Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Ch ch ch ch changes!

I've been remiss in updating this month for which I'm sorry.  

Long story short there's a few things going on at work leaving me as the only person in my team so I can expect to be a lot more busy and work more weekends (inorite) for the foreseeable.
Also I'm writing this on the train. I really need to remember my tablet and try and find a keyboard that will work with it!

Let's not dwell on that though, as I have been hobbying during radio silence.
I blitzed through my ideas for the Wraithknight and as I neared completion I got a bit fed up of not really knowing how to finish it to be honest. I don't like the feeling of 'I have to get this done' so I took a sidestep and assembled my Wraithlord

And some Wraithguard

I saw some Wraithguard somewhere with swords/axes and shoulder mounted weapons which I'd love to be able to emulate but I've no clue how really!

As you can see though, I've added tusks(?) Or horns I guess to both types of unit and will be replicating the Wraithlord's bone crest to a lesser degree across his smaller friends. The idea being that each wraith contains the spirit of a great hero and his mount.

I also managed to get the scaly bits done on my Cold Ones/Carnosaur and the first colour on the bases in preparation for doing the underneath colours once the bases are done.

Lastly, I managed to get corsair cloaks onto my Exarchs so they are ready to be primed and added to their units.

That's pretty much everything I think :) I'll get some more Wip shots of the lizards up at some point soon.

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Saturday, 6 September 2014

The devil is in the details

Hi all

I've decided to get some models ready for spray priming if I get chance this week, as I have a real yearning to get some painting done.

This involved giving the cold one (jetbikes) a once over for mould lines etc., and finally getting my Autarch jetbike done.  To this effect I've given him some personal belongings and added some horns to the mount

I also worked on the weapon rig for the Wraithknight, adding some vents/power chamber type items, and a pair of horns.

I also added some greenstuff to the skull, where the horns meet, and in the eye sockets which were flat backed, I made them concave like they should be.

That's it for this week, Hopefully I can get some spray coating done tomorrow. It's forecast to be wet though so I will have to try and get this done somewhere in the house...

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Sunday, 31 August 2014


Hi all

Writing to you fresh from a weekend of pretty much solid hobbying (with housework in and between).
I managed to get the base for my 'Wraithknight' done and dusted, sealed ready for spray coating.
The premise is a nest of dragons eggs, which the wraith is protecting. There are many and varies bones etc from previous hatchings and their first meal.  I like the idea of the progenitor of the planets dragons guarding the next generation very closely.  I'd like to get a 'farseer' on the base somewhere intereacting with the nest, but that all depends on how the dragon ends up on the base as I dont want it looking cluttered.

I also managed to magnetise the wraithcannons and the suncannon to the weapon mounts so that I can configure the load out as appropriate.  I've come a cropper however when trying to mount everything to the carapace I made (altered from the sneak peak shots posted earlier).

The piece in the foreground of the image is the shoulder mounts from the wraithknight kit, where the smaller weapons would be mounted. I have these reversed so that they are flush with the curve of the carapace I've made, however it all looks a little crowded with the heavy weapons mounted further up the spine as seen in the picture. I'm not really sure what to do otherwise. I did consider mounting the heavy weapons on these shoulder mounts and having the scatter laser et al mounted somewhere else on the model but I'm yet to discover where they would fit and look seamless.

EDIT - Struck with sudden inspiration, how awesome does this look?!
I think this might have just solced the issue to be honest. It also serves to blur the line between undead dragon and high tech weaponry a lot more. Marvellous

-----Please let me know how this lkooks as I'm struggling to get my vision of this model to work-----

Not much else to update for the time being really. A friend of mine has suggested we play Inquisitor (a 'specialist game' from GW) except in a 28mm format.  I'm keen on this as I never played it when it came out, and searching for inspiration on the internet has turned up some truly inspiring kitbashes for Inquisitors and their retinues. I also have some pretty good ideas & back stories mumbling away in my subconscious which I will share once I've read up on the game rules etc some more :)

We will also be returning to Mordheim! I can't express how chuffed I am with this, as experience based campaign games are simply the best type of miniatures game to plkay in my opinion, and Mordheim is one of the best. Gorkamorka being my first experience way back in the day... I will be making a Norse warband, and thoroughly enjoying it. Expect updates et al when appropriate.

