Friday, 24 December 2010

Season's Greetings

Just a quick note to wish you all well for the holidays, and all the best for your new year.

I'll be back blogging in the new year hopefully once life has calmed down (Contract for new house/holiday travel insurance yadda yadda). Plans in place for a gaming table in the new house, as well as teaching an old friend of mine the wonders of Warmachine (He's such a Khador player, he just doesn't quite realise it yet I don't think!). All of this totally trumped by the fact that my younger brother (he's only ten) has started showing an interest in the table building, and toy soldiers, so it will be great to see if he wants to try some practice games and borrow some of my guys to fight with

All the best


Monday, 6 December 2010


Just arrived back from Prague after being stuck there for 4days extra due to snowy UK airports.
Prague airport was of course clear of snow, and had planes taking off, but in typical British fashion, at the first sight of snow, everything grinds to a halt and no one seems to care...

Thought I would check in and update a little bit;
Spent a lot of money outside our holiday budget, so there will be no more miniature purchasing for a while, especially with having to take unpaid leave from work as I was in a nother country and unable to make it to the office (which ironically was closed for a few days beacause people "couldn't make it in" pffff)

I have, however, settled on a scheme for next years gators with Snapjaw being very nearly complete on my painting desk. I want to check my old cans of GW gloss and matt sealant and get him painted and varnished then I can water his base, and finish Wrongeye. Will hopefully have him completed by the end of the year, what with everything else going on as well :)

We have just applied for a house down the road to rent, which has a great cellar space with plenty of room for a table! NExt year should see some terrain making posts, as well as plenty of WIPs on the table.

Other than that, just another day in the Lofty household. Very glad to no longer be stuck overseas

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Monday, 22 November 2010


I was proxying crocs, geddit?... Anyway, seems like a while since my last post.

Fair bit going on, currently in the process of selling/trading in my beloved guitar to fund the next one. (Gibson sg 2004 for sale, comment if interested) as well as more wedding stuff.
I've also based and almost completed wrong eye and snapjaw, assembled and primed the MHSF (surprisingly hassle-free 0.o) and decided against Menoth as my slow grow. What can I say? Fluff is an important factor in an army choice for me, and theirs doesn't grab me.
'But Lofty, what faction will you use to build as your slow grow guys?!' I hear you cry.
Fear not! As the post title pretty much gives away, I'm back to Crocs. This is doubly beneficial, as I was going to get some sooner or later anyhow, and also because I think that Hordes is more 'my game' and I'll more likely never leave Ios with Warmachine. Yeah, I just said that :s (sorry Rhul, but you know I'm fickle)

Which leads me (finally) to the game I had tonight.
Bloody Barnabus
Bull snapper
Full gators


Min demo corps
Min kommandos w flamer

Proxying of course, I ran up into swamps first turn, Strakhov feated and charged his guys, kommandos had no luck but the Kodiak wrecked the snapper and the corps nearly ruined the Wrastler.
In response barny feats, munches down the demo corps, bloodboons flesheater into the last and sends the warstler off to not be able to wrestle (superiority I think?) the Kodiak. Gators take out the kommandos.

Strakhov moves and takes shots at a full fury barny (no beasts though) after the Kodiak wrecks the croc, but barny is still standing, and after the gators charge to take care of the wardog, barny goes for Strakhov, only to fluff boosting (when will i learn?) and then survive the response, and cut Strakhov down.

Would have been a very different and had the Kodiak had focus, or Stryker done more on feat turn. But I'm glad that the gators are fun to play. I really like the models (Wrastler needs to be more like Snapjaw, but other than that...)
Consider me sold.

Still loving the games, still learning :p
'till next time.

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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Gheistly Reflections - 12 Months On

I'd like to talk today a little bit about the Feralgheist. In the few games that he has ended up being in my Xerxis list due to lack of better 1pt options (of course I already took Gobbers), he has stopped reaving on an enemy beast, and kept my Bronzeback truckin' for a turn longer than he should've.
The Bronzeback needs a separate post all to himself to be honest. Even if only because I'm still making some very basic mistakes with order of activations, and being able to leave fury on the Gladiator after one such mistakes (two turns in a row.... Inorite?) because of his Titan leadership is a real boon.
Great use of 1pt if you ask me. In fact if it weren't for my shoddy dice rolling at crucial moments, the Gheistback would've trashed pStryker. As it was, a Gladiator had to finish him off.
Xerxis and his boys have shunted themselves up to the top of the painting table after their recent performance (I've only lost once out of 4 games).

I seem to have lost impetus with this post... I did originally type this out on a blog app on my phone, and later discover that it was neither submitted to the blog or saved which is infuriating as it was a pretty long post. Anyway, whilst searching my blog for the missing post, I realised that this blog was 12 months old in September, and I clear forgot about it.
Needless to say things have changed a lot since September '09.

Looking at my opening post....
- I'm still painting the odd GW miniature, and even played a game or two of WHF 7ed with a friend who hasn't gamed in years, which ain't too bad at all
- I've been around the block once or twice, but I'm back with the Retribution as my primary faction, and I've even started pulling off wins with them!
- I've dabbled back into WoW for a couple of months here and there, but I've been clean for a month recently, so I guess I'm full circle there :p

Most importantly for me I think is that I've moved out of my comfort zone. I've been put into situations with new people which i never deal well with, or enjoy, and I've made some friends out of it too (well, two), which doubled my previous count (I don't do well with social stuff). All in all, I'm really enjoying the hobby again. Better game(s), nicer models, better community, and well... colour me happy

Vows for the next 12months?
-Don't buy so many models all at once (hey look Skorne!)
-Try and keep up to fully painted with Retribution (oh so close before my MSHF finally arrived)
-Play more paint less. Let's face it, fully painted armies on the tabletop are ace, but it doesn't have to be every time :)

Just want to say thanks really to all the encouragement, patience, tips and advice that I've had along the way, and here is to another 12 months in the Iron Kingdoms


Sunday, 7 November 2010

Cleansing flame

Welp. busy week again, and plenty to report. Still no pictures though I'm afraid. Decent natural light at this time of year is as rare as me winning with Vyros....
This just in - First Vyros win!! (Vassal doesn't count though does it?) that's right a win. Could've ended a lot sooner had I not activated the Griffon second with fleet to get flank. Vyros is one hardy warcaster, and packs a solid punch regardless of flank. I'm still making lots of mistakes, but learning is like that

In other less significant news, I recently overhauled my work area and have a painting queue, and a modeling queue rather than a jumble of models on cutting mats on my desk. Feels a lot less cluttered, and is a far better space to paint in now.

