Monday, 26 September 2011

Gone Clubbin'

First night back at the gaming club this evening in around 3months. I'd like to say i lost because i was rusty but it's actually just because I'm me :p
Had a great game though with a different Barny list - two full posses, two wrastlers a snapper and a croak hunter.
If nothing else the list is resilient! I'm learning to lie unyielding and tough on Barny, but I won't make 5 or 6 tough rolls with Hume every game (it's true, silly dice rolls!)

Glad to be playing again as well, I enjoyed the social side of it as much as blowing away the cobwebs from my dice.
Signed up for a 15 point league as well which I'm quite looking forward to, even I it just means a variety of players vs my usual two. (I'm sure I've mentioned my social ineptitudes in the past)

Now that the wedding has happened and we're back from Honeymoon, I'm hoping to get back into a regular painting routine, so watch this space, and if you want to see progress don't let me slack :p

In other news I bought the new space marine game for the PC and have been emoting the multiplayer stuff. It has left me wanting to build some space marines though so perhaps I'll pick a few up just to paint. Wheres the harm :)

Well i guess that's it for now, good to be back and hopefully able to keep at it!

Thanks for stopping by

PS if anyone has a 'spare' Blackhide Wrastler card (longshot?) please let me know

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