I'm well and truly broke at the moment so I will be pushing through existing projects for the forseeable future, but updating when I can.

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Saturday, 23 August 2014

So it Begins

I was going to post teasers with no explanation but I cant bring myself to do it ;)

This is of course my work on a counts as Wraithknight based on a venerable dragon (Elgadon in fact) who has been sustained in life through soulstones and jazz.

The armour on his back won't look so daft when the wings are attached, and is going to house the Wraithknight weapons I have on order!

That's all I'm giving away for now :p

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Sunday, 17 August 2014


Hi all

It's been a few weeks since the last update, but the reasons are pretty valid. The first week in August was performance week for the theatre company I'm involved with, and the week after that we were at a festival, so time has been pretty short to say the least. Then of course I'm having to work this afternoon grumble grumble...

There are a few things to update on though so let's talk about that.
I played another game with my friend, but lost this one only barely.  A lot of fun again, and my Striking Scorpions managed to almost save the day. I struggled to make my Jetbikes effective, and they got chewed up pretty quickly. Perhaps not fully understanding the rules didn't help. In fact it didn't at all :p The game was organised relatively last minute so next time I will have chance to buff up.  My avatar took names yet again, as did the borrowed Wraithlord, but my Dire Avengers got shredded despite being in cover, meaning that they struggled even more to be effective against T5 Nurgle marines :(

On the bright side, the case worked well, and kept everything dry etc. I just need to finish adding magnets to bases and think of something deeper to carry the dragons et al.

The only other news really is some random purchases of ten corsair bodies (with cloaks of course) for less than just ten cloaks, and far more readily available. Out come the clippers, and job done! There are enough now for my Exarchs, Autarch, 'Shining Spears' and spare.
I also stumbled across some High Elf Shadow Warrior torsos + cloaks for £3.00 posted rather than just the cloak backs (out of stock) for £1.50 each! Warlocks here we come!
Lastly but by no means least, I managed to snag a Zombie dragon kit, after receiving an email saying it was restocked, I jumped on and bought it with what I think is the right sized base. I then started to bookmark the correct weapon components for the Wraithknight and check their availability daily, to the extent that the day they came in to stock, I had bought them out of stock by the time the email came out!
What all this comes to really is that next week and bank holiday Monday (who doesn't love those?!) I will be getting my very own version of a Wraithknight together, with WIP photos out the ears!

Sorry it's another one with no pictures, but hopefully there will be a good amount soon with my Wraithknight build.

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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Conflict of Interests

Hi again

Just a quick one today. I've mentioned before that I'm part of a theatre group (I think I have at any rate) as stage manager, and it's performance week this week so time is scarce! Next week is also busy as we are at a festival from Thursday to Monday so I will be posting again when we get back.

In brief then - I ordered some corsair cloaks (actually ten corsairs with no arms or heads from ebay) as I've pretty much given up on my cack-handed attempts at molding my own so I will be adding those to everyone I can fit when they arrive!
I've also magnetised a lot of bases, to discover that the magnetic sheeting I ordered doesn't have a great deal of pull. Backup plan is to find a small baking sheet that will fit in my case(s)

The real reason for posting however is that I ordered some pretty awesome stuff with my birthday loot.
Whisky Glasses

Shot Glasses

Both of these were actually totally bespoke orders, after seeing the stormtrooper shotglass/tumbler combo on the Etsy store. I am chuffed to bits with them, I love the designs and the look of the sets. Really very please that I ordered them, and would recommened them to anyone on the lookout for geek/collectible 'homewares' (is that the right word?). 
So head over to Unique & Geek Gifts on Etsy to pick something up now! Don't be afraid to ask for custom designs as both my orders were totally custom!

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Older and Wiser?

What a great week!