I've now finished the Vyros re-paint and my DnD miniature, as well as starting my friends DnD monk (an alleigant model form Menoth interestingly enough). Stormfall Archers are nearing completion too, backpacks 90% done, and just one stage (oh and skin I guess) plus snow left for the Archers themselves.

Ravyn is also pinned together and based, awaiting a good day for primer. I'm still waiting on my MHSF which I ordered and paid for around ten days ago (I really give up on any internet related webstore...) but I have a new set of brass and drill bits for the crossbows, so they should be ready by the next tourny hopefully.

Friend of mine from the club on Mondays is building a 35pt Strakhov list in small installments. Not one to be left out when there's miniatures buying to be done, I've plumped for Menoth (my first choice was the Butcher but Khador v Khador would be a bit dull). So christmas (gifts from me to me at least) will be FoW Menoth, FoH Minions and the Menoth Battlebox methinks.

Again, a lot going on, but not much evidence of it. Will attempt some pictures if it's sunny next weekend, but i dont get home from work early enough to try in the evenings im afraid

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Thursday, 28 October 2010

The (crit) fires of industry

I've had a string of net related issues recently, but I finally managed to track down and order the MHSF, UA and Ravyn along with some 0.5mm drill hits and brass rod, I'm not taking any chances with those crossbows!

I'm still without net access at home however, but that's only detriment to my post count :p in all seriousness, I've been painting a lot more without the distraction.

Last night I finally put the finishing touches to Xerxis who has been close to completion for months. I also buckled down and re based my stormfall archers (better cork than a wine bottle cork) and painted all 4 backpacks bar metallics which I'm chuffed with as the amount of separate detail on them was daunting.
I'm going to be playing Vyros/Xerxis for my next few games, hopefully pulling off a win with V. If not it's all practice, and I enjoy playing both casters so there's no real loss.

All the while I will be painting Ravyn and re-visiting my magno-jack for her second manticore.

Not much else going on really 'cept Halloween shenanigans. Still very determined to get Vyros working, reading everything I can pertaining to his use. I'll get there one day :)

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Sunday, 24 October 2010

A lesson lived

Is indeed a lesson learned. Won one game with Rahn, and was making ridiculous mistakes with Vyros and lost to a model. Last game was a loss with Rahn. Was a great game though. We were against the clock, as the store needed to close, so we (my friend from the club on Monday) were making some snap decisions which led to a very close game with Stryker on 6 health at the end

Another fun day, I'm just gutted that I was so careless in my Vyros game, else it could have been very different


Saturday, 23 October 2010

WIP week

Big V got his Paint stripped, which I think I mentioned, and I also finished painting my DND character (war priest prestige class) shown below as well. The model began life as the Avatars of War War Priest model, see if you can spot which parts have been added :P

Other than that, there isn't much new going on, Payday on Monday and I still have no clue what I'll be spedning my monthly mini budget on, Might talk to the guys at the tourney tomorrow and see what opinion I can canvas.
Speaking of tournies, below are the two lists I'll be taking;
Dawnlord Vyros +6 points
* 2x Griffon 4 points each
* Phoenix 10 points

Arcanist 1 point
10 Dawnguard Sentinels 9 points
* Sentinel Officer & Standard 2 points
Fane Knight Skeryth Issyen 5 points
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt 4 points
Lanyssa Ryssyl 2 points
Adeptis Rahn +6 points
* Manticore 8 points
* Phoenix 10 points

Arcanist 1 point
10 Dawnguard Sentinels 9 points
* Sentinel Officer & Standard 2 points
House Shyeel Battle Mages 5 points
2x House Shyeel Magister 2 points each
Mage Hunter Assassin 2 points
Should be fun, as my game with Vyros on Monday was a really close one, which I enjoyed immensely, I will of course keep you posted on the results :)
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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Technological interference

It's been a long week. Not only did my iPhone give up the ghost and need to be returned to the shop for repair, but my broadband provider decided to switch my service off early before the next IP could connect me...

Many angry phone calls later, and the internet seems to be back up, but my beloved iPhone is still a week away apparently.

Anyhow, in the meantime, my lost package finally arrived, and I have converted up and painted the Avatars of War War-Priest miniature to represent my DND Cleric. Very pleased with the final results, which I will hopefully be able to take pictures of this weekend.

I also had a game with Vyros at the club this week (yes that's right, Vyros) and it was a very closely fought game. eNemo's feat is horrendous when he runs many 'jacks (who wouldn't run many 'jacks with him?) but Defensive line and Inviolable resolve on Sentinels is one tough nut to crack. Vyros held his own with a flanking Griffon, but I had left him far back behind his own lines, as I insist on playing every 'caster as support until I get it through my thick skull to do otherwise.

I actually almost won the game thanks to an Arcanist un-disrupting my Phoenix and allowing him to get to Nemo (gotta love mobility on a heavy) but of course I missed with his thermal blade (snake eyes) hit with the fist, then snake eyes on the bought sword attack. Gutted doesn't even cover it to be honest.
This is all after two sentinels fluffed attack rolls the turn before, so overall I was quite pleased with my first WM game in months.

Hordes has taught me a lot about the game system(s) but deployment is still a weakness, as is order of activation. For some reason, I always seem to allocate focus to the Phoenix, despite it still being there at the end of the turn...

I'm really in two minds whether or not to run Vyros at the tourney this Sunday, or to stick with Xerxis, who I am a bit more comfortable with. If I can get a couple of Vassal games in before the weekend then I may well take Vyros. We shall see what time permits.

