Saturday, 31 December 2016


I'm not a fan of resolutions, New Year ones or otherwise.

Instead I'm going to list what I've got outstanding, and what I hope to get done in the coming arbitrary time measurement :p

-Ortegas. I bought the crew box for Francisco (who I then replaced with the
 limited sculpt ironically).
-Peacekeeper, Lone Marshal & Pale Rider. WIP for to long!
-Hoffman crew, on whom I've had my eye for a while.
-Lucius (see below...).

-Lilith crew is progressing well to completion and hoping to get some use out
 of her on the table top this year.
-Lucius is a master that hasn't really interested me in the Guild, but it's a
 great chance to use him with my Neverborn :)
-Expansion into Titania/Zoraida/Collodi? No Idea who works well with what so
 this is a wildcard :)

-Parker Barrows is cool, need I say more?

-Through The Breach
-We will be playing this in the new year so I expect to be making & paining one
 or two characters.

Warhammer 40,000
-Space Wolves
-I'll be outlining the models I have and what I plan to expand into
-I plan to assemble everything I have & then paint everything as much together
 as possible.

-I'd love to get this project finished and give it the time it deservers, let's see :)

-Cool Stuff
-I intend to buy models that I like in order to paint. Because why not? maybe they
 will be integrated into current projects, maybe not but that doesn't matter :)

-Re-think my painting/desk setup, maybe it's fine how it is, maybe I can improve
-Make a decision finally one way or the other about airbrushing, I'm not sure I can
 do it even with an extractor booth really as my desk is so far away from the window to vent it.            Deliberation required :)

-I have some models which I bought hoping to convince a friend of mine to play but
 this will inevitably be a painting project, so expect pictures at some point :)

-Dark Age
-I'd love to collect, paint and play this but at a push I might be able to get some
 awesome minis to paint.

-Have fun and learn/improve while doing it. Is that not why we are here after all?

I hope you all enjoy whatever way you choose to welcome in 2017, and whatever hobby related goodness you are planning on :)

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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Mother of Monsters. Neverborn - Making a Start

Because I don't have enough projects on the go at the moment...

I bought a bundle of Neverborn a while back as an alternative to my guild collection, mainly I thought to break up the leather colours and greys that I had picked for the guild. I got them assembled pretty quickly but then I wanted to wait for the Kickstarter basing pads that I had backed to get them ready to paint etc.

Fast Forward to last the beginning of the month and I had bought a white and a grey primer as my wife wasn't a fan of using black primer. I tried to prime the Neverborn using a zenithal priming technique to see how it would work out. As it turns out it didn't really, but now I have them all primed and ready to paint.

And now fast forward to this week, and I wanted to get a master ready to use that wasn't the two I've been using for my whole time playing the game.
I've had the idea for colours since I bought the models really, and wanted to do a pale blue and dark purple contrast, so off I went :)

Sticking with a departure from my previous drybrush and wash crutch, I've been using thin layers and glazes and I'm happy with progress so far. Obviously a long way to go yet, but I think the skintone is pretty much finished. Looking at Nekima makes me think I need to go back and do maybe one more layer of a paler colour though :)

Hopefully able to make progress soon and get the bases sorted as well.

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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Product review - Basius Texturis Kickstarter

Turns out I can't work the Scheduler very well here on Blogspot...

I originally wanted this post to go up on the 24th to avoid complete silence over the holiday weekend, but it didn't publish when I set the scheduler to do so. Ah well :) see below anyway.

I backed a kickstarter this year for a greenstuff moulding base system. I have long been a fan of making my own bases, but I saw something similar to this system around on the internet and thought it was a good compromise between making my own bases (as opposed to buying resin bases/toppers) and saving time by making the process a bit easier.

I wont mention what I thought of how well the kickstarter was handled, as apparently delays on that platform are the norm rather than something to be annoyed about. Some creators probably handle expectations better than others too I guess.

I pitched in for 6 of the new pads mainly for Malifaux but I also grabbed two for Infinity, as I love the game system and the models even though I think I'm destined never to play it.

The pads arrived needing a good scrub with hot soapy water, as either the resin or the release agent smells unpleasant to say the least. Even now they have a strange aroma.
The detail is fantastic, very crisp and varied throughout each of the ones I have.

