Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Watch this space

Lots on at the minute and spending more time at work than I'd like. Just wanted to check in and say that I'd be back soon.

Thanks for your patience

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Monday, 28 November 2011

Gone Clubbin' - Changes

I packed Calaban this week and had a 50pt game vs circle (the circle featured here infact!) I like how Calaban feels. He makes me think a lot differently to Barnabus. His tier list is pretty cool too, and it's very strange having a spell list to focus on :)
Regardless of the fact that I got spanked by lord of the feast and Mohsar's feat, I had fun. I might even go as far as to base coat Calaban and the bonegrinders later tonight.

This kind of links in to the fact that my posse are almost complete, and the shell areas on the Spitter are also pretty much done. Hopefully I'll have those done by the weekend, and WIPs later on.
I upgraded my phone at the weekend and it has a camera better than my digital camera and is less fuss, so work in progress shots should be appearing more regularly :)

On a side note, I'm going to be tidying up titles of old blogs and re-tagging for ease of navigation. I might even look into shifting my stuff over to wordpress but Blogger Isn't really bad enough to warrant the effort and time I don't think.

Lastly, Movember ends this week, but I'm going to keep rocking my questionable 'tache as I've grown to like it if I'm honest :p
In exchange for a horrendous photo of me with said facial hair, please stop by and donate to a realy worthy cause :)

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Monday, 21 November 2011

WORK in Progress

Still having trouble leaving on time, which quite frankly is depressing. had to cancel a game at the club (again) today. Both messing around a friend, and missing my weekly warmahordes fix.

This also unfortunately means that this week's progress is limited to base coating & washing the first layer on the posse, and dry brushing the shell of the Spitter. Progress is progress though :)

I've been leafing through Domination as well this week. Pleased with the results for Skorne and Minions. Once I'm painted up with Minions, I'll be working on Xerxis at 50pts, and picking up Naaresh, and Tiberion.

Hopefully by the time I'm through with all that stuff, the Vyre Myrmidons might have seen the light of day, so I can work a little on my much neglected Retribution. It's good to have a plan right? :)

Sorry there isn't much of note today, late home and all the rest. Hopefully this week I'll have some more done. I'm also hoping to pick up some decent desk lamps & bulbs (if anyone has any tips for bulb types/wattage, it would be much appreciated) as well as a portable photo booth for painting and photos, let's see what Santa brings ;p

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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Adventures in Gesso pt1 - Test

found some Gesso by chance in a shop in town today, and it's the Bob Ross Acrylic stuff. I've also got my test subject (a one armed Bagh Mari from Infinity) ready. So I scrubbed the test model in warm water etc, and stuck some cork to a base to test soakage from the cork, and a scenic base that I had made up in preparation for Tyrant Radheim when I get back to my Skorne, picked as the sand & cork have been sealed with glue.


I poured some Gesso into a plastic cup, saw how thick it was and overcompensated with water... The resulting mix was pretty wet when I started on the bases, and by the time I came to the miniature, I'd added enough Gesso back to the mix to be happy with it, but as it was going on it still seemed pretty thin...


The coverage is great, even as I'm typing this, I can see the stuff drying every time I glance down. The coverage on the metal is pretty thin, and will require another coat for sure, the cork bases are taking it a lot better I think, and I'll let them dry as they are.

Depending how they all dry out (I'll update tomorrow) I think for next time, I'll leave the mixture a lot thicker for metal mini's. Hopefully though, a second coat will set him right.

So far, Gesso is still winning vs spray priming, the time it takes to faff around spraying miniatures (especially in the evenings after getting home from work) is ridiculous when compared to slapping gesso on them and moving them to one side to dry, no ventilation issues, and even adding a second coat the following night makes little difference, as there will be some nights where perhaps the only time I will get will be sufficient to paint a few guys.

Cheers for stopping by

Monday, 7 November 2011

Weekly WIP - 07/11/2011

Little late with this post, but this weekend consisted of an all day music festival on Saturday, and catching up on Sunday. Work managed to prevent me from gaming (again) this week, which I'm non too please about, coupled with the pretty much compulsory overtime this week means gaming/modelling will be pretty thin on the ground. Life goes on thought right? :)

On with the show;

The 'Wrastler' is only a few highlights away from being done, and Calaban is waiting for the final touches to his base alongside his bestest bacon buddies.

