Monday, 25 November 2013

Don't Stop Me Now

Things are still going really well, there is a lot of momentum to this project!

I've come up with a couple of paint schemes, but I'm having trouble picking one to go with (will be painting up a couple of spare guardians to see what they look like hopefully), any preferences please dear readers? I think the black helmet is in the lead at the mo.


To cover off from last time, I have readied ten Dire Avengers for painting (going to hopefully have a massive weekend of airbrushing base coats on EVERYTHING) sourced a High Elf Dragon as a wave serpent, and 8 Cold Ones for jetbikes.

The plan at the moment is to make Shining Spears - Dragon Knights with four cold ones/Dire Avengers and have two units of three jetbike guardians on the cold ones as well. I also have plans for a Farseer/Warlock council on 'jetbikes' at some stage, though cold ones are proving pretty tough to source so this won't be anytime soon. Both the Dragon Knights and outriders (Let's call the guardians) have been heavily inspired by other people's conversion work, as well as the Exodite fluff I've been reading in various places online. I plan on giving them a good amount of baggage on the back of the saddle, with bedroll, knife, personal effects etc.

I have been pondering ways in which to make the more traditional Craftworld elements of my current project fit more with the Exodite theme, and in this vain I have purchased some Instant mold. The plan is to take a mold from the spine/head area of one of the cold one mounts and have this scaly pattern greenstuffed onto the smooth head areas of the wraith units. If I can pull it off, i think it will look pretty good.

I don't get as much time to assemble & paint as i would like, as our kittens are still pretty into everything they can see, so it's a very stop/start process. Slowly but surely I'm getting to where I want to be though.
I'm at a friends house on Thursday to see him play against a second friend so I can start learning the new edition of 4ok, which I'm looking forward to as it will allow me to better plan my collection/armny lists.

Further into the project, I will be making my own Howling Banshees (also intended to double as Harlequins somehow) Warpspiders, and a small corsair DE force to go with everything else, as well as Lizardmen monstrous creatures as grav tanks.
I'm also wanting to include a Carnosaur somehow eventually (Wraithknight stand in??) a Wraithknight (see previous) and I'm not sure how to represent further wave serpents, as the High Elf Dragon wasn't easy to come by, albeit being cheaper than a Wave Serpent kit...

This is a project which has run ahead of me, and I'm finding it quite hard to stay on top of all the things I keep thinking of to include in the force etc. It's very refreshing to have such a clean slate to work with, there is a lot to be said for the world of GW plastic kits and the options they leave a modeler.

I'll hopefully have something to show soon, but I can't promise anything with Xmas on it's way and being pretty busy. I will however show progress when it's made, especially with the more esoteric stuff like the dragon et al.

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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Game Changer

Firstly, this post is not marked for IABN so anyone who has arrived here expecting Privateer Press related blogging, this post is not for you :)

I'm sure that I've mentioned before that a couple of my friends still play GW games, both fantasy and 40k. Despite teaching one of my friends Warmachine, and him buying heavily into Cryx, 40k still seems to be the game of choice.

That being said, we have had a recent phase of financial hardship, but this has now cleared up in the form of my wife getting a new job.  However, this has led me to be excessively frugal on the hobby front, and I have made some absolute steals on ebay/facebook trading page to the tune of (for £80);

Eldar Avatar
20 Dire Avengers (new on frame)
10 Guardians (new on frame)
6 Fire Dragons (sealed in box)
11 Striking scorpions inc 2 Exarchs
1 Wave Serpent
5 Wraithguard (sealed in box)
1 Wraithlord (sealed in box)
1 Spiritseer (sealed in box)
New Eldar Codex

Needless to say pretty pleased with myself.  Plans currently include conversions/counts as for Warp spider & Howling banshee Aspect Warriors, as well as a whole heap of exodites - cold ones as jetbikes/shining spear, Lizardmen beasts as grav tanks.

This all pretty much stems from
a) Cash - it's going to be a whole lot cheaper to make my own guys than it is to pay full GW prices
b) Finecrapst - I refuse to pay money for 'fine'cast anything, so plastic is king :)

The only progress i've made so far is getting the fire dragons mounted on cork bases (originally planned for a city ruins theme, but will now be modifiying this to fit an exodite world), and re-assembling the ebayed Avatar and pinning to a large cork base.

I made a little progress on the hobby tidying i proposed in an earlier post, and have sorted out my hobby drawer in order to facilitate better access to bits and bobs.  The wife is out this Sunday for most of the day doing baking things, so i;m hop[ing to be able to make a real dent in the rest of what I want to do the hobby area in order to make things as easy as possible to get done.  I will also be planning out a paintinging docket, so i can make best use of airbrush basecoating without it being interrupted/stopping and starting too much. The idea is to have an hour or so each time im free to base coat a whole batch of guys which can then be painted during the week, which will speed things up as well as making the whole process easier :)

Long post today, but it should hopefully make up for my ridiculous lack of capacity recently.

