more on the painting desk though :)

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Friday, 6 January 2017

Mother of Monsters - All your base are belong to us

I had recently written a post about a new basing method which I had waited for (delayed) delivery of before being able to base my Neverborn models which were otherwise ready to undercoat and get on with.

I sat down over the weekend (1/1/17 it must have been) and tired to use the mountain themed Basius pad to make the bases I wanted. I don't know whether it was me not following the picture guide provided on their website, whether it was the greenstuff I was using, humidity, alignment of the moon etc. but I couldn't get any results worth using. the bases had either nice crisp details and rounded amorphous edges, or stuck to the pad which I had drenched with water, or a mess of greenstuff that didn't make its way into the details of the texture pad properly.

After working on trying different things all afternoon, I decided I could use my time a lot better, and in the hour after putting the greenstuff away, I had cork/gravel bases made up for all my Neverborn models and got them pinned to their bases, which I also added magnets to.

I was a bit disheartened if I'm honest as I use cork and gravel on most of my models so I wanted to try something different and I had hoped that this would allow me to do that. If I'd known I would end up doing this I could have had everything based a long time ago ready to use.

I'm not giving up though, I'm going to give them another go when I get around to the infinity models I have to paint.

In better news, I did get a game with Lilith this week. We visited our friends on New years eve and played a 50pts game and a henchman game before some drinks for new year. I proxied Lilith using my guild models and some empty 40mm bases and had a great time.
The scheme pool had me scratching my head whilst I was thinking in Guild mode, but once we started playing I soon realised just how different the approach to these schemes was as a Neverborn player. There are a lot of rules for Lilith which I felt aren't worded fantastically on her card (Tangle of Shadows is tricky). This wasn't helped by the fact that I was looking at the cards for the second time only whilst playing as I hadn't read and learned them, thinking I wouldn't be playing until I had finished the crew. Very different from the Guild though which is a really nice change of pace
All in all a success though, and a lot of fun to look forward to once I've got the crew painted and ready :)

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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Hard Drive Issues

Just a short one I'm afraid guys & gals, I've had a failure in the hard drive i have ~20 years worth of photos and documents/music/PDFs on so I've been working this week on validating what I have and haven't backed up.

I did have a post ready for today but I've not had time to take the photographs I intended to go with it, so it's not any use to any of us right now ;)

I will be able to post it later this week though and normal service can be resumed :)

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