I'm currently looking into buying some Gesso primer, after reading a lot about it on the forums, in an attempt to not be hamstrung by the upcoming naff weather. I'm currently spray priming in the cellar which isn't the driest place in the world anyway, and winter certainly won't help. I'll let you all know how I progress on that front, and will maybe do an article on the stuff once I've got some to test out.

Thanks for stopping by


Saturday, 29 October 2011

Weekly WIP - 29/10/2011

I've managed to grab a few quick pictures before the guys descend for DnD today. It isn't much, but just to show what I've managed this week.

My second "Wrastler" (a Beloved of Sobek by Crocodile Games) has been basecoated, and based (minus waer & grass) and is ready for washes and highlights. The water area of his base is going to be repainted, as I couldn't get the affect I was going for :)

The other guy, boringly enough is just the base-coated shell areas of my Ironback Spitter. The skin areas will be a dark green with perhaps some red/orange spots like this guy but I'm not sure yet. I'm hoping also to do some kind of acid drip from his mouth much like I did on Skarath (which I don't seem to have any pictures of...) following the same kind of formula as Snapjaw.

I also primed, and painted the bases of my first Gator Posse, and I'll be ordering a few more sunken bases for the below additions and to re-base the posse I traded with a friend )

Also, the below parcel arrived for me today, so I've got 50pts for all the Blindwater casters, giving me alot of variety in what is firmly my favourite Warmahordes faction :)

I'm hoping to be able to post weekly progress pics like this, but it will of course depend on when I get chance versus the weatehr (light conditions) and any social hassle :P

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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

In your base, coatin' your guys

Yep, it would seem that the puns have returned.

More importantly however, I primed some minions on Sunday, painted the bases yesterday, and started base coating the two beasts this evening.

Painting is fun, I seem to be a little slower at it than I remember, but then again, it has been a while, and work has been a bit hectic recently and I'm having some problems switching off in the evenings.

So hopefully this is the top of the slope leading back down into my painting groove, all the wedding and associated activities are well and truly sorted now, and we've made the last few payments versus the whole thing, so normality is returning. It's just a shame that it's the time of year that light for photos is so hard to come by. I may well just take a look at eBay for a decent budget light box setup though, as I'd like to keep this blog updated as well as painting posts on the forums.

I'll try and get a look in before Xmas, who knows - santa might even get the hint :p
I'm not sure that I will have time to get photos sorts this weekend, as we have a pretty mammoth DnD session planned, taking a big chunk out of Saturday evening/Sunday morning, coupled with potential flat pack furniture shenanigans, meaning most of the time is spoken for. Such is life :)

In other news though, I ordered a few bits for the congregation, and I'm waiting on Calaban, Maelok, full Bonegrinders, Thrullg and a second Bullsnapper. This should leave me sitting at 50pts with all the casters as well as giving my regular opponent a break from Bloody Barnabus, and me a breath of fresh air with some spell slinging from Calaban. I think Maelok may be some way off, as he seems to give posses the same durability as Barny does, which is what I'm trying to avoid leaning on at the moment.

And that's it I think for the time being. Lot to say but not a lot to show, again unfortunately. But bear with me, and I'll be back to photographic entries as as soon as I can

Thanks for stopping buy

Monday, 10 October 2011

Space Raider

I was at the club this week but I was playing Infinity so not much to report.

I did however pick up nq37 at last an I must admit I'm quite intrigued by the new warlock. I've been pondering lists and colour schemes all day.
Whilst I'd rather avoid a strip down ad repaint with my skorne, I do have some ideas to update the paint scheme I chose a little.
All I need to do now is get time to put brush to lead!

Most likely playing more infinity next week, buy I'm hoping for a vassal game perhaps in the meantime.

Sorry it's a short one, thanks for stopping by


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Monday, 3 October 2011


More fun with Barnabus this week. Won one lost one, and still really enjoying him as a caster.

I also made some progress with Discordia and hope to been done with pics soon. Slowly getting back into the swing of painting, and I'm looking forward to getting some momentum going.

I think I might switch forces for a while once this 15pt league is finished at the club. Barny is a little limited and makes for a pretty predictable game. Being so tough doesn't help his image.
I'd like to try Vyros again, but he really isn't the easiest caster to use. Possibly Garryth I suppose, time will tell :)

Not much else goin on really but I aim to blog at least once a week.