I'm hoping to be able to update as often as i have anything to show/discuss so stay tuned,a nd thanks for your patience.

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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Better,Faster, Stronger

It's been a while again since my last post. For which i can only apologise. It's been a busy summer since my last post in June. 
Let's review:
Birthday madness through July. There are literally 5 different birthdays Including my own
Cats. We adopted three kittens mid august and we have spent a lot of time with them getting them settled into their new home etc. This had also meant that my hobby gear has been locked away for their safety and my sanity.
At the moment though we are on a train back from a long weekend in London which means I have missed this year's Breast Cancer Brawl

On the up though, im planning to finally sort out my hobby area,which is something I've neglected for one reason or another since we moved if I'm honest.  The aim is to be able to stop WIP items and relevant paints/parts/tools in their own tin/box to allow me to store/retrieve them with minimal fuss and remain productive whilst fending off curious kittens.
I've got lots I want to do and start/finish/re-do at the moment all of which is currently frantic scribblings in a notebook.but I will hopefully be able to shed a little light soon enough on what's coming up:)

So for now that's pretty much it, but I hope to be able to update fairly soon with more interesting content
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Sunday, 23 June 2013

All Quiet on the Western Front

Just wanted to check in and ensure you all that I am still around and still hobbying.

I've had a couple of bouts of illness recently coupled with some really busy weeks, so I've barely been at my desk since the last post.
During that time though, I have eVyros ready to prime and undercoat, my witch doctor conversion almost finished (including a base that I really like), and Rask & various minions all ready to get basecoated.
All I need is time to spend getting everything set up and long enough to get them all sprayed ready to be worked on.

I'm also planning a magnetising project with some of the new Games Workshop Eldar models. These are the first models I ever purchased over 17 years ago, and the re-released stuff has really piqued my interest, and I look forward to a bit of a palette cleanse with this project. After all, how different are the miniatures from GW/PP?

I'm also planning on picking up some new airbrush paints, and I plan eventually to have base/mid/highlight colours for commonly used colours, browns/reds/greens/bone etc. This will be for any work that comes in (not sure how likely) but also to increase speed and efficiency for my own models, as I can reduce the amount of brush time spent with a model, in order to be able to spend more time on details, instead of repeated coats of base colours etc. I'm hoping this will give me more time to practice new tachniques that I've recently started, as well as learning new.

It's also my birthday coming up, and me and a friend who has recently started Cryx have agreed to exchange PP minis as gifts to the value of £30, as neither our significant others, or any of our other friends would gift us with hobby gear! We exchanged lists of 'wants & needs' and I have purchased a Merc heavy 'jack, Broadsides Bart, and Dougal Macnaile. My list was a real mix of Skorne, and the few remaining Ret' miniatures that I am after, so we will see what comes of that.

Lastly, I elected not to get into the new Warmachine faction, but I do intend to buy the book once the PP digital app is released. I would rather concentrate on my Retribution collection, and get back onto my Skorne relatively soon.

Next weekend is a trip to London, and the weekend after is a family birthday, so it might not actually be until my birthday that I get time to do anything much, more's the pity. In the meantime though I'm going to be planning out my next few batches of purchases, in terms of projects & hobby essentials.

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Sunday, 9 June 2013


As I'm writing this when I said I would be at the colossals release event, it may not be surprising to learn that I'm not actually there.
"Why?" I hear you cry. "Why after busting a gut to get ready and rush a paintjob on Hyperion are you now not in attendance Lofty?" Work. Plain and simple, I'm not going to go into it because frankly I'm not in the mood, but I've had to work both days this weekend.

I'm going to take this chance to write the post I had planned to further dissect my painting process for Hyperion.

The first and most obvious thing is that I did absolutely no work to the model after I had bought it. I suppose there are a few reasons for this:
- A lack of impetus due to lack of games, which was solved by the deadline of an event to paint to, despite this being far less notice than I would expect from an organised event (different pressganger).
- Airbrush woes, which I've mentioned before meaning that i needed some new kit before I could get started.

The base was an experiment in how I usually make water effects, and quite honestly I think it looks spectacular. I hate to blow my own trumpet but I'm very pleased with the way it looks with snow + model. A success

I originally intended to make the 'jack weathered and battle damaged, but I far prefer the clean look I managed to achieve so I don't feel like I've chickened out of trying this technique.

The line highlighting looks really good I think. After the pre-shading I tried didn't work, I think the alternative of line highlights on the panel edges, and strategically placed shading look really well together. Part of this is that the airbrush gives such a smooth basecoat as well.
I'm disappointed that the airbrushing didn't really work out (I would have liked to try it for some OSL on the power nodes etc as well) but I'm please that I've 'learned' a new technique as it's something I will be trying to carry forward. The Destors and eVyros have large armoured areas on the horses, and I think this will suit them well.

