Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Total Nihilation

I was really hoping for good light to take photos today, but it seems that when I have time like today its grim and lowsy outside, but at the weekend when we're busy with wedding stuff, its great weather.

Anyhow, I've finished the bases for my Nihilators, the skin of my Bronzeback, and bases for Tyrant, and Brute. Dentist appointment days off work ain't so bad after all!

Lack of a battle report this week, as I'm going to be going down every other Monday so that I can go to the gym too. I am far from vain, but I'm getting married next year and it's a great excuse to get rid of the beer gut I've been honing since uni.

Digression into IRL isn't why you people come here so back to the musings! I've been doing a lot of Vassal spectation recently, and watching Ret' games by happen-stance. I have been quite tempted to break them out of temporary retirement and try my luck with Warmachine again, but after a lot of deliberation, I settled on waiting until Wrath is out to start my Retribution again. By that time hopefully the Destors will be around, and Vyros will have gone Epic (pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease)
In the meantime, I will be playing a helluvalot of Hordes!

My intentions are to bulk out my existing forces to what I think I “need" to work with my current casters (mentioned in a previous post I think – Arcuari, shaman, agonizer, mr midwinter), and play them both to death :P There are two steamroller events coming up in October one of which requires two lists, which will be great for this. Other than that, I will be picking up Mordikaar and Karax, and eMakeda, maybe even the Ferox and dragoon if I can overcome the cheesy grins on the cats (I dislike them intensely)
And lastly, minion taskmaster and gators with Wrongeye and Snapjaw, which will lead me nicely into a start of a Blackwater pact. I was giving some very serious consideration to Trollbloods, as it was always between them and Skorne if I ever started Hordes. However, they really just don't grab me as much as some of the new Minion stuff. I like melee casters, and if I played Madrak with trolls, then I would feel daft for not just playing Xerxis, if that makes sense... I may well pick up the battlebox at some point, and if I ever grab a third Hordes faction, then they are top of the list.

By this time Wrath should be very imminent if not upon us, and I'll be able to expand my Ret. First thoughts are Ravyn with a couple of house guard units, which would also work with Rahn after an extra box of mages and a couple more magisters. This is all of course if Vyros doesn't get any love, and lets face it, he gets very little at the moment. I'm also holing out for multi-wound infantry, who knows what the new caster will bring to the faction :) I'm also still pretty tempted by a Rhulic force, and if they get some shiney new stuff, I'm almost guaranteed to have some kind of Rhulic/steelhead force by the end of next year
Can you tell I get a little bored at work sometimes? All this musing and pondering makes me realise what a great hobby this is!..

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Monday, 20 September 2010

Pop n drop

Another great game today. Only lost as I really underestimated the acrobatics of daughters of the flame. I left Makeda 'somewhere safe' and she got swarmed. This made me commit to defending Makeda and I lost my tyrant (to their anatomical precision), who was my only comeback vs Kreoss' feat. Which saw Makeda getting wailed on by a Templar.

Praetorians performed well again though. Denying any use from a unit of exemplars by running at them, getting killed under Makeda's feat, and mini feating the knights to death.
And of course powering the soul factory ;p. Marketh will love those guys!

Turn two wouldn't been very different if only I hadn't rolled snake eyes vs a slam of a Templar toward Kreoss, but I get far too carried away to think about averages vs def etc and whether I need to boost :p

I'm still really enjoying Hordes however, and far prefer the mechanics to Warnachine. I need to field another light beast though I think, as I run the beasts up front and then struggle once they go down. Perhaps I'll drop the swordsmen to minimum...

Something else I struggle with is order of activation. I always have a plan in mind, but i often struggle to execute it in the right order, or I get too eager and activate key units too early. Again, practice will overcome this I guess, and practicing will be fun!

Managed to grab an earlier train today too so i'll get plenty time to finish my Bronzeback assembly, the last three Nihilators, rethink my list and level up my DnD character. Good evening all told!

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Saturday, 18 September 2010


I've spent far too much on miniatures this month ;_; This week in fact. I ordered a Bronzeback a week or so ago, along with the Krea I've been proxying. I went into the store on Thursday and they had received their privateer press delivery, but my gear was missing :( I browsed through the many boxes in the delivery (Privateer Press is really blowing up at my LGS) and uhm and ahh'd about the Nihilators, and later left the store with them. I called the store the next day only to find that my missing order items had been overnighted for me as they felt bad.