Payday is a-comin' and for the first time in a long while, I have no list of miniatures ready to snap up from the LGS. I'm toying with the idea of Discordia for Vyros at 50 pts (even though I bought the minion elf 'lock for just such a purpose grumblegrumble) as a spray attack on his feat turn would be ridiculous. In anticipation of the Retribution Destors who are rumoured for this year, I'm tempted to pick up the second unit of sentinels for Vyros' tier, reinforced by the amateur mistakes I made with the first unit I built (let's just say I wash all my minis before assembly, and pin pretty much all joins nowadays). Or perhaps battle mages for Rahn's tier, Mage hunters and Ravyn, the list goes on...
Then there is Hordes to consider, Marketh is out this month sure, and I want Orin and an agonizer for Xerxis' brick, but what else should I get? Beastmasters, Arcuarii?

Much pondering is needed before I get my grubby mitts on a month's worth of money...
Any input is greatly appreciated!

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Monday, 11 October 2010

List advice

Posted this on the forums and there has been no response after 70 views, hoping I get a better response here :)

I need some advice/opinions on the below Xerxis I've been running. Before anyone tears it apart, It's a slow build list, using the models I have in my collection without going crazy buying a lot more stuff.

On Friday I ran (succesful caster kill v pHaley);
Min Cetrati
Min Nihilators
Tyrant and standard
Swamp Gobbers

The plan is to brick down the centre of course and martial discipline the Nihilators through the shield wall last minute, which worked pretty well. The Tyrant was there to pick up any tough Nihilators, but of course that would require me to make a tough roll once in a while ;p

I'm pretty sure that I will be dropping the tyrant and going to full on the cetrati. Do you guys have any more ideas for a list like this? I have the below to add should i need to;

Full praets + Standard
Ancestral Guardian

Im open to suggestions, and do plan on expanding up to 50 point games once I'm a bit more used to the caster and the list, I was thinking maybe an agonizer and/or Orin Midwinter to enhance the brick?

Feedback/ CONSTRUCTIVE criticism really appreciated

Thanks in advance


Saturday, 9 October 2010

An an eXerxise in pain

Why do I insist on trying to be witty with blog titles?

Friday night gaming in Leeds last night, and it was a blast. I lost my first game to a chap who had never played WM/Hordes before. Stop laughing, he was being helped by the PG and three other guys :P
I wasn't taking it too seriously, and took the opportunity to hyper aggression my Bronzeback half-way down the field from his Widowmaker/Winterguard shots. Just because you can do something doesn't mean that you should :)

The second game was against someone who has been playing a little longer, and who I had previously faced in a very close game with my eMakeda v his Baldur in the Genesis event, which was a very close game indeed. He played pHaley this time with stormy guys (halberds and swords). I was really very please with how my list performed, Bricking down the centre, using Martial discipline to devastating effect with the Nihilators moving (polarity shield or some such spell denying charge) through the shield wall with Press Forward from Xerxis. Berzerk is a very useful ability, especially with reach, and with good positioning, it can be ended quite effectively when they have to attack a shieldwalled, defenders warded Cetrati. The kill came from the tyrant of tyrants himself, who Overtook his way through some grunts straight into Haley's grill on feat. I stupidly then decided to cast fury instead of buying attacks, and of course missed. I awaited my demise.

Of course Haley 'ain't no thang' in combat, so Xerxis survived, cut for 5 and ended Haley.
Thoroughly enjoyable, even when awaiting my demise at the hands of my opponent. I still seem to be too careful with my heavies, and certainly need to get my caster stuck in more, and I'm constantly searching for stats on my cards :P

One thing about the list that I will be dropping is the Tyrant commander and standard. The plan was that the Nihilators would either berserk themselves, or get killed and make tough rolls, and the Tyrant can then stand them up next turn. This strategy of course depends on me actually making a tough roll, which I am only able to do when it means Haley can move away once the guy is knocked down... Coupled with the fact that Xerxis has both of the other orders that the Tyrant commander has, his points would be better used elsewhere.

On the whole I'm happy with the list and the way it performs. When I eventually get order of activation down pat, I'm sure I will make better use of it :)

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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Sneak Peak

Shock horror, I'm at my desk at the weekend, and there is a vague semblance of sunlight streaming through my window!
Behold this week's progress!

Bonus points for anyone who can guess what project the first picture shows!
I finally managed to get a skin tone that I'm happy with for my Skorne dudes, shown on the Nihilators with base-coat and a wash.
Of course the Bronzeback is going along quite slowly at the moment. It's an intimidating model to paint, as well as on the table top :P

That's it really, just a quick painting update whilst I had the chance (and I needed to procrastinate from work related stuff :P)

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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Total Nihilation

I was really hoping for good light to take photos today, but it seems that when I have time like today its grim and lowsy outside, but at the weekend when we're busy with wedding stuff, its great weather.

Anyhow, I've finished the bases for my Nihilators, the skin of my Bronzeback, and bases for Tyrant, and Brute. Dentist appointment days off work ain't so bad after all!

Lack of a battle report this week, as I'm going to be going down every other Monday so that I can go to the gym too. I am far from vain, but I'm getting married next year and it's a great excuse to get rid of the beer gut I've been honing since uni.

Digression into IRL isn't why you people come here so back to the musings! I've been doing a lot of Vassal spectation recently, and watching Ret' games by happen-stance. I have been quite tempted to break them out of temporary retirement and try my luck with Warmachine again, but after a lot of deliberation, I settled on waiting until Wrath is out to start my Retribution again. By that time hopefully the Destors will be around, and Vyros will have gone Epic (pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease)
In the meantime, I will be playing a helluvalot of Hordes!

