Sunday, 28 October 2012


I'm about to sit down and do my first hobbying since the blitz on my Blindwater congregation ready for the BCB and I really don't know what I want to get on with.

I've my Ret (Destors, Ravyn and Discordia away from fully done)
Skorne (a massive amount to paint)
and finishing the Blindwater (I have my alt boneswarm and snapper now too)

I'm going to be able to get one with the custom bases for the give away as well this week, so I can get them to their 'lucky recipients'

I also have a £20 voucher from the BCB raffle to spend.  What do you guys think I should pick up and get on with?


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Brawlin' - The aftermath(pt2)

As promised, here's my photodump from the BCBtourney at the weekend along with a brief write-up of the day as I remember it.

Professional badasses before the first game
I took a single turn in the first game against Tony Moore's Legion. I moved Barny quite far forward in swamp pits to protect from (what I thought would be inevitable) sprays/assaults. turns out eThagrosh's feat turn was more than enough to do me in. Short but sweet

Guess what mistake I made in the second game? Yes I am that stupid, Simon's Angelus applied liberally to Barny's face, again, I played a single turn.

Third game was versus Trollbloods, controlled by a chap called Chris.  I got a second turn assasination after a posse took down the sons of bragg, and the feat removed Rok's melee range allowing them to charge Borka for the win. Nice chap, good chat, good game.

Final Game was against a friend of mine from the club I used to frequent on Mondays.  Very enjoyable game proving how tenacious Gators can be, with Barny surviving multiple rounds against (epic I think?) Vlad.  In the end though, I couldn't hit the guy, and If Vlad hjadn't done for me, Drago would have obliged I'm sure!

On with the photos!
One of the few (only) Ret' armies in our meta



Pink Merc's!

Some Very well based &  Painted Cygnar

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Brawlin' - The aftermath(pt1)

A very brief update today just to say that the Breast Cancer Brawl event (pictures incoming I believe) run today by LeedsWarmachine was a blast. I've some pics, and a more full write up on the way, but just wanted to check-in and say that it was a really good day, and a lot of effort was put in by the organisers, so thanks for that, ans thanks as well to everyone that took part and raised so much! (I'll let LeedsWarmachine reveal donation totals).
For my own self indulgence though, I won best single pink miniature for my Thrullg which was rewarded by a Warmachine MK2 poster signed by the Privateer Press staff. I also snagged the pink Bloody Barnabus card for best in faction (I was the only minion player!) a £20 gift card for the LGS hosting the event, and a Minions coin unclaimed after the domination event which I bid for.  On top of the pink PP bandana that everyone got (and cupcakes!) and the wooden spoon from the Domination event which was a black PP bandana). What I was by far most pleased with though is that I got a lot of kind comments about my painted miniatures, which really made all that effort worthwhile!

All in all, very pleased that I went and that it was so much fun, and I'll be adding a more thorough write-up & photo dump at some point in the coming week


Friday, 19 October 2012

The calm before the brawl

As you guys know, I'm attending a Breast Cancer Brawl event run by LeedsWarmachine on Sunday. I've been busting a gut this week trying to get things finished for the day.
Of course, this being the worst time to have loads of none hobby related things to do, thats when everything happens.
All I've really managed to do this week is tidy up base rims and get a glaze down on the swamp horror to unify the layers (VMA blues are amazing for any use) and to be honest I'm excited about how it's turning out.
I've managed to clear tomorrow entirely to give me a fighting chance of getting at least Maelok and the swamp horror done, and maybe even a start on the witch doctor. Hopefully I'll manage to meet these targets. As I've said before though, all 3 models are from my secondary list so it isn't a huge loss.
The upshot of all this is that it's unlikely that I'll have any progress shots this weekend unless I do well tomorrow. I'll definitely have some pictures from the event though, and a full army shot either before or after I go :)
After the event, I'm going to take a week or so away from my miniature hobby to try and avoid burnout after the mad rush I've had on these lists.
Upcoming projects though in no real order:
- Trench templates for Griffin (
- Giveaway bases
- Destors, and last few Ret pieces to get back to fully painted
- Maybe some Vyre 'jacks?..
- Skorne
And hopefully far more gaming than I usually get (more vassal at least would be good)
Wish me luck for Sunday, it's a great cause!
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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Tentacle WIP

I finally had some time to use my airbrush this weekend (just now in fact).
I really like the way the blues have come out, though I think they're a little lighter than I would have liked.  I base coated the entire thing with VMA blues, and then began to dust lighter colours from a sharp angle from above, leaving the base coat on the underside & in the recesses.  I really like this effect, and all I think I'll need to do (in addition to detail work) is a wash of the darkest base layer to bring the tone back down a little.

I love the blue colours here, and think they are a great contrast to the murky greens in the rest of the force :)

I also based/primed the Witchdoctor and Calaban, but unfortunately I only got round to adding sand to the Bonestorm today so it wasn't ready for priming. I did however get the base colours down on the Swamp Horror's base ready for painting in the week. This should give you a rough idea of what it will look like :)

That's about all for this week unfortunately, there's been a blight of social activity recently which is keeping me from hobbying.  I'm up against it a little now, as Maelok still needs finishing, as well as the Witchdoctor and this beasty.  Hopefully I'll make it, but if not, at least my main list is fully painted, with the exception of labelling up the Gatormen to allocate damage

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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Reality Check

Managed to snap a couple of pics of finished bases after what's been a pretty busy weekend yet again.  Whilst busy, it has been a good one, and I've realised a few things after spending time with a friend or two outside my usual circle, which is always nice. anyhow, on with the show;

Just need the rims tidying and water effects adding to the Wrastler :) (who also needs some tidying up where I've added greenstuff to get a better adhesion to the base)

Sorry it's a little brief but thanks for stopping by

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Weekly WIP

No Pics this week I'm afraid.  I've had very little time to make any decent progress to be honest. After a busy weekend socially, and the fact that I've been assembling minis this week equates to very little to show.

It's going to be another busy weekend coming up as well, so I can't promise there will be a great deal done then :(

I'll hopefully have the bases that I've been working on finished by the end of the week, and miniatures pinned to them ready to go.

The only other thing I'd like to add this week is that I don't like the Witch Doctor model. There I said it. Far too many components if you ask me. I think I'm just bitter after dropping it whilst the glue was drying and having to clean up and start again to be honest.  If I decide to run a list with more than one though, I will be making my own second and/or third models :)

Sorry for the boring update, hopefully I'll be able to grab some decent painting time soon

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Monday, 1 October 2012

A Black Tide Rises

I haven't made a great deal of progress this weekend unfortunately.  We had a visit from some university friends on Saturday, and Sunday was spent catching up/playing Vassal.
I did however mange to scrub and dry my recent purchases ready for assembly this week :)

I really enjoyed the Vassal game, the write-up of which is here so I wont expand on it much further. Suffice to say that Gators are tough :)
It was the first test I've had of the Barny list I will be running at the BCB event this month though, so it was good to see how that panned out. I should rally try and get at least one game in with Maelok before the event though I think!

I've exchanged a couple of sketches with Griffin ( about the trenches he wanted for eHaley's tier so I can begin assembling them soon enough I hope, Just need to pick up a few ingredients, which I can do hopefully in town this week :)

Other than that, I'll be assembling, basing and trying to get more added to Maelok this week. The recent purchases are the only models I need to get painted by the event, but once they are done, I am aiming to get the rest of my Blindwater collection painted, as all that is left is Calaban and the small based models that I own for the faction.
Hopefully it is something which is achievable by year end. After that, I'm just Destors away from fully painted again with my Ret', and a whole bunch of unpainted Skorne :P

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