Let me know your thoughts on next caster and maybe why :)

Thanks for stopping by

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Monday, 26 September 2011

Gone Clubbin'

First night back at the gaming club this evening in around 3months. I'd like to say i lost because i was rusty but it's actually just because I'm me :p
Had a great game though with a different Barny list - two full posses, two wrastlers a snapper and a croak hunter.
If nothing else the list is resilient! I'm learning to lie unyielding and tough on Barny, but I won't make 5 or 6 tough rolls with Hume every game (it's true, silly dice rolls!)

Glad to be playing again as well, I enjoyed the social side of it as much as blowing away the cobwebs from my dice.
Signed up for a 15 point league as well which I'm quite looking forward to, even I it just means a variety of players vs my usual two. (I'm sure I've mentioned my social ineptitudes in the past)

Now that the wedding has happened and we're back from Honeymoon, I'm hoping to get back into a regular painting routine, so watch this space, and if you want to see progress don't let me slack :p

In other news I bought the new space marine game for the PC and have been emoting the multiplayer stuff. It has left me wanting to build some space marines though so perhaps I'll pick a few up just to paint. Wheres the harm :)

Well i guess that's it for now, good to be back and hopefully able to keep at it!

Thanks for stopping by

PS if anyone has a 'spare' Blackhide Wrastler card (longshot?) please let me know

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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Prodigal Son

I've most certainly fallen by the wayside recently. There has been alot of stuff leading up to the wedding (August 20th) and I took a consicous decision to stay away from the forums/blogs in order to better spend my time.

All over now though, and I'm hoping to have some time as a married man to get more painting work done and update again.

We go on Honeymoon for two weeks in September, but after that, I hope to be back to my usual painting regime


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Another Wrath post?

Nope. I'm only going to mention Wrath to say that I'm enjoying the book, and I'm kind of glad that the ret stuff is out later this year as it will give me time to get back on my feet financially after the wedding and honeymoon, which I'm very stoked about!

The real reason for posting is WIP pics of Discordia, and an almost finished Garryth. I'll post everything from this batch together once they are all done.

Thanks for stopping by

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Barny and Friends (Pledge pt1)

At last, a post with very little talking!

New pledge and deadline;
26th June

Titan Gladiator

Dahlia and Skarrath

I'll post WIPS, or part completions when I can

Thanks for stopping by

Friday, 10 June 2011

Tip of the iceberg

In anticipation of finishing Barnabus and battlegroup well before Sunday, Here's a sneak peak of what to expect

As well as a humble request - what should I paint next?

Once Barny and Battlegroup is done, I'll make a start on the most popular choice :)

Here is a link to a more comprehensive list of what's left

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The List

As promised, below is a list of all un-finished miniatures by faction;

Retribution of Scyrah
Dahlia & Skarrath

Max Cetrati
Max Swordsmen & UA
Titan Gladiator
Titan Bronzeback
Tyrant commander & Standard
Cyclops Brute
Cyclops Savage
Basilisk Krea
Basilisk Drake
Molik Karn
Extoller soulward
Aptimus Zaal

Bloody Barnabus
Blackhide Wrastler
Max Posse
Max Posse
Max Bog Trogs
Croak Hunter
Swamp Gobbers
Totem Hunter

That's it for now...
Minions have the closest models to finished on my desk at the moment, so this week's pledge is Barny & Battlegroup done and posted by Sunday. Let's see if I can do it :)

After that, I'll paint what you guys pick!

Thanks for dropping by and (hopefully) supporting this venture :)


It feels like I'm finally back into the groove painting-wise. The pressure has eased off at work, and I actually feel motivated to get some stuff done. There also seems to be a trend of group painting threads on the forums at the moment, ad it's good to see all these pledges to get painted armies on the table.
All if this has put into perspective just how much painting I have to do.

So, my intention is to air the list of unfinished models here, and make a pledge to cross at least one thing off every x amount of time. Rather than join a painting thread and not contribute, I'll keep it here, and post links to updates in a forum thread, at my own pace :)

Until later! (when I get back from the gym/work and get a list together)

Thanks for stopping by

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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Throwdown mk2

After lamenting my use of Wrong Eye and Snapjaw recently and garnering some varied and useful advice, I managed to get them ticking in a game of vassal last night. All I can say is 'wow'

Before I get to that take however I'd like to talk a little about my local club. From maybe three or four warmahordes players at the end of last year, I just attended a 15pt 'intros' tournament with 9 players. One of whom has recently picked up 120pts of cryx in one go... Inorite? There are at least 3 players who couldn't make it as well, so the community is really booming at the moment.
It was a really great day, and I had a lot of fun chatting with opponents I've not really met (and of course not played) properly before.

