Wednesday, 30 December 2009


Loads of progress recently :)

Despite it being a pretty family oriented Xmas, I still managed to sneak a look at a couple of chapters of the PP3 DVD that I got from my girlfriend. I never thought I would manage to make alyering look convinving, what with my shakey hands and dyspraxia, but looking at my recently finished Phoenix, I'm very please with myself. I made myself a pretty basic wet pallette, keeping my paint layers thin, and satrted applying multiple coats where appropriate. Unfortunately I've done alot of learning and practice on the Phoenix, so it looks a little untidy, but hopefully, my freshly basecoated Manticore will come out looking alot more crisp.
The magnetized Myrmidon project is on hold while I am in the groove with painting, as it would be a shame to waste the momentum, but I intend to try and have it finished (magnetized and painted) by the end of January.

I've also started to read through the MK2 rules pdf that I downloaded off the PP website, because the more I paint, the more I want to play! I pre ordered the hardback rulebook, and I'm going to get my printed PDF bound, so that I can keep the hardback nice, for reference and fluff, and use the pdf for rules and learning. I'm just about to order a Gorgon, and a Chimera, as well as UAs for both of my dawnguard units, which will bring me up to a pretty decent force (I think :P) aswell as giving me the option to use the Kaelyssa battlebox when needed. The next few installments, from the next few paypackets, will be solos, Houseguard, and UAs, and possibly the remaining warcasters.

I know it's a bit of a wall of text, but I got some new camera batteries from my parents for Xmas, so when the evenings start to get lighter, I'm going to start taking more pictures of finished models, and WIP shots.

Thanks for stopping by :)


Monday, 21 December 2009

I am the highway

Long time since last post, but plenty going on :)

I'm pretty much done with my magnetized Mymidon, and I' really pleased with the way it is going. I took the advice of IK adventures, and went for a bit of a conversion with the magno-phoenix's sword, which is looking pretty good as a spear! I also added a pointing finger to the other hand, so whichever myrmidon I use looks as though he is calling out an opponent for a solid thrashing :)

I managed to get basecoats, and the thermal blade done for my non magnetized Phoenix, and I'm really very pleased with the way everything is looking. Been pretty busy with christmas recently, with shopping, and various social outings etc, but me and my girlfriend celebrated our christmas together yesterday(we are spending the 25th with out respective families), and I got my new brushes! Nothing too special, just some of the shiney new GW brushes, which I am very pleased with.
We had a lot of snow this weekend, coupled with very cloudy days, so I haven't been able to take any mini photos, but I will endeavour to do so over the festive period on one of my all too few hoilday days from work.

I've been very eager to the previews of the new battlefoam bags to be honest, and with the previews up on the site today, I have had my mind made up by the pricetag... $145 is alot of money, coupled with shipping, it's obscene. I know that Wayland games are distributing for Europe, but the prices will still be pretty high. I've spent most of my lunch hour today over at pricing myself up an aluminuim case for half the dollar value of the battlefoam case. While the battlefoam cases may well be a dream purchase for my fledgling WM collection, it's far too much money to spend, especially considering that I still don't have anyone to play against. Besides all of the above, I have purchased at least three standard KR cases, and two custom cases(for my filthy GW habit), and the guy that runs the site is a top bloke, and always happy to help. I'm even in the gallery section! As I was so chuffed with the cases, I offered my adaptation of one of the standard cases as an entry to the gallery(my case is the one with the rune on the front midway down)

Sorry for the wall of text, lot's to say today :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Oh and if I don't get time before it happens - Hope you all have a great Christmas!

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Reader input required :)

Check out the swanky new banner ^_^ courtesy of Gdaybloke over at very kind (and talented) chap indeed. I suppose I should mention though that the image of the Chimera which it is based on is property of Privateer Press, and no one else is claiming ownership here :P

With that exciting news out of the way, I have been working with magnets this week...
The fourth and final heavy Myrmidon I bought is the first miniature I have ever used magnets with, and lets say it's quite a steep learning curve. Not helped in the slightest by the fact that, when I came to magnetise the arc nodes/vents, I saw that for some unknown reason, I had already glued a set of vents into the gap.... Needless to say there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth as I tried to extricate the plastic from the gap, failed, and bodged some magnets in there....

The rest of it however is going pretty well, and I'm looking forward to the results. I've also been toying with a bit of a retake on the Phoenix idea, I guess opinions would be nice -
I posed the torso and legs in a way that made me think some kind of spear would look cool... I have some brass rod from when i replaced my Griffons halberd shaft, and I have enough spare Phoenix swords to at least attempt it. I also thought, looking at the shape of the sword, perhaps a scythe would be workable.

What do you guys think? Please bear in mind that my sculpting skills barely stretch further than gap filling/fur/hair work, but I am keen to try and make something of a centrepiece here I guess.



Sunday, 29 November 2009


I got far more done than I originally anticipated this weekend :)
after a day of christmas shopping yesterday, I buckled down and managed to crank out a Hydra, and having nothing at all planned for today resulted in a Phoenix and a Manticore.