Now far be it from me to complain, as that is one helluva service, but dropping that much in such a short space of time makes my eyes cross :P

Long story short, I've just finished the bases for ten Nihilators, there's a Bronzeback waiting to be filed and cleaned on my cutting mat, but of to one side is Xerxis surrounded by basecoated and half inked Cetrati.
I know I keep promising pictures, but I haven't had a great deal of time with decent sunlight recently. I'll try to post some tomorrow to show progress, but then i'll be triple posting for the club on Monday... nevermind :)

I feel like with my current collection of Skorne, which has expanded pretty darn rapidly to be honest (I blame the bonus/pay rise this month :P) I only need maybe Arcuari, eMakeda and a Cyclops Shaman to take on all comers, and have adaptability in my choice. Which is great because I really enjoy playing them, and painting them is certainly a challenge.

Hordes definitely seems to be my game now, and I'm oh so tempted by Croctober, but I'm going to stick to my Skorne, and get them painted and played with, then see what the Bayou can bring :)

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Monday, 13 September 2010

White noise

First game with Xerxis this week which was unfortunately a loss. Mohsar managed to lock down my cetrati with well placed pillars of salt every turn. Frustrating, but it certainly did the trick!

I love the way the tyrant and standard work with the Cetrati though (Xerxis ain't too shoddy with battle plans either mind) and having troops move through each other with the brick type if set up is a dream.
I think I'll be shunting the totem hunter for a tyrant in my usual 35pt pMakeda list for sure.

Highlight of the game was a furious Xerxis charging though the brick, and combo smiting a Gnarlhorn, ignoring the swordsmen engaging it and almost destroying it with his feat up. It was a last ditch effort on my part as I had almost no other options. Fun though ^_^

Good game, might save Xerxis till he and the Cetrati are painted so I can have a bit more of a think on how best to use him.
Tips are always welcome :p

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Monday, 6 September 2010


Great game at the club today against a beast heavy grim list.

Star of the show have to be the praetorians who combostriked a mauler to death, and minifeated a unit of kriel warriors pretty much in half.

I don't remember why grim couldn't transfer(I think I had just killed has last non maxed beast) but a Titan gladiator to the face really didn't really help him.

Despite getting the caster kill, the assassination run was clumsy. I had my totem hunter in the way of a slam, and only in reach range, so it could all have gone a lot better.
Really pleased though, as I'm enjoying Hordes a ton more than Warmachine, and finding it a lot easier to boot.

I had planned to play Xerxis today but I didn't manage to get the tyrant and standard bearer pinned in time for tonight. I like the way Makeda works though, savagery on Cetrati is a ridiculous first turn, coupled with a switch to def ward next turn Being a real headache. She even made it into combat this game, albeit I did test her out on burrowers, just to make sure before I take on bigger game :p

Praetorians certainly went up in my opinion today, even more so as they are souls after all their effectiveness as well. One flank with swordsman, AG and Extoller is really self sufficient, especially with ranked attacks from the UA to help out the guardian. It also means the other flank is beasts and Cetrati which isn't too shabby at all ;p

Won't be too much time to paint this week unfortunately but hopefully I'll get a fair amount done over the weekend.
Until then,

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Sunday, 5 September 2010


Work in progress as promised, and seemingly the puns are back (Skorne - Whips, WIP, geddit?)
Not much time today as I'm on the way out, but here is Mr Xerxis with base coat, and fancy shamncy desert base. I liked the way it turned out, so I'm going to redo some of my existing sand using the method below. Will try and get more painting and pics done this next week, but a pretty hectic list of evenings so no promises I'm afraid.

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Thursday, 2 September 2010


Xerxis is on the painting table tonight. As I'm looking forward to a beatstick caster that I can really get stuck in with. After building my hopes up in Vyros I think this may be a refreshing change. After talking to a friend of mine however, I realise that Makeda has two pointy sticks, despite me never getting her into combat... Perhaps I'm just paranoid about assassinations and not used to the transfer mechanic...
Does anyone have any thoughts on Makeda as a melée caster? I'd be very interested to hear any advice on this :)

In other news, I ordered a Bronzeback and a Krea from my LGS after deciding that a place to game is more important than online discounts. After the genesis event, they have certainly earned my loyalty. All I need to order online is hobby tools etc.

Not too much else to report really. Might get time for some WIPs this weekend if I make decent progress, and I'll be at the club on Monday with Xerxis or eMakeda, and a write up :)

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