The whole thing did make me determined to vassal more though. My journey home from the club on Monday's takes around 90minutes on trains/buses as I dont drive. This pretty much limits me to one decent length 35pt game every time I go.
Now I'm not saying vassal can replace minis/real life opponents and game situations but it's sure close. So on I pops to vassal last night, and I met a great opponent (friendly and around my skill level, a rarity I find) and I had a great 35pt game with Barny and the gang.
This was also my first time at 35 with gators and the croak hunter did a great job of distracting bloodtrackers as prey, and an ambush run/charge with bog trogs took ravagers and bloodtrackers a couple of turns to clear out so I was well chuffed with recent purchases. The piece de resistance however was our infamous duo. Snapjaw charged a warpwolf stalker with the extra 2" for living model, just in range, boosted first attack with his tail... Crit knockdown, three fury and one initial bite attack later and it's all over.
In later turns Snapjaw took out a gorax as well. All this, and Wrong Eye is certainly no melee slouch either, taking names and healin' beasts :p
The caster kill was throw barny at a gheist, charge a grunt, feat and paste morvhanna. Which I felt dirty for doing but there was a clear path to her if I had range, which I did with the throw.

All in all then, good times. Sorry its been a while since the last post. Lots of wedding and honeymoon stuff going on at the moment. Which has also hit men pretty heavily financially so I won't be making any purchases till my birthday at least probably. All in a good cause though (awesome honeymoon, ask me about it :))

Thanks for stopping by

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Tuesday, 10 May 2011


I learned a lot from last nights game;

1. Gators can be tough - spiny growth, dirge of mists, iron flesh and unyielding are all abilities which make most of what is on the board tough to shift

2. Having a vague idea is far different from checking rules and understanding what you are trying to do. Yeah, I should check rules before I try to get fancy. I tried to throw snapjaw early on, and should already have known the rules for distance of throws etc. Lesson learned

3. Feat, feat and feat again. If I had a shiny penny for every-time I've forgotten to feat because I got carried away with something else id have at least 10p. Unfortunately on this occasion it was a thrown, risen and charged barny buying attacks vs baldur. It would of course been far less risky against his reasonable DEF if he was knocked down. Lesson learned.

4. This is the third game where I've really not done a great deal with wrong eye and snapjaw. No idea why, I just never commit them. I need to get out of this habit as snapjaw can hit hard

5. A good opponent is more fun than a strict opponent. I was allowed to 'go back' a couple of times, like the order in which I cast spiny growth and rise on a beast to prevent rise cancelling the ARM buff. Makes things more fun, and less like a chore. I hope for both our sakes that I stop making the silly mistakes soon though.

So that's it really. A good game which now takes me to 2 from 3 with barny, each time was a caster kill by Big B himself. I enjoy the way gators play, but like everything else, I should have more of an idea about stats abilities an synergies before I get to the table.
In my defence, I find it hard to switch off from work at the best of times, and I have to rush around from work to packed train to club in short order and then get gaming. I'll get used to it eventually maybe.

Thanks for stopping by

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Thursday, 5 May 2011


I've finally got up the courage to catalogue my Warhammer High Elves (and soon to be dwarves) for sale. I was particularly pleased with the price offered for my elves, and I'm going to use the money to fund models to take Xerxis to 50 points.

I've had a hectic Easter filled with bank holidays and time away, so I've nothing really to show as progress until after the weekend maybe. I'm still part way through assembling bog trogs at the moment (fiddly little beggars) but I hope to have my posse ready to basecoat at the weekend, as well as some WIP pics of Barny and my Wrastler, so stay tuned!

Going to be testing my 35 points of gators on Monday, and then I'll be up at 50points for the foreseeable future as both of my regular opponents are testing tourney lists for the summer. One of whom is looking to grab some farrow and has a posse for sale, which means I'd have very little left to buy to take Barny to 50.
I'm pretty sure though that Ret will be waiting until Wrath for some love, except for when I finally finish discordia and Garryth.

Lots of wedding Stuff going recently too (funnily enough), so painting progress may be slow.