All in all, I'm really pleased with how the big man turned out, despite everything that has happened, I'm proud to have Hyperion standing on the speaker next to my monitor.

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Saturday, 8 June 2013

With Time to Spare

Here he is. No explanation necessary ;)
I'll add a bit more in depth post about the big man next week at some point, after the tourney write up.

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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Rocky Road

No, not the ice cream flavour. I'm talking about my experiences painting Hyperion.

The main thing I've learned is that I should have started painting before I knew about the event I'm getting ready for, and given myself far more time to spend on such an awesome miniature.

That said, it really has been a journey to get it to the stage it is at today. I've tried out some new techniques this time around, some of which will be visible when I post up completed pictures.

The first of which was pre-shading. I discussed this in a post a week or so ago, and to surmise, I decided that airbrushing detail really wasn't going to work for me.  I'll revise the technique & my method after a total strip down of the brush and a clean, in case this was affecting flow etc and see how I get on painting bog trogs.

The second method I've adopted that I haven't really done before is line highlighting. I had the intention of trying to blend my highlights a lot more on the large armour plates on the colossal, but I really haven't left a great deal of time at all for something like this, more 's the pity. Instead, I've been pretty satisfied with applying a reasonably fine light of a highlight colour to the edges of each section as a highlight, and a similar method to shade selected areas.  I also tried some edge highlights which came out pretty terribly if I'm honest, and I hope they won't stand out too much on the finished article.

I've felt pretty overwhelmed by the project over the past ten days or so of work, and it was only last night, when I was adding the glow to power lines etc, and had the base snow added that I felt like it was going to look great when completed. I'm taking tonight off to avoid burning myself out and not wanting to finish, but I ahve the afternoon off work tomorrow, and a late night planned to get the finishing touches (and Ravyn finished for hat matter) done and dusted. I've learned the hard way that the night before an event is a bad time to be waiting for paint to dry in order to pack models into cases, so Saturday will also be a hands-off day (busy during the day).

I'm confident that I'll be done in time, and confident that the final product will at least look half decent, as well as being fairly excited about getting some table time with the model :)
Definitely disappointed however with the rush I've imposed on painting such a great model, as well as a little bummed out about my visions of airbrushing being un-realistic.

A bit of a bitter-sweet post today, but I hope to be able to lighten the mood with completed pictures of Hyperion either late Friday night (early Saturday morning) or from the event on Sunday.

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Friday, 31 May 2013

Northern Son

I'll be honest, I lost a little steam after the bank holiday on Monday.  I'm not sure the pre-shading has worked on Hyperion if I'm honest, and it looks like I will have a fair amount of work to do once it's base-coated.
I was also a bit dejected when I started work on my witch doctor conversion. The piece I had bought as a skull mask for him doesn't have a chance of fitting over his face without a lot of Dremmel work to remove the mass inside it, whichj i struggled to do with hobby knife/files.
I managed to salvage the skull into a Wrastler looking one which I will use on the base, and try to add some runes/OSL glow to the eyes maybe. Back at the drawing board for this one, and maybe I will try a different type of headdress.

So tomorrow and Sunday I will be pushing on with Hyperion when I get chance, and hope to at least get the grey base coat and metallics sorted so I can think about how to approach highlighting.  At the moment, I'm leaning towards using standard brushes to shade and highlight, which I'm disappointed about, but there may hopefully be chance to airbrush at least the white on the shoulders, if not some kind of stencil work to make it stand out as a centre piece.

Based on recent experience however, my current airbrush set-up really makes me feel like it will just be a tool for priming and base coating.

I've been looking at some of the convergence of Cyriss photos to come out of Lock n Load as well and I really like the aesthetic, and have been juggling potential colours schemes around in my mind this morning.  I have been pondering about a second Warmachine faction for a while, but I can never really justify it to be honest. I still haven't picked up any of the new 'jacks for Retribution, and I pretty much prefer playing Hordes anyway if I'm honest (I'd love to pick up some Trollbloods).

My first thought is that I can magnetise a Vyre 'jack kit or two (learning from my mistakes with the first Shyeel kit I tried to magnetise...), and grab the last 'caster is missing along with a solo or two I'd like and call it done, unless the next book or two drag me back into the faction.

For Skorne, there is very little I'd like to add to my forces, save perhaps a second unit of Cetrati at some point, but I have pretty much everything I like the look of etc. so I'm happy with painting them up for now.

It's a similar story with Gatormen, I have Rask now to put together, and with the exception of the witch doctor/shamblers unit in the new book there isn't anything I'm after greatly so, again I'm happy painting up what I have.

