Sunday, 31 December 2017

Year in Review 2017

It's been a good year.

A triumphant return to the hobby, gaming, painting and blogging all making good progress.

There have been highs and lows though of course. Lots of excitement for the new 40k, only to have best laid plans go to waste. Partly due to best man/wedding planning and other commitments, but also just because of a general lack of time. Malifaux is a lot quicker to setup and play for starters, and rather than taking up an entire table for 40k, we can play two games of Malifaux on the same size table so no one gets left out.

Really quite pleased with some of the progress made with modelling though, just need painting and assembling of new boxes of modelling to catch up.

Planning activity for the month ahead was a double edged blade. On one hand it was a good way to see what needs doing rather than just flitting from WIP to WIP, but on the other hand it felt like a bit of a rigid way of doing things, with no variation. I don't quite know what this will look like in future iterations, but I want to combine some element of  'I want to work on this' with 'This needs finishing for X reason' to avoid burnout, while still making progress.

The end of the year had markedly less progress made than most of the rest, for a number of reasons. The aforementioned wedding/best man stuff, holidays & kitten, as well as some recent personal issues. Hopefully this week's painting progress is a good sign of things to come though :)

All in all, it's been a good year for hobbying. I might make a post about hopes for the next year but that just seems like it'll be a list of things that might not then get done, so a monthly target setting system seems a better idea.

All the best to you all for the new year and for the last time:

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Thursday, 28 December 2017

Femme Fatales

My wife and I christened our new Gaming table setup over the holidays as well, and I had finished putting together/magnetising/undercoating my Titania crew on Xmas day so I decided to use them in our game.

Titania was a lot of fun, and very different to any of the other masters I play for any faction. I can't help but feel that I would have fared a lot better if I had read the cards for new models & upgrades before playing though...

In general, I seem to not have strats/schemes in mind when I'm picking a crew, rather just picking what I want to use, so there is often a bit of square peg round hole feel to my play. I also struggle to think what my opponent might be trying to achieve whilst also trying to achieve my own poorly understood objectives. We are hoping to play a lot more games though. It was certainly a lot less fuss setting up/packing away having everything all in one place and the table already sorted and ready to go.

I look forward to more games with Titania, and might pick up a couple of the newer models to use with her once I work out what will suit her well.

Xmas day evening was also the first day in a long time that I have felt like painting. I decided to make a start on Titania after enjoying the game with her, and wanted to include at least one of the Infinity models I need to get ready for the first game, so I picked the only one who probably doesn't need a second coat of blue armour which is the Oznat.

I've been heavily inspired by a thread on the Infinity Forums, as well as a blog on the Combined Army, and I wanted to try and include the dark purple from the Umbra Samaritan, and some of the colour choices/recipes from the Morat blog.
I'm not the biggest fan of the outcome of my own painting but I think that's relatively common amongst gamers. I think I have a tendency to overcomplicate things and could probably get some decent results by following the example of the 'Games Workshop method' of basecoat wash highlight, instead of trying to emulate people like Dr Faust who I never get as good results as despite trying different things to get thin layers.. This all depends on neatness though and it isn't something I'm good at. Painting more can only help this so hopefully this year will see some improvements :)

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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Fresh Air

I promised that I would get some airbrushing done over the break. I tried talking myself out of it for various reasons like the time taken to set it up, finding all the bits and bobs, etc. In the end I managed to see through my own weak excuses and got everything plugged in, sorted and ready to go.
Although it's still a temporary setup, and goes away again after use, the booth & compressor setup easily and without a great deal of fuss to be honest.

The newer of the two airbrushes works just fine with whatever needle/nozzle combo it ended up with, and in general is a more pleasant tool to use than the first cheap brush I bought.
I wanted to at least make a start on the Morats, and after touching up the coat of black primer with VMA Black, I went ahead and primed a mix of VMA black Primer and VMA Grey primer from 45 degrees to help with shading. I mixed this originally for the Titania crew models I wanted to include in this session. I then basecoated the blue I had picked out for some of the armour panels on the Morats and used the rest on the Gorar from the Titania box before the heat cutout on the Compressor stopped the whole thing short.

A couple of learning points from the whole thing. First being that if I have a list of models which I want to get done, with relevant colours, I can be more efficient. The amount of primer I had mixed was more than enough for what I wanted to get painted so I was looking for more models to undercoat in order to not waste it.

The second is that I want to get 'proper' airbrush versions of colours which I will use often through the airbrush. the dilution of blue I used for the Morats seemed fine on them (although it maybe wants a second coat) but when I used it on the Plastic Gorar, it seemed to run off a bit? this is possible due to using flow improver rather than airbrush thinner/water but isn't ideal nonetheless.

All in all, a successful attempt, and promising for future uses. I don't think the airbrush I have is really suitable for anything other than basecoats really, or my use of it isn't at any rate. I want to speak to my Infinity buddy at work when he is back off leave to see what his airbrush is like :)

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Thursday, 21 December 2017

Needles and Haystacks

I wanted to sort through the spare needles and nozzles I have for my cheap airbrushes, thinking I'd use the calipers I bought to help identify them as which size.
Long story short, I ended up getting quite muddled. the 5mm needles were easy to identify as they are massive by comparison to the other two pairs. the 2mm/3mm are almost identical though and I am only half confident that I have them separated out properly. I was under the impression that the entire needle would be thinner or thicker, to measure with the calipers, but it seems only the taper changes.