My intentions are to bulk out my existing forces to what I think I “need" to work with my current casters (mentioned in a previous post I think – Arcuari, shaman, agonizer, mr midwinter), and play them both to death :P There are two steamroller events coming up in October one of which requires two lists, which will be great for this. Other than that, I will be picking up Mordikaar and Karax, and eMakeda, maybe even the Ferox and dragoon if I can overcome the cheesy grins on the cats (I dislike them intensely)
And lastly, minion taskmaster and gators with Wrongeye and Snapjaw, which will lead me nicely into a start of a Blackwater pact. I was giving some very serious consideration to Trollbloods, as it was always between them and Skorne if I ever started Hordes. However, they really just don't grab me as much as some of the new Minion stuff. I like melee casters, and if I played Madrak with trolls, then I would feel daft for not just playing Xerxis, if that makes sense... I may well pick up the battlebox at some point, and if I ever grab a third Hordes faction, then they are top of the list.

By this time Wrath should be very imminent if not upon us, and I'll be able to expand my Ret. First thoughts are Ravyn with a couple of house guard units, which would also work with Rahn after an extra box of mages and a couple more magisters. This is all of course if Vyros doesn't get any love, and lets face it, he gets very little at the moment. I'm also holing out for multi-wound infantry, who knows what the new caster will bring to the faction :) I'm also still pretty tempted by a Rhulic force, and if they get some shiney new stuff, I'm almost guaranteed to have some kind of Rhulic/steelhead force by the end of next year
Can you tell I get a little bored at work sometimes? All this musing and pondering makes me realise what a great hobby this is!..

Thanks for stopping by :)

Monday, 20 September 2010

Pop n drop

Another great game today. Only lost as I really underestimated the acrobatics of daughters of the flame. I left Makeda 'somewhere safe' and she got swarmed. This made me commit to defending Makeda and I lost my tyrant (to their anatomical precision), who was my only comeback vs Kreoss' feat. Which saw Makeda getting wailed on by a Templar.

Praetorians performed well again though. Denying any use from a unit of exemplars by running at them, getting killed under Makeda's feat, and mini feating the knights to death.
And of course powering the soul factory ;p. Marketh will love those guys!

Turn two wouldn't been very different if only I hadn't rolled snake eyes vs a slam of a Templar toward Kreoss, but I get far too carried away to think about averages vs def etc and whether I need to boost :p

I'm still really enjoying Hordes however, and far prefer the mechanics to Warnachine. I need to field another light beast though I think, as I run the beasts up front and then struggle once they go down. Perhaps I'll drop the swordsmen to minimum...

Something else I struggle with is order of activation. I always have a plan in mind, but i often struggle to execute it in the right order, or I get too eager and activate key units too early. Again, practice will overcome this I guess, and practicing will be fun!

Managed to grab an earlier train today too so i'll get plenty time to finish my Bronzeback assembly, the last three Nihilators, rethink my list and level up my DnD character. Good evening all told!

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Saturday, 18 September 2010


I've spent far too much on miniatures this month ;_; This week in fact. I ordered a Bronzeback a week or so ago, along with the Krea I've been proxying. I went into the store on Thursday and they had received their privateer press delivery, but my gear was missing :( I browsed through the many boxes in the delivery (Privateer Press is really blowing up at my LGS) and uhm and ahh'd about the Nihilators, and later left the store with them. I called the store the next day only to find that my missing order items had been overnighted for me as they felt bad.

Now far be it from me to complain, as that is one helluva service, but dropping that much in such a short space of time makes my eyes cross :P

Long story short, I've just finished the bases for ten Nihilators, there's a Bronzeback waiting to be filed and cleaned on my cutting mat, but of to one side is Xerxis surrounded by basecoated and half inked Cetrati.
I know I keep promising pictures, but I haven't had a great deal of time with decent sunlight recently. I'll try to post some tomorrow to show progress, but then i'll be triple posting for the club on Monday... nevermind :)

I feel like with my current collection of Skorne, which has expanded pretty darn rapidly to be honest (I blame the bonus/pay rise this month :P) I only need maybe Arcuari, eMakeda and a Cyclops Shaman to take on all comers, and have adaptability in my choice. Which is great because I really enjoy playing them, and painting them is certainly a challenge.

Hordes definitely seems to be my game now, and I'm oh so tempted by Croctober, but I'm going to stick to my Skorne, and get them painted and played with, then see what the Bayou can bring :)

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Monday, 13 September 2010

White noise

First game with Xerxis this week which was unfortunately a loss. Mohsar managed to lock down my cetrati with well placed pillars of salt every turn. Frustrating, but it certainly did the trick!

I love the way the tyrant and standard work with the Cetrati though (Xerxis ain't too shoddy with battle plans either mind) and having troops move through each other with the brick type if set up is a dream.
I think I'll be shunting the totem hunter for a tyrant in my usual 35pt pMakeda list for sure.

Highlight of the game was a furious Xerxis charging though the brick, and combo smiting a Gnarlhorn, ignoring the swordsmen engaging it and almost destroying it with his feat up. It was a last ditch effort on my part as I had almost no other options. Fun though ^_^

Good game, might save Xerxis till he and the Cetrati are painted so I can have a bit more of a think on how best to use him.
Tips are always welcome :p

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Monday, 6 September 2010


Great game at the club today against a beast heavy grim list.

Star of the show have to be the praetorians who combostriked a mauler to death, and minifeated a unit of kriel warriors pretty much in half.

I don't remember why grim couldn't transfer(I think I had just killed has last non maxed beast) but a Titan gladiator to the face really didn't really help him.

Despite getting the caster kill, the assassination run was clumsy. I had my totem hunter in the way of a slam, and only in reach range, so it could all have gone a lot better.
Really pleased though, as I'm enjoying Hordes a ton more than Warmachine, and finding it a lot easier to boot.