As far as Cyriss/Trollbloods go, I think I'll wait until at least the end of July (after my birthday) and see how I feel then. I don't play at all hardly any more due to various reasons, so it's difficult justifying any large layouts at the moment, so we will have to see where the future lies

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Monday, 27 May 2013

Sleep on it

Managed to get Hyperion pre-shaded & Zenithal highlighted yesterday with the airbrush, and the mask works perfectly, so I will be doing plenty more airbrushing in the future.

At first, I was a little scared that I had 'ruined' the areas I was trying to shade, with a steady hand and not great control of the airbrush requiring me to go back in with a brush and tidy up some areas with the grey primer colour, and the white which I was spraying down from the top didn't really seem to have coated too well. This was assuaged a little this morning though once I opened my drawer to inspect my handy work. I feel a lot more confident now that it will look ok once I have painted on the mid-layer. Hopeful it will pick out the shades and highlights too. If not, I have  a plan to re-shade with a mix of the darker colour and the mid-layer through the airbrush.

I'm reluctant to show any WIP of this process to be honest as it really doesn't look great so I'd rather show the finished item, if I need to fix a load of stuff, or even start again if the methods used haven't worked.  Once the armour is painted though, I'm going to add battle damage with a sponge, paint the metallics, and then try to OSL the power channels and orbs with the airbrush.

I think this may be a little ambitious for my first real use of the airbrush, but I'm pretty sure I'll love to tell the tale :p

Ravyn and the Arcanist are being added to whenever I get a moment between Hyperion layers, and I also finished Calabans base, and eVyros' base as well. Calaban shown below.

I'd like to add in a link here to a forum I found recently which is an amazing resource of guides and tutorials for painting miniatures and bases.  I spent an entire evening/night pouring through these well-written articles, and I really felt like I learned something. Despite the focus on Warhammer fantasy, there is a lot to be learnt here, so I suggest you go and at least have a look even if you feel you don't need any help :P

Hopefully some progress with Hyperion mid-week

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Thursday, 23 May 2013


As I mentioned in previous posts, I have things coming up which I've committed to with the amateur theatre group that I stage mange for, and of course I have literally zero time at the moment for hobbyisms.  It's all hands on deck until Sunday morning, including not getting home at all after work & rehearsals 'til gone 10/11pm.

It's not all bleak news though my friends, fear not!
I've two 'missed delivery' slips from the postman, so I'm hoping that my copy of Gargantuans is waiting at the post office, along with my respirator.
Which leads me nicely on to the fact that I will be airbrushing like a man possessed in order to get Hyperion painted. I learned recently (Tuesday) that there is a Colossals release event at my LGS in two weeks on Sunday. Pretty short notice if you ask me, but no-one did. Of course, me being me, I went into panic mode and started trying to cram on the new rules, and on casters and tactics etc... Where as what I think I'll be concentrating on is painting.

All I need to complete is Ravyn, an Arcanist who are both at around 80% and of course Hyperion.
I do have a plan of attack on how to approach the big man, involving pre-shading and weathering/battle damage, so we shall see how he turns out.  I suppose I can always go back and add to the model if I feel like it needs it at a later date.

The only thing I have literally no idea about is lists. I will be using pVyross and Ravyn, but other than that I've no real clue what to field.  I won't have time to get my Destors assembled for Ravyn unfortunately, but I've never really played her before so I'm stuck for other options.

Can you guys help suggest anything for these two casters at 50 points? The only Ret models I DO NOT OWN are;
Vyre 'jacks
Houseguard uints

Radio silence for now then, but hopefully I'll be back to it on Sunday with something to show on Monday late on.

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Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Gravewalker

In a flurry of productivity (the likes of which hasn't been seen for over a year:/) I got Calaban finished, and a base prepped.
I'm pleased with the way he has come out. For some reason, the albino skin tone isn't quite the same as the witch doctor. I think maybe I got confused between two similar looking paints for the base coat  I'm happy though  and definitely can't complain about knocking him out as quick as I managed   I'll never be dropping quality minis in the kind of time scales Griffin does, but I'm happy.

I would guess that this is the last entry for a while, depending when my orders arrive, as I may be able to get some quick WIP shots of my planned witch doctor conversion.  Other than that I would hope to be able to get at least some hobby work done a week on Monday which is a bank holiday.

Until then I will be chipping away at the tyrant I mentioned, Maelok if I get distracted, and I hope that I can add the finishing stages to my Bronzeback titan. Maybe even get my Cetrati finished. Ambitious maybe but at least I'm in the zone :)

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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Sugar Rush

Late night/early morning productivity is what's on at the moment. I'm hopped up on energy drinks and combating fatigue from today's lunchtime run along the canal (Long story, but basically I'm training for a 10k later this year).