Thanks for stopping by

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Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Last night's game was a bit of a farce. Not only did my I forget to deploy my battlemages (my opponent kindly let me place them on my deployment line turn2) but I got munched by shooting through indecisive deployment/first turn manoeuvring and I'm still leaving Garryth backfield doing not a great deal.
I'm still not really convinced he wants a jack at all. Or at least I need to work out how a light can be useful to him as I can't get the chimera working.
Practice practice practice. I really like Garryth and I'd love to learn him enough to use him well at least. I get pretty frustrated that I spend so much time and money on figures and then make such stupid mistakes lol.
In other news, I've ordered a case of foam for my gators, and bog trogs plus croak for my 35pt barny list.
I've also planned out this list to 50, 35 and 50 with calaban and Xerxis to 50. My good friend 'griffin' is entering a 50pt tourney later this year, and I've agreed to get as many different 50point lists (with proxies) as I can for him to refine his circle tourney lists. Works out well for both of us as it will help me think about synergies for lists, and also get me used to tourney play (assassinate/defend) and scenarios.
A friend of mine who hasnt games in a while has also shown a lot of interest in the gaming table planning, and whilst he is insisting we get some games of WHF, I'm sure I can get some Warmahordes demoes in as well.

Life's good :)
Thanks for stopping by

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Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Since we moved house, I've found it very difficult to concentrate on one faction, to either paint or be enthusiastic about. I've just got Garryth and Ravyn for my Retribution, and excluding maybe some riflemen for Ravyn I'm more than happy running lists with them both from my current collection.
My Gators on the other hand are only just 25 points.
So what's my point you may wonder? Well I'm glad you asked. Basically once Garryth, Ravyn and Discordia are painted, my Ret will be fully painted.
This means I can buy for my gators up to 35 points. Barnabus first, an then once his force is painted, I can grab some pieces for a Callaban theme force which would pretty much just be him and some farrow. This will give me a bit of structure, and more importantly goals to keep working towards. It also means that if I go with the painting then buying idea, Xerxis' 50 point list is only a handful if gators away :p

How do you guys plan your purchases? How close are you to fully painted?
Let me know I'm not the only one whose OCD invades their hobby?!

Thanks for stopping by

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Monday, 11 April 2011


Superiority is a spell which doesn't need to be upkept on a dead jack...
To quote my opponent from this evening.

Very fun game. Mainly because we both forget things and it becomes a little hectic. Also because Garryth is a great caster.
With whip snap, intrigue (madelyn the merc lady's ability) and parry, he would've been moving 16" to get to Strakhov.
That is if he wasn't knocked down, easy target for kossites after having the sentinel standard slammed over him...
Most useless model ever, I just moved him somewhere arbitrary as he would've clogged up charge lanes. I also thought vortex lock would keep me safe, but I elected to utterly ignore the kossites.
Lesson learned. :)

I'm going to stick with Garryth for a few games for sure, I enjoy the way he plays (sents with mirage and vengeance is still mind boggling) and would love to get him into combat.
Must read on him some more though

Thanks for stopping by


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Sunday, 10 April 2011


I just finished up my MHSF, complete with snow base ( I had a bunch of models waiting, so I mixed up a load of snow and blitzed them all),

They've been around 90% done for a week or so, but i haven't got around to adding the last couple of bits.

The archers on the other hand have been nearly done for months, and I never quite get any further with them every time I sit down and start work. I added what I needed to and called them done, I know they aren't my best work

I think the MHSF look great to my standards, but the camera is most unkind it seems. Either way, here they are;

In other news, Discordia, Garryth and Ravyn are also very nearly done, and I've got my second game with Garryth tomorrow, so we will see how that goes :)

Thanks for stopping byLofty

Monday, 28 March 2011


Not the Transformer. I'm also not water deprived, or in a desert.
That's right, Garryth. I like the way he does things.
Yes, I forgot his feat and old rowdy spanked him for it. Yes, i didnt allocate a single focus to either jack all game (curse you fury!). But I'll be damned if sentinels moving 5" and making an attack before anyone's activation isn't the most awesome thing I've done, lol.
He's going to get some vassal time this week, along with Ravyn, who I'm also very much enjoying.
Whilst we're on the 'Warmachine is teh best' soapbox, I've done a total u-turn on my opinion of battle engines. From 'how the hell would I get it in a carry case?' to 'lol magnetise it' (cheers griff) coupled with the new magister solo guy leading me to think we may get more 40mm base stuff (new foam trays please!) makes me very much look forward to what's in store :)

On a very self - indulgent note, I got some great praise for my WIP MHSF and painted dawnguard. So I'm really inspired to get them finished :)
Also means no pics till they are done :p

Thanks for stopping by, it's good to be back

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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Return to form

­Yes that’s right - I blogged.