Anyway, I have a needle plus nozzle in each brush, and based on how cheap the components are, i'm not sure that .1mm will make a  huge amount of difference.

Maybe I'll eventually have enough practice to buy a branded one at some point. I am hoping to be able to put them to use on Infinity models over the long break, and at least be part painted for the first intro game I have arranged with my work friend. I find myself increasingly tempted by models outside of the Morat sectorial, and Umbra Samaritans/Legates etc are just too nice not to paint! They also go well with the Batroid TAGs which I definitely would like to paint up and play with eventually too.

I'll be doing a year in review hopefully next week, and a look forward to plans for next year :)

Thanks for sticking with me thus far, and as ever -
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Monday, 18 December 2017

Seasons Gamings

We started a tradition last year to meet up with friends and play Malifaux around Xmas. We were at Element Games on Sunday to do just that :)

I faced both a new opponent (master) - Ironsides and a new opponent playing Pandora.
I took a fixed Justice list to both games, mainly to check out her new upgrades and the Death Marshall recruiter, and also because I was honestly expecting to face a lot more rezzers but I lucked out and drew the two opponents that weren't playing Rezzers :p

I did teach my Ironsides opponent to fear the Lady, and downed her in two attacks through the non charge bonus on her great blade plus the bonus flips from the Swordmaster upgrade. The red joker on the second damage flip sealed the deal but was over kill at that point :p
Pandora was hell. I have some really un-fond memories of playing my friends Pandora crew when it was his first master, misery, web weaver, sorrows. All that fun stuff combined with some daft placing on my first couple of activations made this a real chore to be honest. I won't say much more other than that I need to learn to block LoS and not have models too far forward when they don't need to be. Play the long game lofty :)

I also got my required models primed on Saturday, and kept working on the Raicho, including a bit of a treat working on his base.

The Press mold for the base is still quite tricky, and the picture doesn't really show it turning out better than I expected. I'm still not really a fan and for the first time in a long while I'm tempted to buy some bases for miniatures, as I don't think I can continue this method but want to maintain the hex pattern bases. I added a small fan, and two resin plugs from Zinge industries, connected by guitar string, and lowered a section of the base as I have seen this done on some bases available to buy and really like the extra dimension of the base.

I originally planned to grab some infinity stuff at Element games, and save the postage, but I couldn't quite bring myself to add to the pile of unpainted miniatures in the end which I guess I should be pleased about :p

Looking forward to getting started painting again over the festive break, so watch this space :)

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Thursday, 14 December 2017

The Living Infinite - Carbon Dated

I've set a date with the guy at work for our first lunchtime intro/refresher game. This means that I need to get some specific models ready by then, which helps me focus rather than doing random bits of random miniatures when I sit at my desk :)

January 4th

I'm pretty much going to be taking the starter set for the first couple of games, with hacker/TAG added later as these each have specific rules to learn in addition to the standard stuff required to play the game.
All that is left to do currently to get them playable is to pin the weapons onto the Vanguard models. Hopefully though, I can get some paint on them before starting to play. I've been thinking alot about a colour scheme, and I think it will look good, close to the stock scheme seen in this picture:
I want to go with the grey and dark blue, but without the red accents. I like the stripe detailing and I'll use Orange for that. As for the glowing orbs on the armour (energy source? no idea really) I'm looking forward to some Airbrush OSL. To be honest, if I can get the grey/blue done with the airbrush, the rest of it should come along poretty quickly :)

I broke apart the Raicho the other night and started scraping out all the olkd superglue from joins and removing mold lines. I will be re-pinning and airbrushing in separate parts, so hopefully the airbrush is easy ebnough to use under the skylight in the new attic study, with the booth hose venting out of there :p

I managed to salvage the old wooden boards from our old makeshift gaming surface, and it'll certainly work as a game table until I have the money/time/motivation to sort something nicer/more permanent.

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Monday, 11 December 2017

The Living Infinite - Aggressive Expansion

A picture is worth a thousand words
After a lot of chatting about Infinity with the guy at work who plays, and talking about some intro games in the new year, I decided to post on the forums about what I have already and what a 'shopping list' would look like to make a usable force.
After a quick look on ebay, I found this little lot which has some of the stuff that was on my own list to buy, and some of the stuff that was on the recommended list. £120 retail for £50 so I consider that quite a find!
I'll be cleaning it all up and re-pinning & basing over Xmas :)

In other news, the great table fiasco continues, after getting out the Malifaux mats to test the new tables finally and realising that the two 3ftx3ft mats on the 6ft (as advertised on the product page) over hang at each side....
Checking the listing on Amazon again, and the '6foot table' is actually 180cm... I'm going to return it, and at a loss for any other options at this point that wont cost the earth, I'm going to re-try the old board table a friend's dad knocked together for me a few years a go, with trestles underneath it. The boards were a little warped before I moved them down the cellar out of the way though so I need to undo that damage plus the damage from the damp cellar for a fortnight...

I'll keep updating as the saga continues. I suspect the table will be fine once it's been wiped down and maybe varnished or otherwise treated. I just need to work out how to attache it to the trestle legs a bit more permanently than resting on top of them, or replace them with proper legs somehow.

Apologies for the slow updates recently. There's a lot going on to make it difficult to find time. New year should improve things hopefully, maybe before then with any luck

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Monday, 27 November 2017


After a fair amount of furniture shuffling, a couple of new storage units, and putting my back out last week, the end is in site.
All the things on the shelves need sorting through and reorganising but the general idea is sound, scenery will live under the table, minis/rulebooks on the shelves. We will also be moving our boardgames from the living room up here too :)

Nearly at the stage where making/painting toy soldiers again is a thing!