This seems to be a good state to be in though, as I've managed to get Calaban from primed to pretty much finished except for the many and varied skulls on the model, and the details like his glowing skull and face mask.  There are some really good colour contrast areas on this model, from warm to cold and light to dark so I'm looking forward to seeing how he turns out. 

I've also made some progress on the Skorne Tyrant (standard bearer not started yet). I've used red as the colour for his robes, which is one of the ideas I had surrounding changing my colour scheme for my Skorne, and the theory here is that Whilst Xerxis' house colours are blue, Makeda will use red, so any tyrants other than Xerxis will use the Baalesh house colours.  Hopefully the armour colours and blue accents will still tie it all together visually.

It's payday on Monday, so I can place my monthly hobby order. I'm going to pick up Gargantuans, Rask, a couple of paints and I'll also be getting hold of some airbrush friendly varnish to save my poor warbeasts from chips/abrasion from any case foam (I'm not convinced that this is what has happened, but I'd rather be sure), as well as a respirator to enable me to use the airbrush more often and more safely.

I'm also ordering a single gatorman in order to convert it into a second witch doctor.  I've mentioned a couple of times that I'm not a  fan of the current sculpt (despite how quickly/well it painted up).

I've been inspired a great deal by some posts on the PP forums, namely these few.  Specifically these ones posted by PG_Gift.  I've got my eye on a few games workshop pieces to bits order to help with this conversion so hopefully I'll be able to progress with this this month also.

I've got some commitments next week with the Drama group I'm involved with (as stage manager, I don't act) so perhaps Bank Holiday Monday will see some hobby time. I'll try and update where possible, but hopefully Mr Gravewalker above will suffice for now.

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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Loss of picture

Hi all

Just looking through some historic posts, and the pictures that were loaded to blogspot now no longer appear in the posts, any idea why this might have happened/how to remedy?


Sunday, 12 May 2013

Weekend Warrior

I managed to get the witch doctor finished :)

I like the albino style colour so much that I will use this method for all my witch doctors (Currently only Calaban) when I manage to convert up some more.

I also played around with my new colour ideas for my Skorne, but I couldn't get any of them to look as good as Xerxis currently does in what was the final iteration of my bone + blue scheme, so I will be continuing with that :)

This week will be working on Maelok I reckon, and then seeing what takes my fancy after that.  I didn't manage to get a respirator over the weekend, so I will try and get one on payday this month a long with some bits and bobs like varnish, as some of my beasts have chipped at some point, or have paint rubbed off by foam, which is less likely.  This of course means that I will need to finally add water effects to those that need it, and I can do this all at once, and hopefully varnish the next day :)

Once I've got a respirator though, I will be working on my minions units, and trying to use the airbrush to get them done quickly, whilst not rushing them.  The bog trogs especially I can see as being laborious to paint after not particularly enjoying putting them together

I will also hopefully be picking up Gargantuans on payday so I can catch up on all the fun :)

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Saturday, 11 May 2013

WIP Lash

The time has finally arrived! Yes that's right I have painting to post! Feast your eyes my friends;

It's nothing much really but I've been rattling through this miniature considering that it was the model that I wanted to get done 'collaterally'. Whilst searching for inspiring pictures of the model, I found a really good albino version on Bell of Lost Souls which I really liked so here it is.
I've also made a real effort to use something other than drybrushing to layer paints, and this can be seen here on his cloak/rags, and skulls (which I'm not happy with as I think I started with too dark a colour, but hey ho). I'm really pleased with how this is turning out and hope to have him finished today at some point.

I've also been practising this new layering malarkey on an elf model I'm going to use in my DnD campaign, and layering blue on his cloak as practice. I really like the effect, and think that it can be achieved relatively easily. I would like to buy something to keep the paint wet for longer though, and I think that this is readily available from most paint ranges so I'm going to take a look for pay day :)

Other than all this activity (it feels good to be home guys :)), I've been toying with the idea of painting up a custom unit of terminators as a hobby project, with decent bases and unique look/weaponry etc, so that might be coming soon too.

I've also pretty much decided that I'm going to re-paint my Skorne with a darker feel, and (shock horror) no blue! So once I've got the doctor finished, and Maelok well on his way, I'll try my new ideas out on a couple of primed 'spare' swordsmen that I have and see what you guys think :)

Lastly - I'd love to get my hands on some gatormen for converting another witchdoctor or two, but ebay seems pretty bare with only full units available.  I'm going to try bartertown today I think, but if anyone knows of any for sale then please let me know!

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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Mayday mayday

Managed to get a brief painting session in today after our weekend away.  Had plenty of housework to catch up with though so it was only maybe an hour or so of painting.  

I took the advice that most people had been sharing, and painted the things I felt inspired to paint. So I added some more layers of pallid flesh to Maelok, and began to think about what else needs adding. This model has a bewildering level of detail, and a lot of layers. By which I mean not only does he have skin, candles leather accessories, but he also has rotten skin, innards, and exposed bones. Lots to get on with, but I really really like the model and his back story so I enjoy painting him.

