Monday, 28 November 2011

Gone Clubbin' - Changes

I packed Calaban this week and had a 50pt game vs circle (the circle featured here infact!) I like how Calaban feels. He makes me think a lot differently to Barnabus. His tier list is pretty cool too, and it's very strange having a spell list to focus on :)
Regardless of the fact that I got spanked by lord of the feast and Mohsar's feat, I had fun. I might even go as far as to base coat Calaban and the bonegrinders later tonight.

This kind of links in to the fact that my posse are almost complete, and the shell areas on the Spitter are also pretty much done. Hopefully I'll have those done by the weekend, and WIPs later on.
I upgraded my phone at the weekend and it has a camera better than my digital camera and is less fuss, so work in progress shots should be appearing more regularly :)

On a side note, I'm going to be tidying up titles of old blogs and re-tagging for ease of navigation. I might even look into shifting my stuff over to wordpress but Blogger Isn't really bad enough to warrant the effort and time I don't think.

Lastly, Movember ends this week, but I'm going to keep rocking my questionable 'tache as I've grown to like it if I'm honest :p
In exchange for a horrendous photo of me with said facial hair, please stop by and donate to a realy worthy cause :)

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Monday, 21 November 2011

WORK in Progress

Still having trouble leaving on time, which quite frankly is depressing. had to cancel a game at the club (again) today. Both messing around a friend, and missing my weekly warmahordes fix.

This also unfortunately means that this week's progress is limited to base coating & washing the first layer on the posse, and dry brushing the shell of the Spitter. Progress is progress though :)

I've been leafing through Domination as well this week. Pleased with the results for Skorne and Minions. Once I'm painted up with Minions, I'll be working on Xerxis at 50pts, and picking up Naaresh, and Tiberion.

Hopefully by the time I'm through with all that stuff, the Vyre Myrmidons might have seen the light of day, so I can work a little on my much neglected Retribution. It's good to have a plan right? :)

Sorry there isn't much of note today, late home and all the rest. Hopefully this week I'll have some more done. I'm also hoping to pick up some decent desk lamps & bulbs (if anyone has any tips for bulb types/wattage, it would be much appreciated) as well as a portable photo booth for painting and photos, let's see what Santa brings ;p

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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Adventures in Gesso pt1 - Test

found some Gesso by chance in a shop in town today, and it's the Bob Ross Acrylic stuff. I've also got my test subject (a one armed Bagh Mari from Infinity) ready. So I scrubbed the test model in warm water etc, and stuck some cork to a base to test soakage from the cork, and a scenic base that I had made up in preparation for Tyrant Radheim when I get back to my Skorne, picked as the sand & cork have been sealed with glue.


I poured some Gesso into a plastic cup, saw how thick it was and overcompensated with water... The resulting mix was pretty wet when I started on the bases, and by the time I came to the miniature, I'd added enough Gesso back to the mix to be happy with it, but as it was going on it still seemed pretty thin...


The coverage is great, even as I'm typing this, I can see the stuff drying every time I glance down. The coverage on the metal is pretty thin, and will require another coat for sure, the cork bases are taking it a lot better I think, and I'll let them dry as they are.

Depending how they all dry out (I'll update tomorrow) I think for next time, I'll leave the mixture a lot thicker for metal mini's. Hopefully though, a second coat will set him right.

So far, Gesso is still winning vs spray priming, the time it takes to faff around spraying miniatures (especially in the evenings after getting home from work) is ridiculous when compared to slapping gesso on them and moving them to one side to dry, no ventilation issues, and even adding a second coat the following night makes little difference, as there will be some nights where perhaps the only time I will get will be sufficient to paint a few guys.

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Monday, 7 November 2011

Weekly WIP - 07/11/2011

Little late with this post, but this weekend consisted of an all day music festival on Saturday, and catching up on Sunday. Work managed to prevent me from gaming (again) this week, which I'm non too please about, coupled with the pretty much compulsory overtime this week means gaming/modelling will be pretty thin on the ground. Life goes on thought right? :)

On with the show;

The 'Wrastler' is only a few highlights away from being done, and Calaban is waiting for the final touches to his base alongside his bestest bacon buddies.

I'm currently looking into buying some Gesso primer, after reading a lot about it on the forums, in an attempt to not be hamstrung by the upcoming naff weather. I'm currently spray priming in the cellar which isn't the driest place in the world anyway, and winter certainly won't help. I'll let you all know how I progress on that front, and will maybe do an article on the stuff once I've got some to test out.

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