Friday, 29 January 2016

Getting Carried Away

EDIT: Refinements have been made since this post, found here :)
I've recently re-thought my miniature storage solutions in a rather complete overhaul kind of way.

All my models until now have been stored in either KRMulticase card or aluminium cases, and to this day I would recommend them as a solution to anyone that wanted foam for their toy soldiers.

I saw a video a long time ago and I've wanted to attempt something similar ever since. Fast Forward to when I started my Eldar Exodite project, and I had large dragon models which were unsuitable for foam due to size, and I came back to this idea to attempt my own version.
The video in question uses a brand of craft items which seems to only available in the US, so I humbly present my UK version of the entire thing.

The case itself
A cupcake carrier, available here (bearing in mind you will be removing the inserts designed for the cakes and thus the pink), they are also compatible with each other with regards to the clips on the side to join layers.

You will need to magnetise both the carrier, and your miniatures. I use the magnetic sheeting self adhered to the bottom of each section of the case, on which I use a baking tray. The beauty of this is that, instead of permanently affixing sheet steel or similar to the case and then popping magnetised miniatures on/off this, the baking tray is removable, and perfectly serviceable as a 'tournament tray' to move minis between tables etc.
As far as magnetising miniatures go, I won't reinvent the wheel and describe the process as it is done here near perfectly. the only extra steps I take are to build the green stuff up the sides of the magnet a bit and then drench the whole assembly in super glue. I'd rather the magnet stayed inside the base when I remove the miniature than remaining connected to the tray.

For some of you, you're done! Congratulations, your new army transport solution is complete bar personalisation (stickers/painted logos, I've no idea - go nuts) and expandable by the purchase of further carriers whose trays can click to the bottom of your existing case.
My own solution however has one further step. Call me vain, call me paranoid, call me what you will, but I don't relish the thought of going to work, and subsequently carrying my (transparent) case around Leeds city centre during the evening. I'm also not convinced that the plastic handle & lid would bear the weight of a whole tray full of say metal troll bloods and another tray of metal dire trolls for example.
What I landed on here is a simple, cheap holdall in which the case sits very comfortably, and leaves room for a jumper/jeans & tshirt/books/dice/templates etc.


  • I've yet to work out a way of transporting gargantuans and the like using this method. My first thought was to have a new case, removing the bottom floor of the top case and permanently affixing it to the bottom, making a double tall space for them to stand in. I've no idea how to do this though. Hot glue and a dremel are my first thoughts but I don't know how this would change the rigidity of the whole thing etc.
  • Some models need more than one magnet underneath to prevent them sliding if the case is jostled at all - getting on and off the train etc. This isn't really a concern though as the magnets are cheap enough to add a pair to metal warbeasts rather than just one. Three to the base of the likes of extreme models etc etc
  • Tall models won't be happy here. straight off the top of my head i'm thinking of Molik Karn/Mulg. I don't yet have a solution, which is disappointing because I won Molik, and will own Mulg soon enough. However, all my blindwater guys fit in there just fine, the tallest of which being a Blackhide Wrastler I guess, I also tested a Bronzeback Titan.
All in all, I'm really pleased with my version of this from the original video, and think it's a pretty solid solution.

Let me know what you think!
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