To complement this, I also chose a '15 minute model' which is an idea I picked up on the ppforums, and is a model which you may not particularly like/enjoy painting and trying to work on this model for just 15 minutes every time you sit down to paint.  My victim is the Gatorman Witch Doctor, who I've mentioned previously that I do not like, so I'm hoping I'm able to get him painted alongside something I do enjoy.  I've decided to make him a little different also and try an albino style paler skin tone compared to the rest of my Gatormen.

The reason I'm not going nuts with my freshly undercoated Hyperion model is that I really need a respirator of some description.  The dustmasks I've been using to work with the airbrush really aren't sufficient when I'm working so closely with the atomised chemicals coming out of the device.  I can't begin to describe the headache I had the other day when I was bascoating.
I'll have the window open wherever possible, in order to avoid a build up of fumes, and take regular breaks so as not to fumigate my dear wife who shares the study with me
So hopefully at the weekend I can get basecoating a few other miniatures, and start to work properly on Hyperion.  

That's all for now, hopefully have some progress pictures at the weekend

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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Into The Groove

After my post the other day, I turned my attention to the PP community at large, and repeated the text on the forums. I was reminded yet again why this is one of the best communities in wargaming - solidarity and support from the start.  You faithful followers here are always just what I need to keep me blogging as well.

I'm typing this after being at home all day waiting for an engineer to fix our phone line and get us back online. During that time, I've got Hyperion ready for undercoat, and tidied up my work area & got eVyros out ready to gap fill, and hopefully undercoat.

I've also been considering all the advice I've had from various sources over the past week or so, and come away with the following lessons;

- Goals - The last time I got any considerable amount of painting done was to the deadline of Breast Cancer Brawl. This is a great way of staying motivated, as it takes away the need to motivate yourself, as there will be others painting to the same deadline, and (I personally) would want to appear with as few unpainted miniatures as possible.

- Variety - One of my biggest problems recently I think is that I've decided I want to work on my Ret' but then spent all day at work daydreaming about how I could airbrush my bog trogs, or what I'm going to change about my Skorne scheme.

So in light of all this, the next few things I'm going to be working on are;

- Minions - Some really great models for the airbrush here, farrow bonegrinders will be great to 'two tone' with grey fur and darker brown skin. Bog trogs similarly so, coupled with the fact that it was a real chore to get them together so I'd love to be able to get them painted quickly and add the detail.

- Skorne - I've been racking my brain and trying to decide what it is that I'm not happy with about my current paint scheme, so I'll hopefully be posting some examples soon of what I'm going to modify to get some opinions on this.

- Retribution - I've slipped a fair way from the fully painted collection I once had, so I really would like to drive this home. As it stands, I've WIP solos/Ravyn to get finished, Destors, eVyros and Hyperion all nowhere near started so this will be a long haul interspersed with the other projects to keep me going.

- Other models - There are a number of ranges that I own models from/intend to pick up models from, like infinity and Malifaux for example. I doubt I'll ever really game with these miniatures (except Malifaux with the wife) but they are nice enough for me to paint for paintings sake, and provide a decent amount of variety.
I also want to pick up a few GW display pieces. Their recent releases have really grabbed my attention, but they've priced me out of their games forever. I don't mind picking up a centrepiece as a project (magnets etc) but I won't be buying enough to play ever again.
First up in this regard is a unit of custom terminators with round shields, watch this space :)

Sorry for the lengthy post, but I'm hoping to start getting more hobby work done, and that can only mean WIP pictures a plenty once I get going :)

Thanks for stopping by

Sunday, 28 April 2013


I feel like I'm in a bit of a rut of late.  What little time I have for hobby in between various social/work related demands seems to be scuppered. Ever sat down with a whole bunch of time ready for hobbying only to find out the previously only once used tube of super glue has dried out? Yeah it isn't fun.

Coupled with the fact that I'm trying to catch up to fully painted again on my Retribution, and no matter how long i spend on some of the half painted models I've had for a while, I can't seem to get them to look right so long after I started to paint them. It's frustrating,and a little depressing if I'm honest.

How do you guys stay motivated to paint? How do you manage to fit your hobby around the rest of your activities?
Help a fellow gamer out of his rut if you can :)


Sunday, 14 April 2013

Intermittent Tone

Well it's been nearly two weeks since I had chance to post anything. It's been that busy.
I did get a bit of painting done a week or so ago, nearly finished Ravyn finally, and some extra bits on a couple of other models. I was at a festival for the Easter weekend too so that was a write off for modelling. I did however pick up eVyros that weekend and literally just put away his base and sub assemblies until later, as I really don't have much time today.