I had planned to play Xerxis today but I didn't manage to get the tyrant and standard bearer pinned in time for tonight. I like the way Makeda works though, savagery on Cetrati is a ridiculous first turn, coupled with a switch to def ward next turn Being a real headache. She even made it into combat this game, albeit I did test her out on burrowers, just to make sure before I take on bigger game :p

Praetorians certainly went up in my opinion today, even more so as they are souls after all their effectiveness as well. One flank with swordsman, AG and Extoller is really self sufficient, especially with ranked attacks from the UA to help out the guardian. It also means the other flank is beasts and Cetrati which isn't too shabby at all ;p

Won't be too much time to paint this week unfortunately but hopefully I'll get a fair amount done over the weekend.
Until then,

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Sunday, 5 September 2010


Work in progress as promised, and seemingly the puns are back (Skorne - Whips, WIP, geddit?)
Not much time today as I'm on the way out, but here is Mr Xerxis with base coat, and fancy shamncy desert base. I liked the way it turned out, so I'm going to redo some of my existing sand using the method below. Will try and get more painting and pics done this next week, but a pretty hectic list of evenings so no promises I'm afraid.

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Thursday, 2 September 2010


Xerxis is on the painting table tonight. As I'm looking forward to a beatstick caster that I can really get stuck in with. After building my hopes up in Vyros I think this may be a refreshing change. After talking to a friend of mine however, I realise that Makeda has two pointy sticks, despite me never getting her into combat... Perhaps I'm just paranoid about assassinations and not used to the transfer mechanic...
Does anyone have any thoughts on Makeda as a melée caster? I'd be very interested to hear any advice on this :)

In other news, I ordered a Bronzeback and a Krea from my LGS after deciding that a place to game is more important than online discounts. After the genesis event, they have certainly earned my loyalty. All I need to order online is hobby tools etc.

Not too much else to report really. Might get time for some WIPs this weekend if I make decent progress, and I'll be at the club on Monday with Xerxis or eMakeda, and a write up :)

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Monday, 30 August 2010

Grand Slam

You'll have to forgive the brevity of my last post, I was crammed onto a train home from Leeds after the tourney, and only just had room to get to my phone (Sunday+Bank Holiday engineering works make for busy trains).

I've been away from the blog for a while due to lots going on at work, and at home weekends away, my 25th birthday, social life (yes it's true) and I've found little time for gaming unfortunately recently.

I promised myself that I wouldn't miss the Genesis event however, and I ordered a new aluminium double case for my Skorne out of my recent bonus from work. I also spent most of the evenings in the week running up to the tourney preparing my Skorne for the day. The last work I did to them was to paint the desert bases that I had made based on this thread on the PP forums (thanks again), but since then I haven't had chance to paint the miniatures. So with heavy heart, I began to get ready to spray the Praetorians and Cetrati and pin undercoated black miniatures to painted desert bases. Yes I know it's silly, and yes I know it's going to be a nightmare maintaining the base while I paint the mini's.... But at least I don't have anymore Cetrati flags to replace (love the unit, don't talk to me about those flags). Speaking of flags, the Skorne I got from my friend were mostly flagless, so at a later date I'll be posting mini's and asking for opinions on custom made flags or staying flagless...

I digress, month's without the blog have led me to ramble. On to the point -
A write up of my first win in a PP game, here it comes.

It was versus a Strakhov list including a Beast'09 and a Spriggan, and some assassins (I can't think of the name) and the seemingly obligatory man hunters

Game started pretty uneventfully with me shuffling my Forge of Souls (spot the reference, win some kind of baked goods) down the left (I of course mean my praetorians with Ancestral Guardian and Extoller), and the Cetrati under Savagery and Shield wall down the centre. Next turn the man hunters and beast have made it up into my grill and Beast is trying to pull apart the shield wall, but defender's ward is laughing at him. My titan comes out from the cover of the shield wall, and is promptly engaged by a man hunter, who funnily enough is dispatched quite quickly in subsequent turns.

The assassins make some mad movement buff's (mini feat?) and miss my stupidly exposed Makeda by a ridiculously small margin, and content themselves with back-strikes on the Cetrati. Meanwhile Strakhov is hiding behind his Spriggan and I'm desperately trying to find my friend from my local gaming club to ask if slams can go over walls, to which he of course replies that they can't. I sit down dejectedly just as he says “unless they have pathfinder”. So my turn comes round, I start the timer, make my upkeep's, cast carnage and move Makeda into cover behind a building, also casting rush on the Gladiator, who proceeds to slam the Spriggan into Strakhov, and follows up with 4 fury to spend.

And that, as they say, is it. Needless to say I was stoked about the win, I apologized I don't know how many times to my opponent for the high fives with my friend, and excessive jubilance, and I explained that it was my first ever win.

The next and final game was pretty good too, a Baldur list with lots of girls with javelins (again I'm sorry I can't recall their name) long story short, I made it into a position where the Titan was whaling on Baldur (after a failed grand slam on his swamp gobber buddies, literally by a quarter inch ;_;) but I hadn't twigged that he was sitting on full focus for a reason, and he transferred it all to the new shield guard wold guy. Forest creation/teleportation shenanigans later see Baldur back-striking Makeda for the win.

I feel like after just two games with the Skorne (my first two Hordes games) on Vassal the night before the tourney, I have a lot better grasp of the mechanics than I do with Warmachine. For example, I load up my Phoenix with 3focus regularly only for it to be sitting on one or two focus at the end of the turn because I haven't thought it through.

There are of course things that I need to get used to, like watching casters fury before I attack, and of course not only do I need to leave fury on my caster for transfers, I also need the 'beast to have fury spare to receive the damage.

Practice right?

I think that's all I have to say right now. Feels good to be back on the blog, and back in the gaming world again,. Built Xerxis today and a Drake, which I may just try out next week at the club, but I'm sure I'll be blogging again before then, so until then -

Cheers for dropping by

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Hiatus is a strange word

I'm back, been lots going on recently and I haven't games in a fair few weeks until today. Talk about a triumphant return, I won my first ever game (it was Hordes I'm yet to win WM :p)
I won the Skorne coin for my local genesis event and won by caster kill on my second ever and of Hordes.
I was also pretty close on my last game, but Baldur was stocked full of fury for transfers so I learned that lesson the hard way.

I find Hordes a lot easier to play than WM, the fury mechanic I think is a lot more forgiving than focus. I also learned that my gladiator is my new favourite model, and running swordsman with an extoller and an ancestral guardian is a good idea. Now all I need is practice.