More updates soon :)
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Friday, 17 November 2017

Back in action

We managed to get a game night on Thursday :D
I played Hoffman because my friend hadn't even seen my completed models, so it was a good excuse/reason :) It was pretty difficult playing with Hoffman who I'm not very familiar with, after a while of not playing, against Kirai who I'm also not familiar with, 8-10 though so it could have been a lot worse!

Once we have a working 'study' again I want to try and get the rest of my guild collection table ready and get some games going with Perdita & Rollins Black ASAP. As well as a lot more games in general.

Hopefully going to have the room move done this weekend, so no hobby updates incoming for a few days, unless its a pic of the new layout (minus gaming table so probably not!), but will be picking up table soon and get some pictures up :)

Hoping that the Ethernet cables we have currently are long enough to reach their new destination, but Screwfix is close enough to get new stuff at any rate :)

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Monday, 13 November 2017

The Living Infinite - Breaking Ground

After speaking to my friend at work about Infinity, I decided it was high time to stop procrastinating and get my models at least based. In the light of some of the newer released models as well, I need to get painting before I can add to my collection (oh hey, TAGs, Avatar and Charontids in time for Xmas?!).

I retried the basing pads I got from Kickstarter, and had a lot more success this time around. I think mainly because the texture is completely flat, unlike the rocky/mountain surface of the last one I tried. I couldn't bring myself to break apart the base I put so much time into for the Sogarat though so he's staying on his lovingly crafted base.
This week I will pin the arms on the grunts, as I don't think it'll make a huge amount if difference to painting them really.

Just a small update for now, planning continues for gaming room, and Bloodbowl team is based now.

Not sure when I will get a chance to prime anything anytime soon as the weather has taken a cold snap here recently, but we have just cleared out the basement a bit so maybe I can get down there at some point...

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Friday, 10 November 2017

Changing Rooms

Both the Bloodbowl kind and the fact that we are changing our room use in our house. It's good word play, I promise.

Anyway, 'Unnamed Orc Bloodbowl team' (catchy right? Go sports) is now complete, with 4 Blitzers, 4 Black Orcs, 2 Throwers and 6 Linemen before the spare orc parts ran out. There's maybe the option of one more lineman if some already built unpainted spares get sacrificed.

All that's left is picking a paint scheme, and adding magnets and sand to the bases. All in all very pleased at how they look. They aren't ground breaking conversions but they were fun to make and it's great to work on a project that has an end point.
Some of the newer Bloodbowl miniatures are nice enough to be tempting if the league goes on enough to start a second team, but for now these will do great.

The other exciting topic is our 'new gaming room'. After getting some measurements we (my very organised other half) mocked up room/furniture sizes to help plan better and the verdict is that necessary furniture items (stupid big bed/wardrobe) will fit into other rooms, allowing the biggest room in the loft to be re purposed.

Current mock up resembles the below. Plus bookcases/shelving added:

The conundrum now, other than planning the other rooms/buying shelving etc, is how to deal with the gaming table. The current set up is two 6foot by 2foot boards which bolt together down the middle to make a 6*4. This was made a while back by a friend of mine's dad for the attic of our old house, to sit on trestle legs. Due to space restrictions in our current house, this usually sits on the kitchen table to provide a play area, but the boards are no longer flat after being propped against a wall in between uses.

There are a few solutions so far:
Buy legs and attach them to these boards
Start from scratch and buy new wood/trestle legs/permanent legs

Some options to consider, but until we have the space free upstairs, we wont know whether or not the boards will straighten themselves out once there is room to lie them flat for a while.

Exciting times though :)

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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Grass Roots

Another long gap between posts, for which I apologise.

Wedding/Best man duties are completely out of the way now after an absolutely phenomenal weekend.

During some downtime both over the wedding weekend/whilst the groom and I were at a loose end when the bridesmaids were sorting themselves out we managed to get a few half games of Bloodbowl played as a time filler. There are enough of us that are nostalgic about this that it looks like we will be playing a league of some sort. It's also a great game to play with very little setup, in a fixed time frame.

I've decided i'm going to run an orc team which I've made a start on. I wanted to make the max number of all available player options. I was still pretty tired after we arrived home on Monday, but was determined to make use of the spare time and nearly finished the Black Orcs/Blitzers for the team.

They aren't groundbreaking conversions by any means, but it was a lot of fun actually creating something again after so long with so little time.

Before we went away for the weekend, I was also talking a lot with the chap at work who plays infinity, and we are going to be playing a demo game or two on some spare tables at work on an unused floor. I got told that there's no chance that any of my regular gaming friends are interested in it, but I'm happy for a game every now and then, and collecting the models to be honest :)

Work/planning still ongoing for moving rooms around but hopefully we can start working towards this in earnest a the weekend now that our time is our own again. The only thing we have on for a while is the house being remortgaged but that's not really so intensive as the solicitors are dealing with it all.

Good to be back, and hopefully more regular updates on the way :)

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Monday, 23 October 2017


Everything is still pretty constant with wedding prep, work and the new cat disrupting life pretty heavily still.