I'll hopefully be able to get back into a regular hobby/blogging cycle soon, once things calm down. However, the theatre company i'm involved with has a production soon so I'm quite busy with that. I'm also training for a 10km obstacle course this year (sponsorship posts to follow :P) but that's usually during lunchtimes at work so that shouldn't interfere too much.

What I'm really itching to do at the moment is get my airbrush set up and go to town on Hyperion, so hopefully I can make that a priority for the next window of opportunity.

A pretty lacklustre post today, so I'll end with an apology, and a reassurance that things will calm down soon and I can start to post results more often

Thanks for stopping by

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Rack 'em up

After what has been a frantic couple of weeks, I managed to order something which I've been planning for a long while - Paint racks.

I've felt for a while now that having to totally clear away project work in order to use my desk (for work) is a chore, and occasionally is not only demotivating when I want to get painting done, but also a total pain.  Since we moved though, I'm trying a new approach to the whole scenario. I now have my current works on a tray which goes in the drawer in the middle of my desk, so it can be moved away whilst work is still in progress, and resumed just as easily.  The other thing is that my paints can be down one side of the desk without being in the way, and again, accessed very easily, which makes it easier too.

Which brings me ramblingly onto the paint racks which I bought.  I have been comparing two or three 'brands' that I found on eBay for sometime now, and with a recent bonus from work, I took the plunge and ordered from Progressive Engineering through their eBay store.  I ordered one paint rack for my growing collection of Vallejo paints, and one to house my GW paints with the intention that once the GW paints are replaced the rack will hold other paint bottle types just as easily, as well as specialist items like pigments and the like.

I ordered both, and requested a combined shipping fee, which the guys were helpful in providing, and after ordering on a Sunday the goods arrived on Tuesday, so I was really impressed.

Once the parcel was opened, each rack comes in it's own ziplock bag, and has a separate bag of bolts, nuts washers, feet and an Allen key, and of course instructions.
The first rack took around 15 minutes to assemble.  The wooden parts are all really well cut, and went together very snuggly and smoothly. It felt like the screws weren't really necessary if I'm honest, as the structure won't be under any stress or even be moved a great deal.  I bolted the whole kit together and quickly loaded my paints in to see how it looks;
I'm more than pleased with this storage solution, it looks slick and clean, it's functional, well made and very easy to assemble.  I would say that the second rack took around ten minutes to get together once I knew which parts came next.

This is part of a concerted move towards having a workspace which is useful enough to take on commissions as well as my own work, and work work as well when required. Next step is to get everything else into the desk drawers in some semblance of order, maybe even with labels to make things easy to find! This may sound extreme but the way I used to have things (before it all got packed up and moved) was a bit of a mess and not very useful.
Another part to this move towards 'serious' hobbying is having time to a) dedicate to everything I have promised I will do for people, and b) have a regular time to get hobbying things done.
It might be a slow process, but once I'm there it'll certainly be worth it!

Thanks for stopping by

Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Things have been really frantic recently with plenty going on to stop me having a great deal of time at home, let alone time to hobby.  Just wanted to check in to apologise and let you all know that there will be some interesting updates including product reviews coming next week :)

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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Last Minute

Managed to get a few minutes work on my base today, so here's a very quick update in amongst getting ready for many and various client meetings tomorrow

I'm pretty pleased with how it's looking so far, and I think it'll look pretty good even after some coloured washes etc.

Hopefully have some time in the week to do some more work

Thanks for stopping by

Friday, 15 March 2013

Well Guest

This week has been a bit of a blitz with work and everything outside work. I have got the base base-coated though, so it will start to take shape soon.

We have some friends staying over this weekend so I'm not going to be able to update with pictures until next week. Hopefully though it'll be looking half decent by that point.

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Monday, 4 March 2013


I don't usually like to post on consecutive days, but I'm really pleased with tonight's progress, and how things are shaping up against my original plan;

I've added a load of Polyfiller to the area where I will be putting the water in order to simulate the flow of water in the stream. I think it looks great at the moment, and will only improve with paint and water effects, so I'm really pleased, and wanted to share the progress with you all :)

Thanks for stopping by

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Up Stream

Made some major progress with Hyperion today (I finally remembered to buy some glue..) I did manage to go through nearly an entire tube of super glue however making the base, I think I need a hot glue gun to do this kind of thing more effectively.

Anyhow, Hyperion is now green stuffed where necessary, and the shoulders are fully assembled, awaiting posing in order to be added along with the arms.

I asked you guys last post for inspiration regarding a base, and one response to the blog, and one verbal response confirmed the same idea - an ice crevasse type thing.

I really like this idea, and have had a blast making this today. I started off with a circle of card the right size for the inside of the base, and marked a rough design & blocked out the stance.