I'm back, and here to stay, Hordes style :p


Sunday, 23 May 2010

Painting update

As promised, the Fane Knight and minion sorceress from my Vyros list last week

The mounted version of the Fane Knight took a tumble, and I had to straighten out the lance, which is why the paint has flaked off, other than that, very pleased with the above
Water effects have finally gone clear as well!.

Only other recent addition is a second Griffon, but he's pretty much the same as the other one, and I was up later trying to finish painting it before my game the next day lol

Thursday, 20 May 2010


Ok, things I learned last night (a loss for those of you had dared to share my dream of otherwise :p)

1. The Fane Knight us worth his weight in gold... When he hits. A dismounted charge on rahn(ret v ret) left him with 5 boxes, but then I whiffed the second attack. Very glad I bought him to field though

2. Positioning - I suck at it, deploying second should give me chance to respond to threats, but I seem to deploy as though I'm first to deploy. Need to shake my preconceived ideas for deployment and factor in the bad guys

3. I need to remember things better, the Phoenix field, I barely ever remember to use, like the continuous fire on the sword

4. Vengance only triggers when the officer survives. Be more careful. Nuff said

5. I need to know what things do when I decided to take them. Like Aiyana and Holt, can he charge after she has cast a spell? How the he'll can he hit with mat/rat 4 if not? :s

6. Vyros really isn't the beatstick I think he is. Yes flank is good, but it's also pretty situational. He's a fair support caster for his jacks, with mobility and his feat(tricky) and Hallowed avenger upkeep, but his low foc doesn't make for a fantastic melée turn if he is upkeeping anything, especially with my tendency to roll below 3 on any given dice with vyros.
He is, however, unkillable with inviolable resolve and focus camped :p

Pics this weekend I promise, less Walls of text I hope in future as well as I get back into a painting routine. Lots of things going on ATM both at work and with marriage planning.

Thanks for dropping by


Saturday, 15 May 2010

Reach and touch

I've just downed brushes after completing Lanyssa Ryssyll, and my second Griffon. (pics tomorrow hopefully) Second Griffon I hear you cry? That is correct, Vyros just got a new toy. I have, as you know, been struggling for a win with big V, but I am getting closer each time I play. I decided that in order to make it happen, he needs as much chance at rocking flank as possible, and the speed of the griffon, with it's field and mobility, make it a great way to do this.
There is a PG sanctioned tournament in Leeds next Wednesday, which I'm really looking forward to (hopefully after a practice with my list on Monday). The list I will be taking is below;

Dawnlord Vyros +6 points
* 2x Griffon 4 points each
* Phoenix 10 points

Arcanist 1 point
10 Dawnguard Sentinels 9 points
* Sentinel Officer & Standard 2 points
Fane Knight Skeryth Issyen 5 points
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt 4 points
Lanyssa Ryssyl 2 points

Only plan I really have is to get the griffons up front ASAP to cause trouble, while the sents shield the mercs, and Vyros and the phoenix make use of both aiyanas debuff, and hunter's mark to put pay to any heavy hitters, and the fane knight makes use of any sentinel deaths, as well as vengance getting triggered.

Any thoughts on the list? I need all the help I can get :)

Monday, 10 May 2010

Busy like a bee

It's been a while, but here I am. I've been very busy outside of the hobby this last month, long bank holiday weekends, work shennanigans and all the rest of it, so I've not had much chance to take photos or blog. Especially considering the net connection at work hates blogspot.

It's been a bit of an uphill struggle getting the Skorne minis I've bought to have all the right bits and pieces, and I'm still waiting on a Cetrati shield before I can spray them. I have my gladiator pretty much finished though, only lacking rivets, and pinned to his custom base, so I'll have my first completed Skorne mini up soon. Very please with how it looks, which is great after all the pondering I've done to come up with a scheme.

Angry elves haven't been forsaken though, my Fane knight has a modelled base complete with water effects, and is almost complete and ready to hit the table. I also bought a second griffon for big V to work with, and Dahlia and Skarath, after being in the wrong end of spray templates, it's my turn. :p

I'm going to start playing 50pt games too, as at least that way i have more options to work with. Still losing, but I'm going to try and play alot more vassal instead of spectating so much. I'd just like to get a case for my skorne, and clear my painting backlog :)
Priorities right?

Thanks for dropping by after so long

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Monday, 12 April 2010

In the club

That's right, it's time for another exciting instalment of "I've just left the gaming club"!
It went very well this week, believe it or not I got a Vyros charge off on eStryker. I made a bad decision on how to use focus in combat, and missed by one point. Then went on to miss with my final two focus bought attacks. Too confident.

Great game though, I was quite confident going in, and managed to fall 4" short on a griffon charge with mobility and fleet going. Right idea, wrong timing. I'm going to buy another griffon though. If I've learned one thing in all my games, it's that Vyros rocking flank can really hit hard. I would just take a second Phoenix for the reach but in 35pt games that feels silly. I'm going to run some vassal games with a mix of two Griffons, versus Vyros running just a Phoenix, an a Scyir with the griffin. I think I'd like the griffon on big V for the feat however. Once again lots to think about :)

Got my bases made and pretty much finished for all my medium based Skorne, and just need to sand and prime the small bases for next weekend. I've never spent so long painting just bases! It should look pretty good though when base+mini are finished.
Still struggling with a scheme, but I do know that I want to use a pale bone/stone for the armour, with a dark cloth/second colour. I've primed one praetorian so far who will get his fare share of paint this week I imagine :p will hopefully have a scheme settled by the weekend for photos.

Thanks for stopping by

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Best Man

My replacement bases arrived this week along with some new brushes, sculpting tools and greenstuff. I also have a parcel which I need to post for mr Astray over at yellowdice. Despite the fact that the two Praetorian swordsmen I ordered arrived as a cataphract Arcuarius (?!) I'm making a reasonable amount of progress. After many failed attempt at cork desert bases, I stumbled across a great desert base tutorial on the Privateer Press forums mid way down the thread. I've got all my medium bases sculpted and sanded, doing the small bases today, and hopefully getting them all sprayed today too. Those miniatures that arrived with paint have been soaking in paint stripper over night, and both warbeasts have been cleaned (after Royal Mail managed make them come apart in transit....grumble grumble) and assembled over the course of this week. On top of all this, me and Astray managed to devise me up a colour scheme to use, which I will have ready to post pics of next week with any luck.

