Monday, 28 March 2011


Not the Transformer. I'm also not water deprived, or in a desert.
That's right, Garryth. I like the way he does things.
Yes, I forgot his feat and old rowdy spanked him for it. Yes, i didnt allocate a single focus to either jack all game (curse you fury!). But I'll be damned if sentinels moving 5" and making an attack before anyone's activation isn't the most awesome thing I've done, lol.
He's going to get some vassal time this week, along with Ravyn, who I'm also very much enjoying.
Whilst we're on the 'Warmachine is teh best' soapbox, I've done a total u-turn on my opinion of battle engines. From 'how the hell would I get it in a carry case?' to 'lol magnetise it' (cheers griff) coupled with the new magister solo guy leading me to think we may get more 40mm base stuff (new foam trays please!) makes me very much look forward to what's in store :)

On a very self - indulgent note, I got some great praise for my WIP MHSF and painted dawnguard. So I'm really inspired to get them finished :)
Also means no pics till they are done :p

Thanks for stopping by, it's good to be back

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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Return to form

­Yes that’s right - I blogged.

I’ll give you a minute to wipe the coffee from your screens (as you of course just spat it out due to the shock…).

After saying “no more blogging till the house move is sorted” (back in February) our ISP well and truly dropped the ball, and a phone engineer has only just been to fix our phone line. (All you UK based readers – Avoid O2 like the plague) It’s a long and arduous story, so I won’t get into it now.

In the meantime however, we moved (of course) and I’ve played a few Warmachine games.

The first one (after admittedly a very long WM break) was with Ravyn. I’ll be honest, I liked her style, I rarely ply gunlines as I prefer slice n dice, but I have to admit, it was a blast (ooh pun), her spell list is interesting, and I’m yet to figure out what she can bring to the table (is she a melee caster or a support caster). The game also taught me how frikken cool Invictors are, mini feat (snipe optional) and re-rolls (UA) make for some pretty solid CRAs, and flank is a dream come true to be fair. I also learned that good friends, good laughs and wargames are the cure for hangovers (it was pretty bad weekend that I was still pretty ropey by Monday evening after a day at work)

I intend to play a few more games with Ravyn as soon as she’s done (currently WIP on the ol’ painting table).

I also played two games with Rahn. He makes me feel dirty, but boy is he fun. First game was a turn two caster kill, I ran my Phoenix and Chimera up field straight off the bat, and they diverted a lot of incoming fire (Siege), and Rahn was able to finish the job himself (although I believe it was feated battle mages that got the kill). Second game was pCaine, and he scares me to be honest, his feat is a tough one to dodge. I lost this last one, but I did put a reasonable amount of boxes onto Caine before hand. Both games were fun, and were quite a good way to get back into the Focus v Fury mechanic after so much Skorne recently.

Which brings me smoothly to my next point – Gators are fun. I played 25pts against a chap down the club who just got into Hordes (Trollbloods, sweet painting). And if it weren’t for me forgetting about the transfer mechanic, (dumb, inoright? I got carried away…) It would’ve been a second turn caster kill. As it was, Barny got thrown at Madrak, and risen to charge him. He then weathered the resultant round of retaliation and munched Mr Madras quite decisively. Gatemen are ridiculously good, and I’m yet to find a good way to use the ‘Snapper.

I’m also open to suggestions at this point for what to pad out to 35pts with my gators. My current 25pts is;




Max Gators

Wrong Eye & Snap jaw

Let me know if you have any thoughts J

A friend’s dad also managed to snaffle me a pair of 6’x2’ boards from where he works, and is willing to give me a hand constructing a gaming table, so things are looking good! I'll post progress when either of us gets time to speak to the other and make some headway

The only other news really is that I bought a few miniatures of a couple of the guys at the club for the wargame Infinity, which I’m enjoying quite a lot at the moment. But that’s hardly relevant to an IABN tagged post, so keep an eye out for infinity news in other posts.

As I mentioned above, got some minis on the painting table, and will have WIPs as soon as the net is fixed. As it is, I’m drafting this on my PC whilst waiting in for the phone engineer who should be out today to sort out the net (of course the above will be posted once the net is connected so that was a bit irrelevant really…)

Anyhow, that’s quite enough from me I think. It’s great to be back and look forward to blogging again. There’s some exciting news in the pipeline, but I can only really let you guys in on it when it goes live!

Thanks for stopping by after so long