Friday, 24 December 2010

Season's Greetings

Just a quick note to wish you all well for the holidays, and all the best for your new year.

I'll be back blogging in the new year hopefully once life has calmed down (Contract for new house/holiday travel insurance yadda yadda). Plans in place for a gaming table in the new house, as well as teaching an old friend of mine the wonders of Warmachine (He's such a Khador player, he just doesn't quite realise it yet I don't think!). All of this totally trumped by the fact that my younger brother (he's only ten) has started showing an interest in the table building, and toy soldiers, so it will be great to see if he wants to try some practice games and borrow some of my guys to fight with

All the best


Monday, 6 December 2010


Just arrived back from Prague after being stuck there for 4days extra due to snowy UK airports.
Prague airport was of course clear of snow, and had planes taking off, but in typical British fashion, at the first sight of snow, everything grinds to a halt and no one seems to care...

Thought I would check in and update a little bit;
Spent a lot of money outside our holiday budget, so there will be no more miniature purchasing for a while, especially with having to take unpaid leave from work as I was in a nother country and unable to make it to the office (which ironically was closed for a few days beacause people "couldn't make it in" pffff)

I have, however, settled on a scheme for next years gators with Snapjaw being very nearly complete on my painting desk. I want to check my old cans of GW gloss and matt sealant and get him painted and varnished then I can water his base, and finish Wrongeye. Will hopefully have him completed by the end of the year, what with everything else going on as well :)

We have just applied for a house down the road to rent, which has a great cellar space with plenty of room for a table! NExt year should see some terrain making posts, as well as plenty of WIPs on the table.

Other than that, just another day in the Lofty household. Very glad to no longer be stuck overseas

Thanks for dropping by