The real good news however, is that my future best man and good friend of over 20 years (21 years :P) was round yesterday, and I "taught" him to play Warmachine. He liked it enough to want to sit and browse the PP galleries on the website to pick a faction! at the moment I think it's between Cryx and Menoth for him, as he isn't 100% on the Menoth 'jacks. Great news tbh. I've lent him my MK2 rulebook so he can read up on fluff/rules and when he has decided on faction, I'll try and post in the relative community and get some advice on first purchases. Looking forward to club night tomorrow as well, as I haven't been in a couple of weeks, so it's all good here :)

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Monday, 5 April 2010

In Bruges

Back from Bruges. Been doing some wok on my Skorne guys this morning, but there is only one picture that really matters at the moment;

Yes that's right, my better half agreed to marry me.

Mini pictures will arrive shortly, just wanted to share this great news with the world (or at least those people who haven't seen the Face book status/had a phone call etc etc)

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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Skorne: paint test

So here it is, a VERY quick mock up of what I intend to do with my new guys. Be frank, be brutal, I need the comments, as I'm very unsure of how it looks. I prefer the lighter of the two schemes, and the drybrushing is particularly sloppy, as I have very little time spare this afternoon. I may even ditch highlighting and patin the ridges/filigree. I personally think I prefer the lighter of the two (though the sunlight seems to have washed both to the same sort of brightness) and the green wash I used was perhaps too heavy. Anyway, I'm going on now. Pics below, let me know what you all think.

Once again, mr Astray over at rollingyellowdice, has sent these models to me gratis, as he no longer plays WM/Hordes. That's right FREE... I will send him some Malifaux minis as a thank you though, as I really feel bad taking all this for nothing. I will be blogging my thoughts around the army, as well as (of course) any and all painting progress I make. I'm going to try and order some empty bases of all sizes to make more of an effort with bases right down to regular infantry, rather than saving it for jacks/solos/casters as I have been doing.
I stayed away from Skorne as my choice for Hordes, as I was scared of the fancy shmancy armour, but after having seen it, I think I can make a decent job of it once I get a good scheme sorted. I know almost nothing of the background, except for what I've managed to read in Primal. However, I do like the look, and military feel of the army, and the varied beast options really appeal to me.

I think I'm going to wait until the Hordes releases start coming out before I add anything to this fledgeling force (35 points and an extra caster), but I'm almost certainly going to try and get my head round the Hordes mechanics on Vassal, and at the club in the meanwhile.

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Friday, 26 March 2010

I haven't JUST been playing recently

And here is the proof;

Sorry about the bad lighting, the sun stayed out long enough for me to set up, and get my camera out, and then went away again... All I have unpainted atm is my Stormfall, but they are on hold till i get some new brushes, as my GW ones which I got for christmas are pretty much bald by now... Bad batch I hope. Maesltrom games ha ve a discount voucher going, so I will be replacing brushes over Easter, as well as getting hold of the ret halberdiers for mr Rahn, probably when we get back from Bruges.

A friend of mine has just posted me 35 points of his skorne models... Gratis... I know, crazy right? This is the man who got me into blogging about my hobby, as well as Vassal, so I owe him a helluvalot :) So a big thank you to Astray over at Rollingyellowdice

After playing a lot of Vassal recently, the Skorne are certainly very appealing. I've been getting better at WM through Vassal too recently (he says, as he hasn't won a single game from 14), but the rules are sticking in my mind a lot more, and I make a lot fewer mistakes. On the whole, it's getting more fun, and I'm getting better, and enjoying it more. Looking forward to branching out into Hordes too, with only fury/animi being big rules changes (I think), it makes it easier to do something completely different :)

Looking forward to getting away with my better half next week, we haven't been away in ages, and it will be great to do so.

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Monday, 22 March 2010

Vertical learning curve

Just had a great game at the club. I was perhaps a little over confident going into the game however. I continue to be amazed by how many attacks warpwolves can buy. Those things certainly pack a punch or four. Vyros spent all 6 focus and only managed to dismount the circle dragoon chap. Very disappointing. The sentinels and vengance continue to make me grin like an idiot, perhaps not so much today as they were well outside Vyros' ctrl area on feat. I swear I read that card twenty times at least, and I didn't know the kill had to be in his ctrl area... The palmmprint on my forehead will take some explaining tomorrow!
I'm thinking of dabbling a couple of games without Vyros. Facing eKrueger tonight made me think a Rahn list would be a lot of fun. My next purchase for my Ret will either be Garryth with a unit of Mage hunters or a unit if halberdiers for Rahn.

Opinions anyone?

While I'm canvassing opinions, I wonder whether to have Invictros in my Vyros list at all... They never manage flank, and only ever get a few shots off. But what are the alternatives?..
Anyway, I feel like I've learned alot in my ten games so far, despite being 0 for 10. Most importantly however, I'm still enjoying the game, new found friends, a great hobby and community. It's also relevant to mention here that I think a lot about each game while I'm limping away ;p

Sorry for the wall of text. I'll have some battle mage photos by the weekend hopefully, and possibly WIP stormfall :)

Thanks for stopping by

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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Gotta Have Faith

I'm writing this while playing a very different type of game on Vassal today. Lots of spectators, so I explain that I'm new to the game at the beginning and still learning the rules. My opponent is good about it and helps me out. My problem however lies with all the spectators who begin to ask my opponent whether or not I can do this based on my models stats. I am after all present, and wonder why I'm being spoken about like I'm not. After all, who better to answer these questions... On top of this, in light of the apparent beating I'm taking, someone starts to set up another army on my side of the board, ready for when I've gone... Unbelievable right? not to mention confusing while I'm still playing the game. I guess for every good guy, you get three idiots. which is a real shame, because I'm yet to find a bad opponent on Vassal.