The new Eldar codex had my mind ticking away at work today though, with colour schemes and ideas for my piratical/harlequin support for my counts-as Exodite army. I want to wait until I have the codex though so that I can read more about what the available options are before I go ahead and make any more models :)

My wife & I were discussing hte other day the idea of moving our bedroom. Currently the bedroom is in the attic room of our house and is a really large space, which we are obviously only in to sleep. We were discussing how good a space it would be for a study/gaming room allowing more easy setup/packup for Malifaux/board games and the like.
This is a pipe dream currently, but once life has gone back to normal a bit more we can start considering measurements and moving of furniture to one of the spare rooms and see if this will work :)

Sorry there isn't much going on at the moment, it's pretty frantic and will be at least until best man duties are done & dusted

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Monday, 16 October 2017

Beyond The North Waves

It's been a while, but there has been lots going on!

First off was an absolutely fantastic holiday. Starting with a weekend staying with relatives in London, a week in the Norwegian fjords, and a week off at home.

Norway was completely spectacular, it's a beautiful country, which I would struggle to convey with words or even photos unable to capture the sheer scale of the place.
Aside from some really bad sea conditions overnight on the boat, the food was excellent and the excursions we went on in the ports were really great.

Our week off afterwards really didnt go as planned however. We were going to catch up on some things around the house like hanging some pictures, playing some Malifaux etc. However when we got home on the Monday, I could hear a cat outside but dismissed it as one of the local cats trying to be let into its house. I could still hear it very lat at night though, so out we went to investigate and found a 10 week old kitten out in our yard hiding under a bush.
So our week ended up being spent calling around local vets/pet rescue charities printing & putting up posters. Because we already have cats we had to keep him in the bathroom which meant even taking a shower was at least an hour long process, moving him into a temporary cage downstairs, showering, drying everything down, moving him back.
Anyway, the upshot of all this is that we haven't been able to find the original owners as he doesn't have a microchip, and no one has contacted us from the vets or posters, so I guess he lives with us now, which means the sage of introducing him to three shy/grumpy adult cats can begin...

I know you don't tune in here for cat stories, but it;s the reason I've had a lot less time than I hoped for hobbying this past few weeks.

Unfortunately I don't have a free weekend until after my friend's wedding in November, so I'll only be posting snippets of any work i manage to get done in limited free time.

Hoping to be able to grab the new Malifaux book & deck to get the October mystery box promotion, and then the November promotion is for the Jury & Miss Anne Thrope who will go great with Rollins Black.

On top of all that, Eldar is the next codex to be released! And I just got a promotion through work.

Very hectic st the moment, but hopefully I will have more to update soon!

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Monday, 18 September 2017

Loss of Signal

I've mentioned previously that we are away on Holiday at the end of the month. This week will be pretty busy with packing/getting sorted etc.

I guess this is just a reminder about the lack of posts for the next week/ten days or so.

Returning the first week of October, fora  week off work with no real fixed plans so hoping to get a fair amount of hobby time, including hopefully more than a few games as well as painting :)

So, bear with me, I'll be back soon :)

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Monday, 11 September 2017


Saturday yielded some pretty good progress, with 4 Guild Hounds, Kamaitachi, & 3 Terracota Warriors assembled & based (except for sand/texture paste). The hounds bases needed a 'lever' in the same way as the watcher/Guardians for Hoffman due to tiny contact points on the base. The levers are more subtle, with bits of broken fence/building rather than full on sewer pipes as the models are pretty agnostic of any of my guild crews at the moment, and 'McCabe' is primarily desert/wasteland based. I didn't really have an opportunity to airbrush on Saturday. My wife was busy preparing for a stall on Sunday and the cats were shut out of the kitchen, so I didn't want to stress them out any more by making weird noises and smells whilst they sat in the study with me.

All models for the guild apart from Lucius & lawyers, Nino, Governers proxy, Mounted Rollins Black, Iggy Pup & the Ramone sisters are also now pinned to (magnetised) bases ready to hit the table. I got pretty sick of all the new stuff I had bought just sitting in a drawer waiting to be painted, and having so little time recently. The Wild Ones models need a little bit of paint on what will be impossible to reach places once they are based, but after that I'm happy to continue painting them once they are based. Nino also has a pose which creates impossible to reach areas once based, so he needs a little work before basing. The other models simply aren't a priority right now so don't have a base ready to go on.

We have a holiday coming up from 21st September - 2nd October, so in and between sorting things out for that, I will be continuing to prep models for table time, and maybe even get some painting done during any longer times I find myself with for hobbying :)

Lists are definitely the devil it seems, having good intentions is one thing but listing what I aim to get done seems to invite something to crop up and prevent me from having the time. I need to rethink this idea for the blog, as I still want to list progress & what's on the table so to speak but it isn't working out brilliantly in its current format.

Malifaux bootcamp was cancelled due to dates confusion, but I'm still taking my guild to play this Saturday evening for a couple of games, so the expanded collection will be good to have for that.

I was thinking about what I could do to get better at the game, and thought that having cards models in deck boxes makes it a real faff to look through and read abilities etc, so I had a look on Amazon for a card binder and ended up with an A4 and A5 one of these which I really like, and enables me to flick through and ready cards easily, and see upgrades at the same time too.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

The City Of The Damned

It's so hard not to just hop on a computer game after getting home from work, and then it being nearly 9pm by the time we have cooked, eaten, watched this week's TV Show (Preacher), washed up, prepared food for tomorrow. A shorter commute would be amazing, but having the money to move house isn't realistic right now.