I’ll give you a minute to wipe the coffee from your screens (as you of course just spat it out due to the shock…).

After saying “no more blogging till the house move is sorted” (back in February) our ISP well and truly dropped the ball, and a phone engineer has only just been to fix our phone line. (All you UK based readers – Avoid O2 like the plague) It’s a long and arduous story, so I won’t get into it now.

In the meantime however, we moved (of course) and I’ve played a few Warmachine games.

The first one (after admittedly a very long WM break) was with Ravyn. I’ll be honest, I liked her style, I rarely ply gunlines as I prefer slice n dice, but I have to admit, it was a blast (ooh pun), her spell list is interesting, and I’m yet to figure out what she can bring to the table (is she a melee caster or a support caster). The game also taught me how frikken cool Invictors are, mini feat (snipe optional) and re-rolls (UA) make for some pretty solid CRAs, and flank is a dream come true to be fair. I also learned that good friends, good laughs and wargames are the cure for hangovers (it was pretty bad weekend that I was still pretty ropey by Monday evening after a day at work)

I intend to play a few more games with Ravyn as soon as she’s done (currently WIP on the ol’ painting table).

I also played two games with Rahn. He makes me feel dirty, but boy is he fun. First game was a turn two caster kill, I ran my Phoenix and Chimera up field straight off the bat, and they diverted a lot of incoming fire (Siege), and Rahn was able to finish the job himself (although I believe it was feated battle mages that got the kill). Second game was pCaine, and he scares me to be honest, his feat is a tough one to dodge. I lost this last one, but I did put a reasonable amount of boxes onto Caine before hand. Both games were fun, and were quite a good way to get back into the Focus v Fury mechanic after so much Skorne recently.

Which brings me smoothly to my next point – Gators are fun. I played 25pts against a chap down the club who just got into Hordes (Trollbloods, sweet painting). And if it weren’t for me forgetting about the transfer mechanic, (dumb, inoright? I got carried away…) It would’ve been a second turn caster kill. As it was, Barny got thrown at Madrak, and risen to charge him. He then weathered the resultant round of retaliation and munched Mr Madras quite decisively. Gatemen are ridiculously good, and I’m yet to find a good way to use the ‘Snapper.

I’m also open to suggestions at this point for what to pad out to 35pts with my gators. My current 25pts is;




Max Gators

Wrong Eye & Snap jaw

Let me know if you have any thoughts J

A friend’s dad also managed to snaffle me a pair of 6’x2’ boards from where he works, and is willing to give me a hand constructing a gaming table, so things are looking good! I'll post progress when either of us gets time to speak to the other and make some headway

The only other news really is that I bought a few miniatures of a couple of the guys at the club for the wargame Infinity, which I’m enjoying quite a lot at the moment. But that’s hardly relevant to an IABN tagged post, so keep an eye out for infinity news in other posts.

As I mentioned above, got some minis on the painting table, and will have WIPs as soon as the net is fixed. As it is, I’m drafting this on my PC whilst waiting in for the phone engineer who should be out today to sort out the net (of course the above will be posted once the net is connected so that was a bit irrelevant really…)

Anyhow, that’s quite enough from me I think. It’s great to be back and look forward to blogging again. There’s some exciting news in the pipeline, but I can only really let you guys in on it when it goes live!

Thanks for stopping by after so long


Saturday, 5 February 2011


Just to check in and say that we're in the new house and I managed to upgrade from cellar to loft for my gaming space!
No Internet for a while and many boxes to unpack, so I'll be back in the next few weeks.