I was going to attempt a magnetized "3 in 1" today, but I got a little carried away and made one of each heavy, with one kit spare to work on this week.
Still have to add the snow to my Sentinels' bases, but I guess I can do that during the week this week, as well as tinkering with magnets and Myrmidons :)
Just looking at my painting area with the heavies towering over the rest of my retribution is totally inspiring to keep going at the minute. Looking forward to getting a game in eventually as ever, but I'm very much enjoying this side of things at the moment. I've even been trying to decide which Hordes Faction I might want to start! I feel for Skorne in the end, but it's very close between them and Circle :)

Thanks for stopping by

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Heavy as a really heavy thing

Oh Happy Day!!
Check out this mornings' post ^_^

Wayland Games come up trumps again!
Caught me in the middle of basing my sentinels. My 3mm x 1mm magnets arrived this morning too, no prizes for guessing how I'm spending my rainy weekend :D
yep - christmas shopping :P

Will try and get some pics of the heavy(ies) up by tomorrow morning, maybe sentinels too :)


Thursday, 19 November 2009

The Gale

Hi all

Been busy painting Sentinels this week :) really pleased with the way they are turning out. I will take a picture once I have finished the unit of ten, and based both Kaelyssa and the Griffon as well.
In other news, I finally managed to source heavy Myrmidons in the UK so I placed an order for 4 post haste!! Will be arriving next week so I'm told :) all I need now is some 3mm magnets on payday (Wednesday) and I'm ready to rock ;P

Still hankering after actually playing WM, I don't want this hobby to end up like GW, where I don't know anyone that plays so I don;t have any inspiration to paint... still no luck with a local club/store, so I'm waiting on the Leeds PG. Just have to wait and see, if all else fails, I can move ;P


Monday, 9 November 2009

Rational Gaze

I need some advice, so you lucky people get another WIP - the lovely Kaelyssa :p

Sticking with the grey and icey blue scheme here, but I'm stuck as to how I should paint the banded armour she has on her arms and parts of her legs. I wondered about a darker blue colour, but this might look a little silly with the light colours snow scheme.

Any help would be really greatly appreciated :) Please excuse the photo quality, it's late and my camera batteries aren't charged, so it had to be the iPhone :)

Sunday, 8 November 2009



I managed to get everything primed yesterday afternoon, and I have pretty much finished the Griffon, just need to layer the grey areas and do the base. I'll take pictures tomorrow when it's done :) but for now here is a rough WIP :P

The more I paint, the more I'm itching to get my first game of WM, maybe I'll PM the Leeds PG later and see where he's up to with a gaming night on Leeds.

That's all for now, will get more pics when I'm done ^_^

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Beyond The North Waves

I hate to be negative.... but I'm ticked off.

It has been raining every evening this week without fail. My sentinels, Kaelyssa and the Griffon are still sitting on my desk unprimed. It's driving me nuts :)

Not only this but I still haven't played a single game of Warmachine. I'm unsure what else I can do to get this moving, I've contacted the local clubs I know of, and they are either too far away for me to get to (I don't drive) or they have never heard of Warmachine (welcome to Halifax). I know the Leeds pressganger said he would have something up and running for a Leeds gaming night in New Year, but I'm afraid I might go a bit loopy waiting until then.

Nevermind, onwards and upwards and all that.

I've been looking into how to magnetize my heavy Myrmidons, found some really great threads on the PP forums, as well as a couple of tutorial type videos on youtube. Got my magnets sorted from ebay for a pretty good price, so all I need is the 'jacks. Wayland games have them at a really good price so I just have to wait for stock to refill, as I put some money in my savings from my pay this month so I can get hold of some. I decided on one of each heavy plus a magnetized option for all three, I even sketched out some poses that will look good for all three types of 'jack.

I'll update when I finally manage to prime my stuff, which better be soon :P


Sunday, 1 November 2009

Planet Rain

Well it didn't stop raining at all today. I still managed to finish off my invictors though, completely based including snow, and I even painted the front and back arcs of the bases, as I've seen others do, and I'm very pleased with it all.

I also managed to scrounge some cork, which I've used to spice up Kaelyssa and the Griffon's bases a little. Hopefully I will be able to Prime a least the warjack tomorrow evening. I don't mind it being dark while I spray, as I have a decent torch, it just depends whether it's still raining :P

No comments from he forums as yet on the finished unit/colour scheme, but I'm enjoying all this too much to need any motivational comments from others! :P

I'll endeavor to post any WIP photos of the 'jack this week, but I can't promise anything, as I'm ruled by the weather at the moment. Cheers!


A Semblance Of Life

Been busy this week at work, so I've made time today to get some pictures of my pretty much completed Invictors.

All that's left is the elbow pads, and the armoured joint by the elbow. I had left these unpainted till after I glued the arms on so that I could "match" the colours a little better. Bases aren't done yet either, but they wont take long :)

Will try and get everything else primed today, IF it stops raining for long enough, but I'm not holding my breath :(

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


I was greeted by this yesterday when I got home

Lovely ^_^

That will certainly keep me busy all week, I was out yesterday evening so I only really got chance to check the components in each pack. I've just drilled out the Griffon's hand to replace the halberd shaft however, and will be trimming and cleaning him for assembly with the sentinels as m next job :)

Didn't get chance to finish the Invictors yet due to family visits over eh weekend, but they only need one or two parts touching up, so I will endeavor to complete and photograph soon.

