Sunday, 31 August 2014


Hi all

Writing to you fresh from a weekend of pretty much solid hobbying (with housework in and between).
I managed to get the base for my 'Wraithknight' done and dusted, sealed ready for spray coating.
The premise is a nest of dragons eggs, which the wraith is protecting. There are many and varies bones etc from previous hatchings and their first meal.  I like the idea of the progenitor of the planets dragons guarding the next generation very closely.  I'd like to get a 'farseer' on the base somewhere intereacting with the nest, but that all depends on how the dragon ends up on the base as I dont want it looking cluttered.

I also managed to magnetise the wraithcannons and the suncannon to the weapon mounts so that I can configure the load out as appropriate.  I've come a cropper however when trying to mount everything to the carapace I made (altered from the sneak peak shots posted earlier).

The piece in the foreground of the image is the shoulder mounts from the wraithknight kit, where the smaller weapons would be mounted. I have these reversed so that they are flush with the curve of the carapace I've made, however it all looks a little crowded with the heavy weapons mounted further up the spine as seen in the picture. I'm not really sure what to do otherwise. I did consider mounting the heavy weapons on these shoulder mounts and having the scatter laser et al mounted somewhere else on the model but I'm yet to discover where they would fit and look seamless.

EDIT - Struck with sudden inspiration, how awesome does this look?!
I think this might have just solced the issue to be honest. It also serves to blur the line between undead dragon and high tech weaponry a lot more. Marvellous

-----Please let me know how this lkooks as I'm struggling to get my vision of this model to work-----

Not much else to update for the time being really. A friend of mine has suggested we play Inquisitor (a 'specialist game' from GW) except in a 28mm format.  I'm keen on this as I never played it when it came out, and searching for inspiration on the internet has turned up some truly inspiring kitbashes for Inquisitors and their retinues. I also have some pretty good ideas & back stories mumbling away in my subconscious which I will share once I've read up on the game rules etc some more :)

We will also be returning to Mordheim! I can't express how chuffed I am with this, as experience based campaign games are simply the best type of miniatures game to plkay in my opinion, and Mordheim is one of the best. Gorkamorka being my first experience way back in the day... I will be making a Norse warband, and thoroughly enjoying it. Expect updates et al when appropriate.

I'm well and truly broke at the moment so I will be pushing through existing projects for the forseeable future, but updating when I can.

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Saturday, 23 August 2014

So it Begins

I was going to post teasers with no explanation but I cant bring myself to do it ;)

This is of course my work on a counts as Wraithknight based on a venerable dragon (Elgadon in fact) who has been sustained in life through soulstones and jazz.

The armour on his back won't look so daft when the wings are attached, and is going to house the Wraithknight weapons I have on order!

That's all I'm giving away for now :p

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Sunday, 17 August 2014


Hi all

It's been a few weeks since the last update, but the reasons are pretty valid. The first week in August was performance week for the theatre company I'm involved with, and the week after that we were at a festival, so time has been pretty short to say the least. Then of course I'm having to work this afternoon grumble grumble...

There are a few things to update on though so let's talk about that.
I played another game with my friend, but lost this one only barely.  A lot of fun again, and my Striking Scorpions managed to almost save the day. I struggled to make my Jetbikes effective, and they got chewed up pretty quickly. Perhaps not fully understanding the rules didn't help. In fact it didn't at all :p The game was organised relatively last minute so next time I will have chance to buff up.  My avatar took names yet again, as did the borrowed Wraithlord, but my Dire Avengers got shredded despite being in cover, meaning that they struggled even more to be effective against T5 Nurgle marines :(

On the bright side, the case worked well, and kept everything dry etc. I just need to finish adding magnets to bases and think of something deeper to carry the dragons et al.

The only other news really is some random purchases of ten corsair bodies (with cloaks of course) for less than just ten cloaks, and far more readily available. Out come the clippers, and job done! There are enough now for my Exarchs, Autarch, 'Shining Spears' and spare.
I also stumbled across some High Elf Shadow Warrior torsos + cloaks for £3.00 posted rather than just the cloak backs (out of stock) for £1.50 each! Warlocks here we come!
Lastly but by no means least, I managed to snag a Zombie dragon kit, after receiving an email saying it was restocked, I jumped on and bought it with what I think is the right sized base. I then started to bookmark the correct weapon components for the Wraithknight and check their availability daily, to the extent that the day they came in to stock, I had bought them out of stock by the time the email came out!
What all this comes to really is that next week and bank holiday Monday (who doesn't love those?!) I will be getting my very own version of a Wraithknight together, with WIP photos out the ears!

Sorry it's another one with no pictures, but hopefully there will be a good amount soon with my Wraithknight build.

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