Thanks for stopping by

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Thursday, 20 January 2011


Moving home is imminent, wedding is in August, and finding time to paint is 'difficult'

I have far too much on at the moment to get anything done so I'm putting blogging (an gaming most likely) on hold until we're settled in the new house


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Saturday, 15 January 2011


I picked up my parcel from the post office this morning, so now I have 15pts of Blindwater to be getting on with :)

No pics this weekend as it's my wife to be's birthday and there is plenty happening. I just thought I would update. I have scrubbed and cleaned the new gators though, so I'll be modelling and basing them this week along with painting

Nihilators are even closer to finished now, but Bloody Barnabas arrived mid-week and I couldn't stop myself pinning and basing him, so I lost some painting time

I have learned a valuable lesson this week though. I was adding the final layer of water effects to Wrong eye and Snapjaw, and I sat them on top of the radiator in an attempt to harden the water a little quicker. Twenty minutes later when I went to check on them the water effects had turned solid White... I was mortified to be honest, I had put a lot of work into the bases up to this point and I thought it was ruined.
I left it overnight though, hoping that it would clear out. It didnt, but I did manage to cut out the majority of the resin in a last ditch attempt at saving the base, and all that's needed now is re-sanding the sunken area and the water again.

If any of you are using GW water effects be warned :) don't be impatient, it just needs time to go clear.

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Monday, 10 January 2011

It's a Trap!!

We can't repel firepower of that magnitude!
Ahem. You may gave guessed that i lost to a WG deathstar this evening, even if the reference is a bad one.

How is it possible to shift WG with def 17 and a 4+ tough roll? I hates them. Nothing much else to report about the battle to be quite honest, I got bogged down. My Gladiator would have nearly got to irusk if it hadn't been for his no knockdown on feat turn, he was standing silly close to torch. Alas, it wasn't to be. Was a fun game though, so not a total loss.

On a personal note, work is pretty rough at the moment, but that just me more glad to get home and paint, as well as being great motivation for job hunting :)

Hope to update with pictures this weekend, Nihilators and potentially Cetrati will be done by then :)

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Sunday, 9 January 2011

A Real Eyeful

Wrong eye and Snapjaw have been around 90% done for months. Snapjaw got his water effects poured in today (the first layer at least) and Wrong Eye got his finishing touches today;

I know the pictures are a little dark, but I can always re-take them at a later date when I have more time (light) in the evening.

Seems to be a theme of my painting as of late - getting to a pretty much finished stage, and then losing attention entirely and moving onto something else entirely. I'm hoping to finish off all these poor minis in the next few weeks, and get out of that habit altogether this year. As well as keeping this blog up to date, and trying to get to the club more regularly, although that lsat one will fall foul to all the things going on this year like moving house, marriage and all that kind of thing :P
Wish me luck though!

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Friday, 7 January 2011

Moar Swamps - UPDATE

Small update today. Just wanted to share the great work done by someone on the PP forums in their blog which I have imitated, as it's an awesome idea, and will look infinitely better than my cereal packet cut-outs 0.o

Just waiting for the sand to dry over the radiator then I can get a layer or two of paint down. Hopefully more to update over the weekend

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Thursday, 6 January 2011


Since there is some sun today, and I'm stuck at home, I thought I'd share my latest WIP;

All he needs now is a coat of varnish and water effects. I'm pretty please with how he has turned out, and will be using the same methods here as for Barny and the Wrastler. "Lesser" gators may get a bit of a lighter green.

The blood in his mouth is far too thick, I neglected to pain the inside of his mouth before I started adding the blood effect, so the end result after painting inside his motuh is far too thick. Live and learn though right? I still think i t looks relatively good

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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Swamp Thing

So 2011 is off to a good start. I received by "shallow" bases today, ready for the sizable order of crocs that I have incoming from maelstrom games.

It's weird, I said to my missus, "If Maelstrom games send out a voucher in the new year, I'm going to put a load of minis on my credit card". Lo and behold... So I took the plunge and ordered 25pts of Blindwater;

FoH: Minions
Bloody Barnabus
Full gatormen
Tokens (also Skorne tokens)

My poor credit card, I haven't even put the rest of my guitar on there yet... (ask me about my new guitar by the way, it's awesome. Just unrelated :P)

I think I'm just awaiting stock for most of the above, so could be a while before it shows. I'm going to be putting together a new painting blog on the forums for all my Hordes minis, and trying to get back to fully painted with my Ret. Part of this is (hopefully) being inspired by me making a collection list. I used to document my collection on tabletop commander, but the new version baffles me, so my list of minis is currently stuck on my iPhone. My thinking is that if I get the list onto Excel, and I can categorise everything as to how close to finished it is, then maybe it will help me get things finished more quickly. I also love making lists for some reason.