Monday, 25 February 2013


Today's post title works on a couple of levels
- Hyperion is a Greek titan.
- Ice sunk the Titanic, and I'm considering doing an ice themed base.

Weak pun? Of course. Worth it? Not really. Am I ashamed? Never.

As I mentioned Hyperion in the opening few lines, you may have guessed what I've been up to this weekend. That's right - more house sorting! I'm only half joking, family birthday took up Saturday, and Sunday was housework, and putting stuff away ( I have too much stuff - 1st world problems right?), but I did manage to bust out my box o' crafts and get Hyperion washed, and the legs assembled.  The plan was to assemble up to this stage and then be able to gauge the stance in order to be better prepared to take on some basing.

However, me being the Muppet that I am managed to get the feet on the wrong way round, and end up arguing with skin>resin>superglue for a good twenty minutes or so. I manage to sort it all out, and I currently have the pelvis down assembled, as well as forearms.  I also managed to get both halves of the top hull assembled, and will be searching for some fine grit sandpaper this week to gap fill (Khador gap eh? You ain't seen nothing till you've seen Hyperion).

I'm quite glad I didn't get so far as mocking up the base though to be honest.  Whilst frantically Googling images of the model (with feet semi-glued to my hands typing is no mean feat (feet - PUN that one's for free)), I saw some pretty spectacular work done to bases of various PP Colossals, and I felt siginificantly daunted by the project I was undertaking. My initial thoughts were to have the model standing astride some kind of icy crevasse, but I'm thinking something more detailed might be in order here.

Which, dear readers is where I turn to you.  Does anyone have any suggestions for a suitably epic basing theme/project for my mighty colossal?  I'd like to put a fair amount of work into this based on the price & size of the model as I feel it deserves something stand out :)

Let me know your thoughts, I'd like to maintain the snow/rock theme of the rest of the army but with something special about it:)

I've also been puzzling out plans to move forward with the trench templates I'm making.  I've been sent a mock up diagram of the requirements and will hopefully be able to get something together sometime this week to check with the client before I proceed with the build(s), so stay tuned for WIP & results.

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Monday, 18 February 2013

Top Shelf

I'm finally at a stage where the rest of the house is sorted enough for me to be able to indulge in hobby time.
As a result, I've been toying with ideas on how to store my paints etc. with easier access & tidying up afterwards.  My desk is in an alcove at the new house, and a shelf would fit perfectly just above the desk with paint racks within reach for when I'm hobbying.  Most importantly is that all this has been cleared by the wife!

It's a long term project I think, as the expense of house purchase, and related costs & jobs is pretty far reaching, but once it's up and sorted, it'll be my little corner of hobby heaven, especially as my desk is right up against the window, and the natural light over summer will be great to paint by.

In other news, I was reminded about a commission I took on for my good friend over at forestmans, so I'm waiting on a re-send (after i seem to have lost the original) spec diagram and I can hopefully get cracking this month some time.
As well as a base for Keravin ( one of our local PGs).
And then I can hopefully get started on Hyperion (or maybe in and amongst the above projects) that I picked up at the LGS recently.

So much to do, so little time! Needless to say, I'll be trying to update here as often as possible, and have pictures when I can.

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Friday, 8 February 2013

On Call

I've been given a laptop from work and I'm on call all weekend :( maybe I'll have time to start assembly next week

Friday, 1 February 2013

Mi Casa

Might seem daft posting again without having unpacked any miniatures... I've been musing though so I thought I'd share :)

Hyperion is still AWOL, but I've been trying to come up with a good base theme for the model when I get it. Its a huge model and no small chunk of cash so I wondered if any if you guys had suggestions based on seeing my basing work to date?

I've also been wondering where to go after that with my ret, vyre jacks and Ossyan, (eventually leading to some houseguard) or eVyros and a Destor thane (because Vyros is awesome and who doesn't love cavalry?). Again, any thoughts guys?

After the house us a bit more sorted and work/ social events have calmed down I'll be able to establish my hobby setup again and get into it :).
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