Last Thursday (17th) was my birthday and my wife and I spent the day together.  On Friday night some friends came to stay in preparation for the Manchester Comiccon on Saturday.

We had a great time, I went as Jayne Cobb from Serenity/Firefly and got lots of comments/requests for photos which was very strange as I'm not a people person at all!
I won't go into too much detail other than to share the photos I took of some particularly good costumes that we spotted. We mainly spent the day shopping and looking at all the stalls & memorabilia, not being too interested in the 'celebrity' panels etc.

I managed to source a carry case as well whilst on sale, and first purchase discount brought it to £13 delivered, and I ordered some magnets and magnetic sheets (not as sticky s magnets stuck to my PC case...) and have lined the case (sans cupcake things) and started to magnetise my miniatures for transport.  I'm still looking to source a deeper box for the dragons to go in, but that isnt proving particularlry easy due to the weird dimensions.

There are a few more specific subjects which I will be writing up in the coming week, but also lots going on (I've mentioned before that I stage manage a theatre company who have a performance next week), so bear with me :)

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Sunday, 6 July 2014


Hi all

Just a very quick post to show off the work I've completed today on the 'jetbikes'. Below pic is one of two Shuriken Cannon armed riders.

You can also (barely) see the bedroll, and baggage I have added. the baggage is the remnants of a Dark Eldar warriors belongings, which are part of the leg assembly. I think it works pretty well.

I based all 6 lizards, though some still need tome attention with a file, and i constructed legs for all riders, and made a seat in each saddle to accommodate the fact that the legs aren't meant to sit astride the moulded saddle.

I am still deliberating how to best arm the riders with regular armaments in order for them to look like they aren't just guardians sitting on a lizard. Will see what inspiration strikes :)

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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Time Warp

I'm not going to go into why its taken so long to update because there's no real reason other than not having a lot of time/motivation to do so :P call me lazy, call me what you will but here's a couple of backdated blogs :)

Hi again

I know I promised an update a Monday or so ago, and eluded even to more regular updates, but I simply haven't had chance.

This past week we were in Ireland, and the week before that, I can t even think why I didn't get chance to write anything up, but there we are.

Just a brief one today as last week has burnt me out a fair bit and I've ended up with some weird hayfever/headcold combo and my eyes are terrible sore.

I realise that the main factor in updates is timing, and had a bit of a brainwave to solve this, and as such I'm hoping for a keyboard which will work with my 10" tablet for my birthday (July 17th hint hint :P) so that I can write and post things on the train to/from work and utilise some of that time. Hopefully this will go some way towards regular updates, and themed days (WIP Wednesday, DnD Monday) Which I had hoped to do).

I tried out some blu-stuff molds after the last post, and the results were mixed.  It is perfect for casting flat backed items, but for anything which has detail at the back which needs capturing, then a two part mold would be required, and is beyond my current ken. I hope to be able to achieve this though eventually or I'll bankrupt myself buying bits for the Eldar project. It seems that insta-mold maybe best for two part molds so I will be pressing this as a solution at some point.

In the interest of maintaining topic for this post, we are jumping ahead in time a bit here :)
I had an actual game of 40k against a friend this week! Look, proof-
So here you can see my fledgling force bolstered by Dire Avengers for obligatory troop choices and a Wraithlord for points. Just shy of 1k points.

And here are the forces of Nurgle arrayed before me, cultists on the left marines with a mark in the middle, and hellbrute/rhino with plague marines & lord on the left.

I enjoyed the game ALOT. Lots of the rules are the same to the last edition of 40k that I played (going back maybe ten years?) and the new rules serve to make it very fun to play, and easy to pick up.  I want to get my troops choices sorted so the next time i sit down with my miniatures will be guardian jetbikes and Wave Serpents.

