Monday, 22 November 2010


I was proxying crocs, geddit?... Anyway, seems like a while since my last post.

Fair bit going on, currently in the process of selling/trading in my beloved guitar to fund the next one. (Gibson sg 2004 for sale, comment if interested) as well as more wedding stuff.
I've also based and almost completed wrong eye and snapjaw, assembled and primed the MHSF (surprisingly hassle-free 0.o) and decided against Menoth as my slow grow. What can I say? Fluff is an important factor in an army choice for me, and theirs doesn't grab me.
'But Lofty, what faction will you use to build as your slow grow guys?!' I hear you cry.
Fear not! As the post title pretty much gives away, I'm back to Crocs. This is doubly beneficial, as I was going to get some sooner or later anyhow, and also because I think that Hordes is more 'my game' and I'll more likely never leave Ios with Warmachine. Yeah, I just said that :s (sorry Rhul, but you know I'm fickle)

Which leads me (finally) to the game I had tonight.
Bloody Barnabus
Bull snapper
Full gators


Min demo corps
Min kommandos w flamer

Proxying of course, I ran up into swamps first turn, Strakhov feated and charged his guys, kommandos had no luck but the Kodiak wrecked the snapper and the corps nearly ruined the Wrastler.
In response barny feats, munches down the demo corps, bloodboons flesheater into the last and sends the warstler off to not be able to wrestle (superiority I think?) the Kodiak. Gators take out the kommandos.

Strakhov moves and takes shots at a full fury barny (no beasts though) after the Kodiak wrecks the croc, but barny is still standing, and after the gators charge to take care of the wardog, barny goes for Strakhov, only to fluff boosting (when will i learn?) and then survive the response, and cut Strakhov down.

Would have been a very different and had the Kodiak had focus, or Stryker done more on feat turn. But I'm glad that the gators are fun to play. I really like the models (Wrastler needs to be more like Snapjaw, but other than that...)
Consider me sold.

Still loving the games, still learning :p
'till next time.

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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Gheistly Reflections - 12 Months On

I'd like to talk today a little bit about the Feralgheist. In the few games that he has ended up being in my Xerxis list due to lack of better 1pt options (of course I already took Gobbers), he has stopped reaving on an enemy beast, and kept my Bronzeback truckin' for a turn longer than he should've.
The Bronzeback needs a separate post all to himself to be honest. Even if only because I'm still making some very basic mistakes with order of activations, and being able to leave fury on the Gladiator after one such mistakes (two turns in a row.... Inorite?) because of his Titan leadership is a real boon.
Great use of 1pt if you ask me. In fact if it weren't for my shoddy dice rolling at crucial moments, the Gheistback would've trashed pStryker. As it was, a Gladiator had to finish him off.
Xerxis and his boys have shunted themselves up to the top of the painting table after their recent performance (I've only lost once out of 4 games).

I seem to have lost impetus with this post... I did originally type this out on a blog app on my phone, and later discover that it was neither submitted to the blog or saved which is infuriating as it was a pretty long post. Anyway, whilst searching my blog for the missing post, I realised that this blog was 12 months old in September, and I clear forgot about it.
Needless to say things have changed a lot since September '09.

Looking at my opening post....
- I'm still painting the odd GW miniature, and even played a game or two of WHF 7ed with a friend who hasn't gamed in years, which ain't too bad at all
- I've been around the block once or twice, but I'm back with the Retribution as my primary faction, and I've even started pulling off wins with them!
- I've dabbled back into WoW for a couple of months here and there, but I've been clean for a month recently, so I guess I'm full circle there :p

Most importantly for me I think is that I've moved out of my comfort zone. I've been put into situations with new people which i never deal well with, or enjoy, and I've made some friends out of it too (well, two), which doubled my previous count (I don't do well with social stuff). All in all, I'm really enjoying the hobby again. Better game(s), nicer models, better community, and well... colour me happy

Vows for the next 12months?
-Don't buy so many models all at once (hey look Skorne!)
-Try and keep up to fully painted with Retribution (oh so close before my MSHF finally arrived)
-Play more paint less. Let's face it, fully painted armies on the tabletop are ace, but it doesn't have to be every time :)

Just want to say thanks really to all the encouragement, patience, tips and advice that I've had along the way, and here is to another 12 months in the Iron Kingdoms


Sunday, 7 November 2010

Cleansing flame

Welp. busy week again, and plenty to report. Still no pictures though I'm afraid. Decent natural light at this time of year is as rare as me winning with Vyros....
This just in - First Vyros win!! (Vassal doesn't count though does it?) that's right a win. Could've ended a lot sooner had I not activated the Griffon second with fleet to get flank. Vyros is one hardy warcaster, and packs a solid punch regardless of flank. I'm still making lots of mistakes, but learning is like that

In other less significant news, I recently overhauled my work area and have a painting queue, and a modeling queue rather than a jumble of models on cutting mats on my desk. Feels a lot less cluttered, and is a far better space to paint in now.

I've now finished the Vyros re-paint and my DnD miniature, as well as starting my friends DnD monk (an alleigant model form Menoth interestingly enough). Stormfall Archers are nearing completion too, backpacks 90% done, and just one stage (oh and skin I guess) plus snow left for the Archers themselves.

Ravyn is also pinned together and based, awaiting a good day for primer. I'm still waiting on my MHSF which I ordered and paid for around ten days ago (I really give up on any internet related webstore...) but I have a new set of brass and drill bits for the crossbows, so they should be ready by the next tourny hopefully.

Friend of mine from the club on Mondays is building a 35pt Strakhov list in small installments. Not one to be left out when there's miniatures buying to be done, I've plumped for Menoth (my first choice was the Butcher but Khador v Khador would be a bit dull). So christmas (gifts from me to me at least) will be FoW Menoth, FoH Minions and the Menoth Battlebox methinks.

Again, a lot going on, but not much evidence of it. Will attempt some pictures if it's sunny next weekend, but i dont get home from work early enough to try in the evenings im afraid

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