I went with a trial run for this on the metal Sam Hopkins I got for Xmas (along with a convict gunslinger card. 'Party Boy Hopkins' has become some kind of weird in-joke with my friend, long story). I wasn't sure about how the recess in the base would affect the process, so I used a circle cutter to cut the right sized plasticard circle to fit in the indentation.
I loaded up said circle with greenstuff and laid it face down on the pad in the area I wanted the texture from. I pushed this down using a spare 50mm square base to get even pressure after thoroughly wetting both the pad and the greenstuff.
I left it for a minute or two then carefully pried the plasticard away from the pad. There wasn't much overhanging the plasticard which is great. After it had cured for a few hours, as greesntuff requires I glued it to the base. and pinned the model as I usually would.

The only problem I had was that the plasticard circle was maybe 1/1.5mm too small, so I added some sand to cover the gap between greenstuff and the base, and it looks fine in my opinion, and I've learned what to do and what not to do for the next time I use them.

These are well worth checking out now that the kickstarter has ended, maybe even some of the larger products from their similar range if you want lots of variation on one theme.
Watch out for these featuring on at least a few models coming up :)

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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Wolves of Winter - Solstice

WIP Wednesday

I mentioned in my 2016 review post that I was going to be painting up some Space Marines to game eventually versus a friends resurrected Thousand Sons.

I've got lots on my desk at the moment, but when the gauntlet was thrown down, I managed to scavenge a fair sized lot of new on sprue Space Wolves from Facebook & ebay so the below is what I am working with so far:

2 x Start Collecting Space Wolves
Logan Grimnar
Space Wolves Terminators
Contemptor Dreadnought (from Betrayal at Calth I think)
Space Wolves Dreadnought

I also bought a Khorne Juggernaut from eBay to try and recreate the below image which I have had on many and varied phones since I spotted it many years ago, promising myself that one day I would attempt it:

I forged ahead and started adapting my Contemptor to accept the axe and sheild from the Venerable dread kit. I like the bipedal-ness ( ? ) of the Contemptor more with the armaments so it made sense to me to use this chassis for those weapons.. I will be magnetizing some of the options, so I just need to choose the alternatives and plug in the magnets.

I also managed to make a start on my Thunderwolf lord conversion. The plastic Juggernauts are nothing like the metal one in the picture I posted to start with, but I've got all the legs/paws sorted now.
To be honest, I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed by the amount of fur/cover up that is going to be required for this project. I'm sure however that when it is complete it will be worthwhile.

Lastly, I've got my terminators ready for painting, but some of them are torso/legs sub assemblies  to make it easier to paint so they aren't very photogenic right now. I hope I can manage to get some basing done for them soon though.

I've started lots at once here so it's hard to know what to do next. I'm hoping to get some focus/time over the holidays and have some progress to show soon. The idea is to get everything sprayed together and batch paint where possible :)

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Sunday, 18 December 2016

On The Payroll - Roster

As promised, I've taken some photos of my current Guild collection.

The only things not featured here are a Lone Marshall, the Pale Rider, Peacekeeper, Alternative Francisco and the Brutal Effigy. I will hopefully have time to finish a few of them soon enough, and they may well end up in a weekly WIP post before then :)

Excuse the makeshift light box.

First up, my favourite Crew box (minus totem which I've never used but is at least part way painted)
Lady Justice. This was my first crew and the master I've played hte most with and learned the game with.

Next we Have Sonnia Criid. I really like the shift in playstyle from melee aggression to powerful caster

Next up is Dashel and the Guild Guards from Lucius' box. No real interest in playing Lucius really, but he can apparently run a Nephilim grow list reasonably successfully. (Have I alluded to future revelation?. quell horreur). Anyway, Dashel works well with the Guards and riflemen. Yes I know the raptor isn't attached the Austringer properly. I'm not yet ready to talk about Austrigner assembly
I've yet to use the exorcists sucessfuly :( but the riflemen consistently do well when I bring them :)

The mainstays of my Justice/Sonnia crews :) the 0 upgrade on the executioner is ridiculous :D

Lastly I have the starter box Guild miniatures. My wife and I bought the starter box to help her learn the game :). I really like the dirty white on these guys. Just need to decide what a hospital floor colour would be in Malifaux :/

I'll hopefully have some WIP at some point during next week to share :)

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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

On The Payroll - Brutal Emissary conversion

I'm a guild man.

I've mentioned a few times now about Malifaux, and having a Lady Justice crew. I also have a Lady Sonnia crew box, and a wealth of additional models from the guild faction.

I love the straightforward nature of the guild. Direct damage appeals to me as a gamer rather than being tricksy, or fast or manipulative.