It's not all doom & gloom, just a commentary on life as-is. The stag weekend last weekend allowed me to catch up with a high school friend who lives a couple of hours away, who also happened to come 14/200 odd in a Malifaux tournament with Yan Lo. We got to chatting about wave 5 releases and GG18 being tricky for guild. The Hen weekend for the same wedding is next weekend so Mr Yan Lo, the stag and I are all at a loose end next weekend. The stag has to work on Saturday so we have a Malifaux boot camp planned for Saturday. Mr Yan Lo usually drubs me pretty badly but in a well meaning friendly kind of way :p so there should be a lot for me to learn.

Which (finally) leads on to the main point here, which is that I have a target to aim for to get some models ready. Hopefully Tomorrow night, Friday and most of Saturday will allow some painting time to get progress made on the Ortegas & DM recruiters et al. Maybe even some more airbrushing on Saturday. Some planning/prioritising will be needed to make sure I get the models ready that are most wanted on the table top. Maybe even a current state of affairs for the guild/each project is a good idea to see what needs doing versus how much it's needed. Maybe this would fit well into the project pages, but it would also benefit from a post in itself.

Long and rambling seems to be the standard these days, apologies. Hopefully a bit of planning/structure will allow a bit of motivation, even without a lot of time so it doesn't feel like 'not enough time'

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Thursday, 31 August 2017

Ours is The Fury

Tenuous post title at best. I'm away on a stag weekend as of tomorrow, so I won't have any time to sit and paint or otherwise make any hobby progress, except maybe some assembly/basing this evening.

After airbrushing recently, and having a much better time of it with the smaller needle (or maybe it's the better airbrush) I felt empowered to try something a little more involved with the airbrush than just base coating. The flow control felt good, and the results were pleasing, so I look forward to getting the brush out on something a little larger, maybe the Eldar vehicles which I currently have WIP. I'm not sure when this will be, but October will hopefully be a lot quieter, and allow chance for a lot more hobby time (we are away for ten days towards the end of September).

I was also reading around some of the new Wave 5 upgrades & models, as well as seeing some of (presumably) Wave 4 models used in a battle report which made me really want to get my recruiters finished, and get back in to gaming regularly full stop. It seems to be the first aspect of the hobby that suffers when time is of the essence.

Another busy couple of weeks meaning that setting up some hobby space for an hour or so has lost out to easy, quick computer game sessions, this time I've fired up Mordheim again with the Witch Hunters DLC. Admittedly I'm already planning on going back to a Mercenary warband, but hopefully the Witch Hunters will capture my interest a little more before too long.

Not much actual content again, for which I can only apologise but the end of the year should allow for a lot more :)

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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Quick Work

After a good weekend, despite not being at home very much, and a music festival providing a strange morning/evening routine with bands on until late, I did manage to get done the airbrushing I planned previously.

The 5mm needle in the older brush is far too big, it throws out gallons per seconds worth of paint, only some of which gets on the model of course due to a wide spray cone versus a relatively narrow model profile. The Ortegas that got sprayed took a whole heap of paint, but when using the 3mm needle in the newer brush (being too lazy to clean out the brush for a second colour had a surprising benefit), the paint is much more targeted, and didn't really take that much longer. Coupled with the fact that less paint overall was used for only one good coat instead of multiple brush coats, I'd call this a win! This doesn't seem like much at all, and is far from exemplary use of an airbrush, but it's progress, and saved time :)

There are a couple of further notes I'd like to make at this point about the equipment I'm currently using.

First off, the airbrush booth doesn't seem to drag away a massive amount of the paint... This is either because I still hold the miniatures i'm working on quite close to me whilst working, or for other as yet unknown reasons. Also, probably because of the sheer output of the 5mm needle, there was some paint which made it through the gaps in the fold out parts of the booth and onto my desk. This was easily cleaned with some airbrush cleaning fluid on some paper towel, though so not a massive issue. Lastly some paint DOES still come out of the filter at the back, so unless the booth is venting out of the window using the parts provided, some paper behind the vent at the back is necessary to preserver whatever might be behind the booth in your setup (my monitors/items on the monitor shelf).

Second, the newer airbrush is far superior to the first one I bought. It feels smoother in the trigger, and paint flow, and clogs less which is a huge plus! It says something that the older brush clogged more with VMA paint and paint thinner than the newer brush did with VGC paint and thinner...

Lastly, regardless of using an airbrush booth or not, ALWAYS wear a filter mask. This is probably related to my holding miniatures so close to me still while working on them, but I felt a bit light headed after I was done, and breathing in atomised airbrush thinner can't be good for any aspect of health really. Look after your lungs!

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Bank Holiday Business

After posting the other day, I started thinking more closely about what models are currently outstanding with a view to what would be the best use of an airbrush session.
Checking the Guild project page gives us the below likely candidates for some quick coats of brown leather:
Malifaux Child
Metal Sam Hopkins
Master Queeg
The Latigo Posse
Death Marshal Recruiters
Abulea Ortega

Of these, a lot of them will need basing work doing, which I will try and get at least some completed tonight.

After 'recent' games with the Guild, this will also expand my playable model count considerably. Especially if Brutal Effigy and Limited Francisco get anywhere near completed soon.

Lastly, some Neverborn models are ready and waiting for paint, and will benefit massively from an albeit very different basecoat:
Black Blood Shaman
Widow Weaver
Mysterious Effigy

This weekend is pretty much a write off as there is a music festival that my wife and some friends want to go to (not my first choice for music) so I won't be at home much for any useful hobby time until Monday.
Let's see what happens based on this mission plan (despite the fact that planning things out for hobby time seems to be the guaranteed way to make sure it doesn't happen :P)

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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Bad Things Happen

A bit of a misleading title maybe, I just meant that I actually played a game of Malifaux. Shocker eh?