I also want to get a transport solution sorted, and in true style, I found my solution here and despite the containers in question being Walmart branded, they seem to be avaialbe with free UK shipping on Amazon. I alos thought that this kind of thing would work also (with trays removed), but I would need to be careful with the height of things like wave serpents and Wraith units. I'm thinking at teh moment that a combination of the cupcake trays and another, deeper plastic box for the larger items will be the best bet. Hoping that both will also fit into some kind of holdall to transport easily and discreetly. Credit to Element Games for the magnetic solutions :)

It's my Birthday in a couple of weeks, and the birthday of a friend (whom i've known for 25 years) and we each mentioned (independantly) to each other recently the new game from Mantic - Deadzone and we are splitting the cost of the starter box four our birthday gift to eachother this year. So expedct some unboxing and painting progress entries for this coming up maybe August kind of time. I think that's it for miniatures and modelling for the time being.

I've mentioned before that I want to add a wraithknight model to the army ant some point and have bounced some ideas of a friend (Deadzone friend) so expect either some mystery WIPs or some more detailed progress discussions (with full disclosure), I will hopefully pick up some of the required parts with any spare money after my birthday :)

That's it for the time being, thought I do have a 'collectables' related post to update with at some point hopefully soon (tomorrow?). There is a Couple of Birthdays today so I won't get much more time after posting this. There are also three birthdays next week including mine... What's so good about July?!

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Friday, 6 June 2014

Time Stamp

What happened to the witty blog titles eh? I feel I’m slacking :/  I know it’s been over a week since my last post, but we were away over the weekend with the lovely Miss Vicky, and have been pretty tired this week.

I also promised a DnD related post on Monday, but I was still pretty wiped out from our awesome weekend, and starting training again after a week or so off (doesn’t sound like much but it makes a lot of difference), but I’m going to postpone that till Monday next, as it’s late in the week now and I don’t like to double post too often.

Anyway, back on track :) great weekend with our friends, who introduced me to a whole new world of collectables (after previously getting us hooked on Pop Vinyls), and I’m now the proud owner of  Deathwing Stormwind attack down to £30 from £100, and Optimus Primewhich was also pretty heavily discounted but I don’t remember the numbers. I also picked up the next wave of Mixels, which Miss Vicky’s quest helper also introduced me to,  after becoming disillusioned with both the price, and duplication of ‘standard’ lego minifigs (as a reference, a lego minifigure is £2.50 but a single Mixel is £3.00)

The Warcraft Megabloks (and their ‘blind bag’ minifigures) are something that I will ‘collect’ as I played Warcraft in its many versions for years, and still dabble in from time to time. But the Transformers I suspect I will only pick up any sets that I particularly like the look of.

The upshot of this is that I will be blogging some assembly, and unboxing pictures when I sit down to these pretty big tasks, for a further diversification of this once staunchly wargaming based blog.

Fret not though I will still be posting updates for miniature wargaming and painting etc when it’s relevant, and photos once I setup a decent home lightbox.

For those of you disillusioned with the lack of tiny soldier mans in this post, fret not!

When I sit down to ‘mans’ (as my wife and I refer to the activity). I will be trying to cast up some components and create a bedroll type setup for my dragon knights, to give them the wandering knight kind of look, as they protect the herds of lizards, and perhaps eggs/nests, as part of their nomadic warrior lifestyle. 

I also really want to push through to completion with the  ‘wave serpents’ as they are oh so close to being ready to spray coat and get into the painting queue (which is currently empty as the Fire Dragons got stripped, and nothing else is spray coated). I am still really undecided about any kind of ‘rider’ for the dragons but I’m not sure how convincing it is that these beasts would transport troops, and direct the fire of their weapons under their own volition… Perhaps some kind of psychic link which they receive instructions over? I’m not sure yet but I want to test a few options for pilots etc. I will also be adding a lot of baggage, spare ammunition etc to the Dragons backs, as well as hand holds for the transported troops to add realism.

An interesting link into topics further up this blog is colour scheme for the dragons. A few posts back I outlined a vague plan for a sandy brown/red colour scheme for the army, and this is apparent in the Farseer and the Avatar painted so far, but when translating this to the lizards and dragons I noticed a remarkably familiar site which will be a nice nod to another hobby of mine :)

That’s all I have for now, well done for reading this far down!

Hopefully I can keep my promise of a DnD Monday blog this time round.