Anyway, I wanted to talk today about my Brutal Emissary model.

I pre-ordered the model as I think it looks fantastic, it epitomises the unforgiving brutal (obviously...) nature of the guild and, in my opinion, will make a great centrepiece for my guild collection.

However, I think that the sword it is equipped with looks unfinished. If I'm honest it looks like a placeholder that was left unfinished in order to release the model quicker. I can't think why else it would be so plain when weaponry found on models like the Judge or Sonnia or Wichling Handlers are at least semi-ornate.

I decided that I would dive in and make my own replacement for this weapon. I spent a long time being indecisive, and trying to convince myself I could make it more ornate when I painted it, or some greenstuff would make it look better. In the end though, I clipped it off the model and left myself no choice other than to replace it.

I looked around at great knives on the internet, and ended up being heavily influenced by Pyramid head's knife from Silent Hill. I measured out the existing blade and marked off the dimensions on some thin plasticard. I sketched out what I wanted and cut the first layer of card to this shape. I repeated the process with two thicker pieces of plastic and glued them to either side to give me a rough shape.

From here, I started to carve and file the contours into the blade to give it an edge and tip.

The Emissary has an ability called "Never bluff a six gun, so I decided I wanted to turn this in to some kind of gunblade (a la Squall from FF VII).

At this stage, I'm still so shocked that I haven't completely ruined the model and been left with no weapon for him, so I forge ahead and start to embellish with greenstuff and attach it to the miniature

At this stage I'm completely taken with the model and painting progresses at a rate of knots, even with me taking my time and using my brand new wet palette to get layers nice and thin, and the rest as they say is history!

I couldn't be more pleased with this, and I love the final look of the model. I kept the base relatively plain in order not to detract from the final thing. Hopefully you like it as much as I do :)

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Monday, 12 December 2016

Year in Review 2016


That's right, I'm not dead. Still alive and kicking, however I'm still just as useless at updating a blog regularly.

I'm determined to give it one last push to keep a regularly update wargaming blog, and if it fizzles out this time, then I guess that's a sign to stop :)

I initially wanted to give this a go with a brand new blog, and a clean slate rather than the multiple restarts i've attmepted here after what was at one point a regularlry updated blog with what I percieved as decent content. However, I don't want to lose all the content here and have to re-host any photos or lose any articles I particularly liked. I have had a bit of a play with the way things look though which may or may not change in teh next few weeks. This all depends on if I can work out how to create a new image for the blog header for example :)

Let's look back at the year so far and see what there is to work into a new blog.

- I went back to the Leeds game night early in the year and began with Hordes, and a few games of Malifaux there too. In no small part due to the faff of getting home so late on games night after the long train ride home afterwards(all on a work night), I stopped going to the Leeds game night.

- A long time friend of mine was also getting into Malifaux around this time and since then we have played many games and expanded our group of two in to 6-8 people now playing Malifaux. We have even had two 6 player three round 'tournaments' on boards at home (My wife and I took 1st place at one of each of these, just sayin'..). My wife also plays Malifaux now as her first ever tabletop game aside from D&D, which means I play more wargames now than I have since I was a lot younger.

- A new independent hobby shop has opened in the town nearest to me, so now that our budding Malifaux scene is developing, we are hoping to support them by booking out enough tables there for our next event. It's important to support things like this as there hasn't been a hobby shop closer than Leeds for maybe ten years!

- Whilst I will still be playing (Mk2) Warmahordes with friends, I have downsized my collection, and parted ways with my Gators, leaving me with my fair size Skorne collection for the occasional game.

- I mentioned in January this year that I had just re-jigged my desk setup in the study, giving me a lot more hobby space, and better access to various projects and making it generally easier to paint and make toy soldiers etc. i will hopefully post a few pictures in coming blog posts.

- I have refined my magnetic storage solutions, and again I will be going over this in future posts :)

- I have made what I think are massive improvements in my painting with my Malifaux collection and will try to feature these (again) in some posts in the future. I got a wet palette for my birthday this year and I think that this has helped a lot with me moving away from drybrushing and starting to paint 'properly' with layered highlights.

- With the recent release of the new Thousand Sons Chaos Space Marines, my friend and I will be reworking some of our very first armies that we collected and played together, with me starting fresh with some of my most loved miniatures, the Space Wolves. This will mainly be a modelling and painting project as we are both just as disillusioned as always with the constant rules updates to games systems leaving us out of touch. We will be sticking to 6th/7th edition 40k for the games we play.