On a lighter note, I managed a pretty nifty feat with a manticore trample, leaving the manticore set up on eGoreshade next turn. but of course 'shade chewed it up and spat it out ;p
Still learning and still having fun (mainly...)

Saturday, 20 March 2010


As I write this, I'm playing the final turn of a Vassal game. After not attempting a game for weeks, for fear of proxies making the matter more confusing, I am pleasantly surprised at how easy it has been. coupled with a very patient opponent (Pantheon I'm looking at you) I've had a great game, and learned a helluvalot about
 a) my Vyros list (I LOVE Sentinels, there I said it), and
b) the game - charge lanes, reach, you name it, it came up and I didn't know it, but now I do. I even feated, and made it work to feed my Hydra for a pot shot at mordikaar, and the phoenix munched down some sword guys too, but of course the turn after, I got a few Vengance moves with the Sents, so regretted spending it early :P

I feel like I'm raring to go for my next game, Vassal or otherwise. and believe you me, I'll be playing a lot more vassal ;p. PM me here or on the forums, and let's duke it out! I finished my battlemages today, so I guess I can start testing a Rahn list, se what baldy and his follically challenged magic mates bring to the table.

Lastly - Skorne look pretty fun to play, mini feats on units are something I like - adds a lot of character I think. Makes my "I'm playing trollbloods" decision a little shakey ;_;
Tyrant Xerxis has always been a favourite model of mine, and I like the look of the filigree armour. Might be a little tricky to paint though I suppose. Exciting times :)

Thanks for stopping by

A very positive (even excited) feeling Lofty

Thursday, 18 March 2010


I had my first PP sanctioned game last night. (organised by my local PG).

Still losing with Vyros, but I'm slowly but surely learning the rules. I'm also learning that I hate Cryx. Well maybe not so much cryx but spray templates in general.

Something else that has become apparent is that I know nothing about the models I'm facing. Which leads me into some silly situations, like the exploding scrap thralls, wish I has known what they did first :)
I also still haven't used Vyros' feat... Timing is a big issue for me, and I should be letting Vyros keep focus, and feat, rather than feeding jacks every turn.

I'm going to shake up my list a little, and see if I can get the hang of him a little better. I will be giving Rahn a try too, just as a break, as well as getting 'second caster' practice in as well.
Really enjoyed my games however, and despite losing, I was pleased with my performance (totalled a thunderhead with sentinels game one, and one-shotted a bonejack with MHA game two)

Thanks for stopping by :)

Monday, 8 March 2010

Morphing into Primal

Just left this weeks club, where I was beaten by a Kaya list. I put up a fair fight though with Vyros. Going first left me doing a lot of manoeuvring with my sentinels, and Phoenix.

I was pretty chuffed with the MHA on turn two though who hit a feral warpwolf, but then went on to roll a one(above armour) for a doubled damage of two.... Couldve been nasty though.
Man of the match is the Phoenix however, who took out a lot of infantry and put the hurt on a second warpwolf before being eaten.

My problem is no longer remembering the rules, but thinking how to apply them. Vyros' feat and flank being the main contender. I find it difficult to decide the activation order of models to make them work together best.

This will come with practice though, and above all else, the game is still a lot of fun while losing/learning.

Also - gotta love weapon masters on the charge :D


Thursday, 25 February 2010

The bodyguard

I'm Ill... This time every year pretty much I end up with tinnitus, and a throat infection grumble grumble. It does give me time to paint though, behold the fruits of my labours.

Also on the work bench at the moment are Eiryss and the first of a pair of ghost snipers. I also intend to get my battle mages painted for use on Monday at the club, so pictures will be incoming soon :)


Sunday, 14 February 2010

Magister of puppets...

Worst post title ever... Sorry about that, I'm out of inspiration ;p
I has updates though ^_^ enjoy

Got a bigger order of guys dues this coming week as well, a fair few solos and two small units. I will try and post pics as and when I can, instead of saving it all up for one big blog :)

Thanks for stopping by :)

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Stumble Con

I know there has been a lot of excitement about the 'con recently, and I'm pretty envious at all the guys who have been and enjoyed the event. But coinciding with this most prestigious of 'cons was my first game of Warmachine :)

First game was a game with the Kaelyssa battlebox, and a similar point Cygnar force led by Caine, and well... I lost :P

Second game was with my 35pt Vyros list, and the star of the game was easily the Magister solo, who I am now smitten with (geddit? smitten, mittens?...). But I still lost, and lets just say I hate gun-mages and long-gunners ;_; I had a plan to combust his infantry with my Phoenix, so I moved it up bold as brass, and then BAM!! CRA to the face... Meanwhile, the black thirteenth took care of my Invictors, and I somehow only managed to get 1 Sentinel into combat all game ;_; I am particularly proud of the Griffon who wrought havoc in the gun mage unit :) as well as my hydra who camped a ton of focus from attacks and threw a Cyclone and a black thirteenth :D

I enjoyed the entire game, and I think the early neutering of my Phoenix left me scared to get Vyros stuck in, and I only really got anything out of him in my last turn, where he wrecked Black 13th face. I feel like I learned a lot from the game, and I am looking forward, more now than ever, to getting Retribution on Vassal so's I can practice with the army I have collected, in the hope that I win a game at the club eventually :)

I also got quite a lot of attention for having a painted army, and a fair few compliments on the painting quality, which is inspiring me no end. I have just finished m Magister solo, and I'm so please with the way it has come out that I am re-painting parts of Rahn in an attempt to emulate the solo. I'm going to be posting a few WIPS pictures this weekend I hope. It is Valentines though, so I can't promise that I will have time :)
Next order of miniatures will be battle mages and storm fall archers. The mages to fill my new found love of telekinetic destruction, and the archers as they fill what's left of my monthly budget nicely with a couple of solos (another magister and a pair of snipers )
All in all, things are going great! stay tuned for moar!

PS - I did take pictures of my games, but my phone decided that they should be at a some obscure size, so I'm still trying to sort them out :s