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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Wet Weather Wednesday

Hi again, pleased I am managing to post when I said I would, let's hope it's something that can be maintained!

I was off work today as I had a dentists appointment, and I received my first filling in my 29 years of life, which I don't think is too bad going.

I also managed to finish the drybrushing layers on both the Dire Avengers and Striking Scorpions.I even added some tufts to the Scorpions as I have been doing with most other models so far. I'm undecided as to whether or not they fit with the Dire Avengers as the cork they are on is a lot thicker, so I'm not convinced it will look as good.

All that's left though is the pre Tamiya clear layer on the gems for Scorpions. I have been thinking a lot about transport, and I am planning something to replicate what is seen in this video (again with the videos right?), as it is modular, and expandable and can be applied to any of the miniatures I won, with the simple (and relatively cheap) application of magnets.  One of my project for the weekend whilst we visit our friends, who are also craft minded is to scout out suitable cases and seek advice from someone into more traditional crafts :)

I also picked up some blu-stuff, again after seeing success from my friends blog (linked above), as a combination with insta-mold as they both work quite differently. Blu-stuff seems to be more of a press mold device, but I will be testing this, in order to establish which is bettera t what task.  I have a few places on my Wraithlord & Wraithguard models which will require dragon horn type protrusions and the bits for such will be nigh on impossible (let alone expensive) to get hold of without making copies.  It's worth mentioning here that IP is not infringed by replicating any other IP for personal use, it's only illegal when trying to make a profit out of the sale of such a copy.

I stumbled a cross (yep you guessed it...) a great idea in a video and the Warlocks shown here using High Elf Shadow Warrior parts spoke to me loud and clear, so I will almost certainly be borrowing that inspiration when I get around to making mine. I think it will translate pretty well to a mounted version.  
This does divert from my original fluff somewhat, but what's a good story if it doesn't evolve? :)

The last thing I want to cover today is that I have scrubbed down the Fire Dragons that I had soaking in Dettol, and they look pretty clean. The paint layer comes off very easily, but the primer turns into a ridiculous sludgy mess that's hard to get off anything it touches. for some reason I decided to only wear one latex glove to deal with them so you can imagine how great my hands smell now after umpteen washes...
Before I get these sprayed and started painting (still struggling to replicate the colours I'd like to use, although I've pretty sure what I'll do) I'm going to work on some of the 'more important' elements of the army as I mentioned in the last post, and try and get the army playable at last!

I also mentioned last time that there are a couple of DnD related points to talk about but I'd like to keep that in a separate post, so tune in next time for Dungeons and Dragons madness on Monday.

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Sunday, 25 May 2014

When Life Gets In The Way

I had every intention last week of posting new tagged posts 'Monday musings' and 'Weekly/WednesdayWIP'. Sadly, with many and varied issues with the house, drainage leaks, boiler issues, cats and, to be honest, actual painting progress, I'm only just sitting down to hopefully cover both bases.

Let's start with progress!
Most recently, I decided to attempt the sword on my Avatar. I wanted to try the 'classic' force weapon glow type look, made so popular here except by brush, not airbrush, as I wasn't at all confident in being able to replicate the effect, after I struggled with simple gradient on the Farseer sword (paint spattering, I suspect due to the nozzle cap having paint collected in it?..) Ironically, I happened on a method for this in a GW video as their how to paint videos are pretty good!

Anyhow, I was pretty pleased with how it turned out, even though the picture does it no justice ;)
The brown areas are under coated for gold/bronze.

I've also pretty much finished up the Striking Scorpions which I recently had to buy a wash especially for.

Again, the photography isn't great, but it's with the camera on my phone, and in shoddy light. I seem to have a thing about watering down washes which leaves the contrast between washed basecoat and 'first highight' basecoat rather slim... This is something which is glaringly apparent on these models and something I need to stop doing as it makes it all rather pointless. After watching this video I can see the benefit of the wash as a shade of the base, and then bringing the base back up to it's original colour. I'm improving all the time still though, and what better way to do it than practically :) (I get a lot of inspiration on YouTube it seems - a sign of an isolated hobbyist?) I am please with how these models are working out though, and will be finishing them up this week.