This pretty much covers what I hope to write about in the next few posts. I would also like to make some kind of posting schedule to help keep me posting regularly. Things like WiP Wednesdays, and product reviews.

Yet again I've dumped a wall of very uninteresting text with no pictures, but this blog is as much for me as it is for anyone else that reads it ;)

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Wednesday, 24 February 2016


Just to let you guys know that next month will be quieter than usual as I'm going in for some surgery so wont be gaming and maybe not up to much hobby stuff in general. Stay tuned though I'll be back :)

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Consolidating Interests

I've been on a bit of a binge recently with payday coming up.

I mentioned in a past blog post that some of my 5+ year old paint collection had dried out and was useless. So, whilst replacing some key colours (metallics mainly) I've also added a whole new raft of colours - Purple for my eventual croak hunters (poison tree frog style) a couple of extra green shades for diversity (also in my Blindwater), and some blues (who doesn't love too many blue paints?..)

I also treated myself to some new brushes (and spent the most I've ever spent on a single brush)
Round Synthetic Sables from here :)

I have also been getting some work done in the meantime on Lady Justice & the judge, who I'm pretty pleased with and are nearly finished

I'm also pretty much done with the 'official' Boneswarm, and have done a bunch of work on my proxy second Boneswarm which I envision more like a gelatinous D&D style beasty

That's it for now, I'm really hoping that the Basius webpage is up soon so I can get my Malifaux guys sorted, but I'm enjoying being back hobbying again and think I'm making some pretty good progress for the year.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Friday, 12 February 2016

And Justice For All

I've mentioned a Malifaux a couple of times, but I don't think I've ever posted any photos of my progress so far, so here is my Lady justice crew as it stands :)

I'm finally pleased with where this is going. When I started painting, there were lots of ideas I wanted to convey that just didn't seem to be working, the Judge's coat wouldn't blend properly, the Death Marshall's coats were too bright and stark, but after a few tweaks I like the way it is all coming together.

The below shows my more recent acquisitions, hopefully to be spray coated and started quite soon too. I just want to point out that the legs of the Austringer's birds were separate pieces. Just look at the size of the models and let that sink in for a second.... The separate bird is meant to be attached the guy's arm, but the second leg for that bird pinged off from my tweezers whilst trying to attach it. I figure that it wont look out of place next to him on the base like it is on the cork.

My plan currently is to do the bases with the Basius texture pads when their web shop finally goes live, but this has been a long time coming, and it looks like I might end up blue tacking models to bases to use them at the next Leeds games night :(

Just a quick update, as I'm busy over the weekend, but have been snatching time to paint in the evenings this week.

I'm hoping to replace some paints soon as some of my Vallejo are separating out maybe after being left for so long, and my metallics are totally beyond repair now so i probably cant do a great deal more on the crew without getting some replacements. I'm looking at getting some P3 paints to see what they are like.

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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Trouble Brewin'

My Brewers guild team so far ready for the bases to be sealed and then undercoated etc. I really love the models, they feel very characterful with the different brewery related names describing their temperaments etc. I especially like the mascot (being a cat lover) but the first time I saw guildball played at the Leeds club, someone described him as the cat from the Discworld books, which I really liked.

I'm hoping to grab an airbrush booth setup soon (to make the whole process easier, and to save me, the wife, and the cats from breathing too much in) and will be basing them with that. I saw a great video tutorial on the flesh areas prevalent on most of the models, and I've been trying to move away from my usual crutches of drybrush and wash since I started painting again, so I look forward to giving this a try :)

Just a word to the wise here though, I bought these models from someone who posted on a trading group on Facebook. They were advertised as new, and surplus to requirements after various kickstarter combinations. However, upon inspection the models had clearly been glued together and in some cases had mold lines cleaned and some of the barrel accessories were missing from the blisters.  I spoke to the seller who already knew about the missing parts but hadn't bothered to tell me which I was more than annoyed about. After getting a second opinion from one of the admins on the page, I'm pretty sure Paypal would chase at least a partial refund on my behalf based on the pictures indicating new models. I'm not convinced however that it's worth that much effort, I asked the seller to raise a missing parts issue with the manufacturer and I'm happy to go from there.
Be warned though, things are sometimes too good to be true :)

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Thursday, 4 February 2016


Just on the train back from the Thursday night meet up in Leeds, so I thought I'd do a write up.