We went to Element Games the other weekend as some of us wanted to get the Promotion model. I didn't really have anything in mind that I wanted, already feeling pretty guilty about the mountain of miniatures I currently have to paint for Malifaux. I ended up sharing a box of Samurai with my friend who wanted one for his Ten Thunders, so I kept two because, well Samurai are cool, and also because I have Izamu already for Nightmare McCabe. I also picked up a box of Terracota Warriors in order to get the spend price up for my wife to get the promo model, and McCabe loves them :)

The following Thursday all four of us were free so we planned in a game of Malifaux. After so long without a game, I went with Guild as it's something more familiar. I lost pretty badly to a summoner list Asami I think she's called. I got bogged down on the stash markers, and never made it past there to score from my schemes (i picked poorly from a not very guild friendly pool). It was fun to get models on the table again though and got me thinking about getting McCabe ready for the table.
All I'm missing is a bit of time to triage remaining steps to get them at least ready to glue to bases and then finish off at a later date.

I also got to thinking how beneficial an overall coat of brown (leather) would be for all the guild (mainly Ortega) models I have to paint currently. So next time I get a chance to get airbrushing, I will hopefully get a some work done on my Malifaux. There are some Neverborn models that might benefit from a blue base layer too :)

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Monday, 14 August 2017

Life finds a way

Summer is proving to be far busier than I had anticipated. There is both a wedding and a stag weekend to prepare for (for which I'm the best man), so finding free time at the weekends for anything resembling hobby time is proving pretty difficult to be honest which is more than frustrating.

A glimpse of progress though :)
I finally managed to measure up/compare and contrast sizes of boxes to replace the one in which all the Dragons/Wave Serpents are currently in. The new box arrived, and it's a fair bit wider than I had realised which will make finding somewhere to keep it a pain but it fits everything it it which needs to fit in it which is great. To be honest, it will likely fit in all the vehicles for the army, leaving foot troops in the case they live in currently. The new 'magnetic' sheet stuff is still pending delivery, but this is better value per measure than the stuff used previously, and it happens that this roll pretty much fills the new box exactly so that's great (if it ever shows up...)

It's our 6 year anniversary this weekend, and we have one day of going out somewhere for food and somewhere nice, and one day planned with no plans :) this means we are going to finally get a game of Malifaux! Shock horror. It's been a long while since we managed to get some game time so we are both looking forward to this :)

Hopefully this week will allow for some hobby time finally, although due to yet another jam packed weekend tonight is catching up with housework (after Game of Thrones), so fingers crossed!

Apologies yet again for all the text with no real content, but I hope (for my own sanity) that this will improve soon.

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Tuesday, 8 August 2017


I may have mentioned a while ago that I've had Tinnitus and related inner-ear issues this year. this past week has been particularly bad, with migraines, dizziness & pretty bad earache. In true form, the first doctors appointment I could get hold of was on the 21st...

I'v not really been up to concentrating on Hobby stuff, so I can only apologies for the lack of content since last week. Hopefully the worst of it is over and I can actually do something soon.

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Monday, 31 July 2017

Up and coming - August

Trying to get back on top of hobbying after last month being rather hectic. The plan for this month will mainly be consolidating a few things rather than setting targets to achieve.

As per my usual tendency I've bought too much too quickly for the latest project of Eldar.
Current outstanding builds are below, so Ideally, i'd get most of this at least ready for the table, if not ready for WIP painting by month end.

Dragon Storage
I'd like to replace the current not so sturdy (cheap) box that the larger models and soon to be flyers etc will be stored in with a 'Really useful box' as theses tend to be reinforced and pretty sturdy construction. I just need to pull my finger out and find out the right dimensions for those damned wingspans :) then order enough self adhesive magnet stuff to fit.

Boxed Sets
2 x Venoms
1 x Raider
10 x Dark Eldar Warriors
10 x Wyches
1 x Starweaver
2 x Harlequin Troupes
1 x Death Jester
Crew for all flyers

Shining Spears
Mounted psyker
Warp Spiders

By no means is this a list of 'have to dos' as, through experience, this isn't the right way to get things done. Hopefully though it'll be good to see progress as things get done & ready to be used and to be painted :)

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Friday, 28 July 2017

Total War

Steam had a sale recently on Games Workshop games, one of which was Total War: Warhammer and associated DLCs. This is a title that's been on my wishlist since it was out, but was just a little more than I would usually spend on a game, so it has stayed there.

Feeling a little more flush than usual after my birthday though, I decided to pick it up and give it a go. It's a great deal of fun, and more than a little nostalgic. I started the Dwarf campaign, and then restarted it a couple of times until I worked out what was best to be doing. To be honest after getting so far this time a round, I think one last re-do would see me being a lot more successful having learnt from some mistakes :)

I'm also really keen, now that I have a vague grasp on the game mechanics, to try all the other factions. Possibly Beastmen/Greenskins next before Norse when the patch becomes available.

It seems to have come at a good time, where I'm still pretty shattered from performance week last week, and late nights/long days (plus the occasional beer after show...), and as much as I have wanted to get on with some assembly/spray coating (not that the weather permitted it really anyway), low maintenance/low effort computer gaming that was still wargame related was definitely a good option :)

Pretty quiet weekend apart from Saturday evening so hopefully this means some progress pictures at some point soon. Apologies for yet another text heavy post.