After that, I started building up the layers, and shaping the cork;
Once this bad boy id painted up, water effects will just be the cream on top, I think it'll look fantastic. The only drawback is that the next two weekends are pretty much fully booked so I'm not sure how much time there will be for hobby stuff. Ho-hum, I suppose that's life eh?

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Monday, 25 February 2013


Today's post title works on a couple of levels
- Hyperion is a Greek titan.
- Ice sunk the Titanic, and I'm considering doing an ice themed base.

Weak pun? Of course. Worth it? Not really. Am I ashamed? Never.

As I mentioned Hyperion in the opening few lines, you may have guessed what I've been up to this weekend. That's right - more house sorting! I'm only half joking, family birthday took up Saturday, and Sunday was housework, and putting stuff away ( I have too much stuff - 1st world problems right?), but I did manage to bust out my box o' crafts and get Hyperion washed, and the legs assembled.  The plan was to assemble up to this stage and then be able to gauge the stance in order to be better prepared to take on some basing.

However, me being the Muppet that I am managed to get the feet on the wrong way round, and end up arguing with skin>resin>superglue for a good twenty minutes or so. I manage to sort it all out, and I currently have the pelvis down assembled, as well as forearms.  I also managed to get both halves of the top hull assembled, and will be searching for some fine grit sandpaper this week to gap fill (Khador gap eh? You ain't seen nothing till you've seen Hyperion).

I'm quite glad I didn't get so far as mocking up the base though to be honest.  Whilst frantically Googling images of the model (with feet semi-glued to my hands typing is no mean feat (feet - PUN that one's for free)), I saw some pretty spectacular work done to bases of various PP Colossals, and I felt siginificantly daunted by the project I was undertaking. My initial thoughts were to have the model standing astride some kind of icy crevasse, but I'm thinking something more detailed might be in order here.

Which, dear readers is where I turn to you.  Does anyone have any suggestions for a suitably epic basing theme/project for my mighty colossal?  I'd like to put a fair amount of work into this based on the price & size of the model as I feel it deserves something stand out :)

Let me know your thoughts, I'd like to maintain the snow/rock theme of the rest of the army but with something special about it:)

I've also been puzzling out plans to move forward with the trench templates I'm making.  I've been sent a mock up diagram of the requirements and will hopefully be able to get something together sometime this week to check with the client before I proceed with the build(s), so stay tuned for WIP & results.

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Monday, 18 February 2013

Top Shelf

I'm finally at a stage where the rest of the house is sorted enough for me to be able to indulge in hobby time.
As a result, I've been toying with ideas on how to store my paints etc. with easier access & tidying up afterwards.  My desk is in an alcove at the new house, and a shelf would fit perfectly just above the desk with paint racks within reach for when I'm hobbying.  Most importantly is that all this has been cleared by the wife!

It's a long term project I think, as the expense of house purchase, and related costs & jobs is pretty far reaching, but once it's up and sorted, it'll be my little corner of hobby heaven, especially as my desk is right up against the window, and the natural light over summer will be great to paint by.

In other news, I was reminded about a commission I took on for my good friend over at forestmans, so I'm waiting on a re-send (after i seem to have lost the original) spec diagram and I can hopefully get cracking this month some time.
As well as a base for Keravin ( one of our local PGs).
And then I can hopefully get started on Hyperion (or maybe in and amongst the above projects) that I picked up at the LGS recently.

So much to do, so little time! Needless to say, I'll be trying to update here as often as possible, and have pictures when I can.

Thanks for stopping by

Friday, 8 February 2013

On Call

I've been given a laptop from work and I'm on call all weekend :( maybe I'll have time to start assembly next week

Friday, 1 February 2013

Mi Casa

Might seem daft posting again without having unpacked any miniatures... I've been musing though so I thought I'd share :)

Hyperion is still AWOL, but I've been trying to come up with a good base theme for the model when I get it. Its a huge model and no small chunk of cash so I wondered if any if you guys had suggestions based on seeing my basing work to date?

I've also been wondering where to go after that with my ret, vyre jacks and Ossyan, (eventually leading to some houseguard) or eVyros and a Destor thane (because Vyros is awesome and who doesn't love cavalry?). Again, any thoughts guys?

After the house us a bit more sorted and work/ social events have calmed down I'll be able to establish my hobby setup again and get into it :).
Until then, Thanks for stopping by

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Boxed in

Yes, it's me, Yes I'm still alive, no I've not unpacked my hobby stuff yet...

Just wanted to add a  post saying that We've made it to the new house, and I've still got a room (shared this time) to have a gaming table and keep the majority of my stuff.

Also still chasing the Hyperion I've had on order, and eager to get hold of eVyros, and a destor thane. Vyre myrmidons might have to be either magnetized or purchased when I get my bonus this year :p

Thanks for stopping by, hopefully I'll be able to update soon with more relevant hobby stuff