I lost versus a Runes doom shaper list. Unsurprising maybe for my first game in 3 years, however I knew what list I was facing in advance, so if I'd bothered to read up on it I'd have known that Barny's feat was useless vs all those steady Runeshapers...

Ah well, it was fun getting models to table and rolling dice again. Mark also mentioned a kind of slow grow type league which a lot of the local competitive players aren't interested in, so its really good for me as I don't know every rule of everything I might potentially face, like most would.  I tend to play for fun more than anything and if I'm honest I'm not a fan of the competitive play mentality that some people seem to have. To each their own of course though.

I need to find some way of stopping magnetic models sliding over the smooth baking trays though. Maybe some mesh material fixed to them. Strong magnetic hold, but no friction whatsoever. Successful test run of the case however :)

I also got some work done on Rask yesterday (who would have stood a far better chance this evening, ironically). I'm trying really hard with thinning paints and highlighting not drybrushing. I still struggle with hand shakes though, and I don't know what I'm doing wrong with my wet palette butnit doesn't seem to be doing what its meant to :(

That's it for now, thanks for stopping by

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Opportunity In The Community

Time for an update

Over the Xmas/New Year period, I had been planning to replace my old rickety (falling apart) desk, and once I'd finished emptying it out, I realised just how much I had been missing all the hobby stuff I 'didn't have time to do anymore'. A combination of getting home relatively late, and then cooking and washing up etc and having pesky inquisitive cats meant that the goal of a new desk would have to be easy setup/pack away again to maximise time actually spent hobbying.

What I ended up with, I think allows me to do this effectively. I won't go into massive detail here, but perhaps I'll outline my new setup in a future post.
Looking through my many and varied 'to do' piles not only allowed me to put a load of older stuff away (with a view to sell hopefully at some point) but also made me want to get some use out of it all, so I messaged my friend & Pressganger in Leeds, and asked about their regular meet ups.

I mentioned briefly that I recently moved to a new team in the new year, 1st week of January, in fact. I have a lot in common with my new team, having known them for a while before moving, and some if not all of them play either roleplaying games, or online games or both. They are definitely not the kind of people who would give a second thought to me carting around a case of toy soldiers to go gaming with every other Thursday, so it's a great time for me to start again :)

I actually ended up playing Malifaux at my first time at the club, I had mentioned this to Mark (Pressganger), who arranged for me to get a starter set game in with his regular Malifaux opponent.
Not only is it always good to make new friends in the hobby community, but I've had the Guild's Justice box set since my birthday in various stages of WIP, as well as having made some good purchases on a Facebook trading group for a couple of the Malifaux books.

I had a great time learning the game with the starter crews, and very much enjoy the card mechanic in place of dice. My wife and I have been admiring Malifaux models for ages, and I've ordered the starter set for us to start getting some games at home too.  I've had a gaming table for a couple of years so all we need really is a 3*3 playmat and some mdf buildings or similar and we should be set without a great deal of expense.

When I arrived at the gaming space, pretty much the only thing going on (I think there was also a Warmachine game being played) was Guildball.
This is something I was aware of when it kickstarted, but ignored purposefully as I had no-one who would have been interested in playing, despite the models looking great. After our Malifaux session had ended, I loitered around a bit and watched some game play, and asked Mark a whole raft of questions after I had left to get the train. I didn't think much more of it to be honest as my head was full of Malifaux, and what I wanted to get done next towards my Gators/Skorne, and then out of nowhere someone posted on Facebook a Brewer's Guild team for a handsome price, and I snapped it up :)

Which leads me (around the houses) to my hobby plans for the year.
I had originally planned to keep going with Skorne and Minion Gatormen, and possibly branch our into Trollbloods after seeing some really great painting threads, and being on the fence about them for years. That's still what I intend to do, but I will of course now be playing/painting Malifaux (mainly Guild) and Guildball.
I also want to revise my miniature catalogue which has miniatures listed by stages of completion etc, and add to this what paints I own. Just as a reference more than anything , and to stop me buying duplicate colours.
I have no aims for completion of x number of miniatures by y date, but I do want to have my Malifaux ready by the next time I play, and similarly with Guildball.

I'm back at the club on Thursday, facing down a 50pt Runes of War list with Maelok. I had intended to use Barnabus, but I have no confidence in doing very well in my first game so I thought I would try and learn a caster I've not used before and just re-learn all the things I've probably forgotten :)
Time depending, I may also be getting a Guildball demo, but this isn't quite so likely and if not, I will try and watch some of the guildball action to learn what it's like to play.