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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Diamond Geezer

I love birthdays. Doesn't even have to be mine, they are just great.

We had a barbecue with my gaming buddy and his wife to be, and went to one of our favourite places to eat in Manchester with another set of friends, and ate far too much!
A bit of a mixed blessing was having to replace my phone which started draining a full battery in under an hour without being used. Having to shell out for a new handset was a bit gutting, but a shiny new handset is of course great :)

My wife's family sent me vouchers for the Element Games webstore and I managed to convince myself that the couple of boxes of Harlequins I got on our trip to Warhammer World needed bumping up a little...

The full list now is below
2 Starweavers
2 Troupes
2 Skyweavers

The plan is to convert a Troupe Master, and have him with on troupe in one Starweaver, and the Shadowseer with with the others in the second vehicle. There are enough crews/spare bits floating about to also make a Solitaire and maybe even a Death Jester too. Potentially only interested in another box of Skyweavers in the future as this is a solid little force at around 1000pts.

Rather than the common diamond patterning seen on these models (which ironically is what tempted me to pick some models up when I saw them in the exhibition at Warhammer World), I spotted a rather stunning Harlequin force in a battle report video featuring galaxy/nebula themed paint work which I decided to try and replicated for the vehicles with the airbrush.
Hopefully I'll be able to test out some methods for this soon using masking and sponging etc :)

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Monday, 24 July 2017

Checking in

No, I'm not dead just busy. I volunteer on the technical team for a local theatre group, so since my birthday last Monday, I've spent nearly every day at the theatre helping out and running audio for their performance.

Now all that's out of the way, I'll be able to catch up with life again this week, and start to write posts again. I will also continue to replace lost photos when I get time to sit and do that.

The only hobby work I've really done in the downtime I've had is to re-magnetise my Eldar carry case, by removing the old magnetic sheet plus baking tray combo which I never really liked a whole bunch, and replace with the adhesive steel stuff I used in the Malifaux boxes.
I also built a Starweaver sans crew, and both Skyweavers again without crew. Once all vehicles are assembled, I'll get the crew done altogether. Two more Venoms plus a Starweaver left to assemble. I'm using regular 60mm bases for these instead of the clear acrylic bases so that I can add magnets in the base. The acrylic bases also aren't really easy to add features to, and personally I think they look a bit naff, as they aren't invisible despite being see-through so why hide the base at all?

The next priority is to replace the current storage box for dragons/vehicles and use the same self adhesive steel stuff. Hopefully most of the true vehicles will fit in amongst the dragons who only take up so much space due to wingspan rather than height/bulk.

Apologies for the unplanned break.
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Wednesday, 12 July 2017


Please bear with me for a few weeks while I re-add all the photos previously hosted elsewhere locally on the blog. The hosting site I've been using until recently has decided that any and all hosting on blogs & forums comes at a premium of $400 per year from them. I have all the photos available to blogger albums but migrating them will take a while. I aim to have this years posts done ASAP but the rest of the blog might have to be done in popular post order


I've added replacement photos from hosting directly in blogger with the exception of a couple of photos. 2017 & 2016 should all be available, but older posts might not be salvagable as I have sold some models featured which have been sold

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

A Day in the life

Another sporadic update, but we recently went down to Warhammer World as part of a joint birthday celebration for a friend and I.

Great day, nice lunch fantastic weather, cheeky beer, really impressive Exhibition gallery, a good slice of nostalgia, and of course some loot!

Photo dump :)

Thursday, 6 July 2017

First Blood

My friend and I managed to get in our first game over the weekend, only a small 1,000 point game and with lots of mistakes :)

The new system is very fun to play, very fluid while being very familiar. hte new 'to wound' table is pretty much like the old one, but it has far less values resulting in pretty much the same results as the last one. Always being able to wound on a 6 makes sure everything is on an even footing, presumable representing a knife to the eye or something lucky. It also removes effective invincibility from some units, and allows the 'underdog' to always have a fighting chance.

Tactically, lots of mistakes were made including but not limited to:
-Only using one round of shooting with shuricannon jetbiked before tring to tie upa unit of chaos spawn. These guys should be hard to catch whilst throwing out 3 shots a piece...
-Striking scorpions popping up from the shadows too early and not really doing anything good :(
- Waveserpent was clogged up in combat after disgorging fire dragons, effectively wasting three cannons :(

We each made a few mistakes with the new rules like damage being after failed saves, rather than generating more armour saves. Falling back/out of combat is something that wasn't used at all really but could have been pretty handy for me at least.

MVP by far was the mounted Autarch. Laser Lances on the charge are pretty terrifying!..

All in all, a lot of fun and I look forward to tweaking my list and trying again against those Thousand Sons :)

I have another game tonight against a different friend, one whom I've faced before with Exodites, from 6th edition I believe. This time though, I've swapped out Striking Scorpions for Howling Banshees, although I'm now not sure that the power swords are worth losing the strength from attacks of Striking Scorpions... Lets's see :)

I also have a lot of irons in the fire conversions/ideas wise so if/when I get time in the next few weeks I will hopefully be able to post something interesting.
Not only is it birthday season, but I'm also far more heavily involved with a theatre production than I had originally planned/volunteered for so it's taking up a lot of time as well.

That's all for now, hopefully more soon!