I fully intend to create a decent light box set up at some point, and try to resurrect my old digital camera/tripod to see if that's any better. Seems a shame to grab quick snaps of these models which I spend days in total painting

I'll try and keep the rest of the post brief, and post again on Monday (oh, is that tomorrow already?!) Maybe Wednesday then as I'm off work for a dentists appointment...

My next thing to get done is stripping and repainting Fire Dragons after stumbling across this amazing example on good old Google images. So I've bought a red brown, and started testing on a spare guardian model. I'll get the mopdels soaking in Dettol at some point tomorrow probably and then re-based etc ready to start painting on Wednesday :)

After they are done (which I predict to be quite quickly) I want to make a real push towards getting mounted figures done, as they are what the army is all about really :)

That's where I'll leave it for now, so as to not rattle on too much and lose focus. Coming in the next post though is:

DnD miniatures - what to buy and why, or even if!
DnD ideas - disjointed inspiration!
Miniature transport - Magnets!
Mold(s) - the good kind!
Warlocks - Good(borrowed) ideas!

Until then, thanks for stopping by :)

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Dungeons & Dragons

Hello again!

When I posted earlier this week I had every intention of being on a roll with posts, and trying to carry on momentum, but after some pretty bad luck and multiple boiler repairs, and drain leaks my time has been either full of stress an/or thing to sort out.

Anyhow, I'd like to introduce a new topic to this blog. I have previously touched on D&D through the medium of miniatures when I posted painted figures representing me and my party in campaigns. Now though, I hope to use the blog as a sounding board for ideas for my own campaign.

I'm not a very experienced or confident GM, but I do enjoy the game, and the ideas that I have.  I previously ran two sessions of a campaign with some friends but after our diaries filled up with other commitments, and a pretty shaky start from myself as a first time GM, we never came back to it.
Fast forward though to now and I find myself having been bitten quite deeply by the role play bug. Thanks, in no small part, to an Amazon voucher i earned through doing marketing survyes being spent on a series of books I've been meaning to get around to for a while - The legend of Drizzt by RA Salvatore.

I read the first three books in what must have been 20 days altogether, I found it hard to put them down. It set my imagination sparking though and I started looking through my old notes etc. and trying to think how to salvage my old campaign with the fresh ideas I had been given by the books.
I also re-discovered an old program I once bought a license for which allows a user to create characters in the D&D (and many other) settings, saving all the number crunching hassle - Hero Lab
Because my roleplay group stuck to D&D 3.5 when 4th edition came out, the fact that my license wont be updated with newer content is fine :) and after a couple of entire evenings spent noodling around with new and old characters in the program, I was back into writing again!

I have also been drooling over some miniatures which I will be painting up as NPCs for the campaign, and also just because I really like some of their fantasy human range.

Hopefully the 'D&D' tag will be either fortnightly or more often depending how much writing I get done, or maybe even just the odd idea now and then hoping for some feedback from whoever still follows here ;P

That's it for now. I will be backfilling the posts I didn't have time to write this week tomorrow maybe :)
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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Job Done!


Yes it's me, yes I'm posting again.

There, now that's out of the way. I've been inspired to pick up blogging again thanks to a dear friend of mine.
I have a painting log on Warseer but I will be updating betwixt here and there in as close to paralel as possible.

To keep you interested, here are a few WIP samples of the army so far:

I'm also going to be writing additions to an ongoing DnD adventure I am running with some people so I will be using this area as a kind of sounding board for ideas and new features :)
I also intend to 'buy bad guy models', just as an excuse to paint up some nice one off pieces, which I can then post here :)

That's all for now, Thanks

Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Its is with heavy heart that I've decided to part ways with my retribution. If I were to get to a club/event then my first choice would be hordes. As much as I live the models and the time spent painting my ret, it is a waste having them simply sitting in their foam case.

If there is any interest at all please contact me here or message loftybloke on the privateer forums.