For the foreseeable future, I'll be splitting my time at the Thursday night gaming between Warmahordes & Malifaux, more than likely Guidball will feature soon too. This week, is Hordes as mentioned, which means that next time around it'll be Malifaux.

Hope you guys are looking forward to this year as much as I am.
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Friday, 29 January 2016

Getting Carried Away

EDIT: Refinements have been made since this post, found here :)
I've recently re-thought my miniature storage solutions in a rather complete overhaul kind of way.

All my models until now have been stored in either KRMulticase card or aluminium cases, and to this day I would recommend them as a solution to anyone that wanted foam for their toy soldiers.

I saw a video a long time ago and I've wanted to attempt something similar ever since. Fast Forward to when I started my Eldar Exodite project, and I had large dragon models which were unsuitable for foam due to size, and I came back to this idea to attempt my own version.
The video in question uses a brand of craft items which seems to only available in the US, so I humbly present my UK version of the entire thing.

The case itself
A cupcake carrier, available here (bearing in mind you will be removing the inserts designed for the cakes and thus the pink), they are also compatible with each other with regards to the clips on the side to join layers.

You will need to magnetise both the carrier, and your miniatures. I use the magnetic sheeting self adhered to the bottom of each section of the case, on which I use a baking tray. The beauty of this is that, instead of permanently affixing sheet steel or similar to the case and then popping magnetised miniatures on/off this, the baking tray is removable, and perfectly serviceable as a 'tournament tray' to move minis between tables etc.
As far as magnetising miniatures go, I won't reinvent the wheel and describe the process as it is done here near perfectly. the only extra steps I take are to build the green stuff up the sides of the magnet a bit and then drench the whole assembly in super glue. I'd rather the magnet stayed inside the base when I remove the miniature than remaining connected to the tray.

For some of you, you're done! Congratulations, your new army transport solution is complete bar personalisation (stickers/painted logos, I've no idea - go nuts) and expandable by the purchase of further carriers whose trays can click to the bottom of your existing case.
My own solution however has one further step. Call me vain, call me paranoid, call me what you will, but I don't relish the thought of going to work, and subsequently carrying my (transparent) case around Leeds city centre during the evening. I'm also not convinced that the plastic handle & lid would bear the weight of a whole tray full of say metal troll bloods and another tray of metal dire trolls for example.
What I landed on here is a simple, cheap holdall in which the case sits very comfortably, and leaves room for a jumper/jeans & tshirt/books/dice/templates etc.


  • I've yet to work out a way of transporting gargantuans and the like using this method. My first thought was to have a new case, removing the bottom floor of the top case and permanently affixing it to the bottom, making a double tall space for them to stand in. I've no idea how to do this though. Hot glue and a dremel are my first thoughts but I don't know how this would change the rigidity of the whole thing etc.
  • Some models need more than one magnet underneath to prevent them sliding if the case is jostled at all - getting on and off the train etc. This isn't really a concern though as the magnets are cheap enough to add a pair to metal warbeasts rather than just one. Three to the base of the likes of extreme models etc etc
  • Tall models won't be happy here. straight off the top of my head i'm thinking of Molik Karn/Mulg. I don't yet have a solution, which is disappointing because I won Molik, and will own Mulg soon enough. However, all my blindwater guys fit in there just fine, the tallest of which being a Blackhide Wrastler I guess, I also tested a Bronzeback Titan.
All in all, I'm really pleased with my version of this from the original video, and think it's a pretty solid solution.

Let me know what you think!
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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Breaking Radio Silence

Hi all

I know its been a while, but I'm getting back into the hobby world again.

Long story short, I've just started a new job and its one in a team of people whole play role playing games and inline games so being 'the guy with the toy soldiers' is in no way an issue :)

I've been to my first Leeds Warmachine gathering on Thursday just passed and will be attending them every fortnight when they are on. My intention is to play alternate Hordes and Malifaux and maybe even Guild Ball and Infinity in the future.

I've got a lot to update so I won't go on for much longer in this post, other than just to say that I'm hoping to keep up a regular log of what I'm getting up to with my hobby :)

This evening, and evenings this year in fact, I've been doing odd bits and bobs and I've finished off a few WIP blindwater pieces which I spray coated in a large batch today. I'm hoping to get some airbrush basecoat time soon.

Thanks for stopping by