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Best Month of the Year

It's birthday season. My two friends and I all have a birthday within a week of each other in July, and with that come a lot of social activities, and busy weekends, so everything is going to be a little quieter on the blog until at least the weekend of the 21st.

Don't despair though as I have lots to write about and some progress photos to share either before then when I get a spare moment or on that weekend. I'll hopefully be able to do a couple of text based blogs in lunchtimes at work with game write up & lessons learned, or ideas & what's in progress :)

Recently I completed the unit of ten banshees I've been working on and got some basing material on then, I also made an Archon from a metal Incubi model, made a start on what will be Ranger proxies, struggled to work out what to do for a warlock, and decided how to approach Shining spears.
Also, the chap below took a lot of work (Autarch with draconic wings) and just needs some greenstuff to fill the gaps in the backpack.

Airbrushing this weekend was out prioritised by a great day out in the sun at Kirkstall Abbey (not religious, it's just a great ruins to walk around and we've never been) and lunch with my wife, and today playing an inaugural game of 8th with my gaming friend which I will have some thoughts to write up on in the coming week.

Lastly, after my wife exceeded her bandwidth on Photobucket and was asked for a stupid sum of money to host her photos 'for commercial blogging' or have the links killed (she earns nothing from the blog so this is extortion really), Photos here will be hosted throughy the blogger album default. A conscious decision was made to move a way from this to Photobucket a few years into the blog, but it seems pretty much a muchness as to where they live, however having the same happen here, and having to re-host photos would be a complete pain

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Dragon Knights - Aspects of War

Free time seems increasingly difficult to come by recently which is harrowing after crappy days at work. Hobby time is zen. Anyhow, over the last week or so, progress has been made;

Howling Banshee

The original fluff/concept outlined outlined for this project all those years ago (4 years!) a few plans for different adapted aspects. Howling banshees brazenly taken from this genius imitation and flattery at work. Perhaps the fluff & concept background will get a prose overhaul soon, rather than the musings from last post.

Warp Spiders (still WIP)

Inspired in no small part by these

The legs have been changed, but no heads yet while a good option is sourced. Either Guardian helmets with added mandibles, or the smooth masked Dark Eldar pilot heads. The helmets will also then have the warp spider run decal added.

Both aspect warriors also look 'dark' enough to be used as a counts'as option in a Dark Eldar force. The Banshees could easily be Incubi/Wyches or something if need be, and the Warp Spiders could be Trueborn perhaps. Being more familiar with the rules entries for Dark Eldar might help with better comparisons, but the point still stands :)

Next up, will be some Shining Spears adaptations. Hopefully there will be either an easy way to use the Dark Elf knights legs without it looking too fantasy, or perhaps combined with Dire Avenger bodies, these will look suitably space aged. After all, the Jetbike Autarch needs a bodyguard.
Also on the list are Rangers, Warlocks including one or two mounted options and maybe a mounted Farseer but that's less likely. I also have plans for some Incubi conversions, but I might wait until the rumoured 'Aeldari' release in July is a bit more concrete so as to avoid making proxies for potentially awesome new kits :)

Oh, also this lot:

Hoping also to get some more airbrush time in this weekend, coupled with a first game of 8th with a friend :)

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Monday, 26 June 2017

Dragon Knights - Crafting Worlds

Apologies first of all for the defeated tone in yesterdays post. Few family issues going on at the moment, coupled with being down annoyed about airbrushing results...

As it turns out, I think that I was using airbrush cleaner to thin paints, rather than thinner, which I would guess accounts for the weird results I was seeing...

After reading through the new rules, and the Index Xenos covering Aeldari I was completely taken by the Ynnari subfaction, and my mind started working overtime, on what might have happened to the Exodite planet after the Fall of Biel Tan, and the intervening years with the rise of the Ynnari.

The fall of the Biel Tan surely brought together disparate elements of the Eldar race, as well as displacing those that once lived on the Craftworld. Those fleeing the destruction must have been desparate for any chance, using long forgotten charts looking for refuge. Eventually finding the maiden Exodite world.
After a while, the newcomers knowledge of technology and life beyond the limitations of the Exodite planet would have had a telling effect, turning the planet into a space port/trading hub with all aspects of the Eldar race...

My vision is a space port on the planets surface, with a webway portal, allowing for Dark eldar (corsairs?) and Harlequins to be added to the Exodite force under the Ynnari rules, or as allied detachments.

I had been clearing out the loft this past week and found a few old games consoles/games which won't connect to our TV, so I traded them in at a local independent store, and walked away with a decent chunk of cash. I placed an order from Element games in the car on the way home, and also spent some on a gift for my wife.

No Big surprise, but I will show off my purchases when they arrive :)
I also recently placed a bits order in order to make my own Aspect warriors (Warp Spiders & Howling Banshees). The thinking here though is that these look different enough to the Aspect shrines that they maybe could represent Wyches/Trueborn as well? I'm seeing my current models as being very interchangeable between different units from different races. :)

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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Mixed Bag

Had another airbrush session today, and the bigger needle definitely helped with getting a good coverage.  I got the Wraithknight, and two dragons undercoated black, and then a really nice pale brown basecoat on the wing membranes of the dragons.

After that though, it all seemed to go wrong. The red I then wanted to add to the scaly parts of the dragons went on really watery, and im pretty disappointed, not really even sure how to salvage it either. I need to do some reading.

I did get a decent basecoat of red/brown on the wraithlord though to later highlight with red :)