Back to it!!


EDIT: matching the swords to the bodies for the Sentinels took far longer than I expected, and I'm still left with some strange looking poses :P nothing too outlandish luckily, so it's all good. Only Kaelysa actually glued together tonight, but the Griffon is cleaned and ready for pinning tomorrow night

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Curse You All Men

Royal Mail have let me down...

It's my fault in a way, I decided to dip into my savings so that I could get my order in before payday (Friday) but I left it until Wednesday to do this, the day before the postal strikes... Silly silly me. Anyhow, I will be finishing off my Invictors today so I will post new pictures when I get the chance, and on the bright side I can book a half day at work next week to collect the parcel and play with mini's ;P

Bye for now :)

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Voices In The Fan

Prime Remix finally arrived ^_^

Getting some fluff reading done this week while I finish off my Invictors. the colour scheme got some good comments on here and on the PP forums, which is a real confidence boost, not to mention motivation to complete and post a few more pictures :)

I also just ordered a box of Sentinels, a Griffon, a new pin vice & drill bits, and Kaelysa. I had forgotten about the postal strikes though so I wasted money on first class post... I'm hoping it will arrive on Saturday, best not hold my breath however.

Not alot else to report, other than that I contacted the Leeds Press Ganger who is hoping to have a gaming neight set up locally by new year. Not long to wait for my first game of WM, and it will give me half a chance to get a playable force painted :) can't wait to be honest!

Will post more pictures when I finish more models.


Monday, 19 October 2009

The devil is in the detail

Ok so like I promised, I attempted to take some photos. The light hasn't turned out too bad, at least I don't think it has. I was quite please with the quality of the paint job I had achieved here, but then came the macro function... Anyhow, I thought I would post them here before I braved the PP forums.

My first WM miniatures;

Random Analysis

So I have Vyross and one invictor totally finished and based.
I was hoping for some decent sunlight this weekend so I could at least take filler pictures until payday and I sort out a few lamps and a lighting box. No sunlight for me though. The weekend was really overcast and grimey, and I couldn't get a decent picture at all. Coupled with the fact that it's dark when I get up for work, and dark when I get back from work. Depressing. I do however have the 9 other Invictors pretty much finished, just the sword rifle arms and helmeted heads to finish off :)

All in all I'm pretty chuffed with the way they are turning out, hardly any drybrushing, mixing paints to blend - the works. I feel like I have matured as a paitner from my GW paint-a-regiment-of-25-asap days, and I'm pleased with how the WM models I have so far are looking.
My girlfriend is getting me some decent brushes for christmas too, so I suppose the only way is up. Payday on Friday, so I'm picking a up a Griffon along with a with a unit of sentinels and Garryth. Nice mix of what I "need" to play, and what I'd like to paint.

I'll see what pictures I can get at home this evening, but I'm not sure it will be bright enough at all, so I will probably wait till I can do the poor paintjobs justice with decent pics :P


Sunday, 11 October 2009

Sunday Afternoon

I got my package from the local post office on Friday, and spent the afternoon drooling over the miniatures before going out for the evening. I was really pleased with the quality of the miniatures, amazing detail, hardly any flash/mold lines at all, and the metal is very receptive to being cleaned, either by back-scraping with a modeling knife, or being filed. Well done PP!

I glued Vyross and one Invictor to their base, to which I added sand, and also mounted heads and weapons for each model on paper clip pieces for ease of painting. I hope to have dryer weather at some point this afternoon to prime them all black. Once I have a paint scheme set on the one Invictor, I can start to assemble and prime the rest of the unit while taking my time over Vyross. I'll get some pictures up when I have some progress to show :)
Not really much else to report really, apart from being infuriated that my order of Legends arrive before the Prime Remix book, so I can't get reading :P Not really best pleased with all the postal strikes etc, as I only received my miniatures as they required a signature on delivery. I've been waiting for the remix book, and some rare earth magnets for ten days now. Never mind,  It will arrive some day, and I have plenty to be busy with until then!


Tuesday, 6 October 2009

No turning back

I just ordered my first ever Warmachine miniatures! :)

After my last post I took the plunge and ordered a box of Dawnguard Invictors, and the Dawnlord Vyross model. I also ordered the Warmachine Legends book to go with my Prime Remix rulebook due to be delivered this week (I know MK2 is due out in a few months, but I didn't want to miss out on any of the storyline :))

I've been looking around on forums for some ideas on how to use Vyros in games, but I think a lot of the tactics etc are beyond me at the moment, and should all make sense once I get hold of MK2. It's all really interesting though, with differnet combos of models and abilities/feats etc. It will be good when Vassal is updated to include the retribution so I can get a feel for the way Retribution armies play. Then I can plan purchases based on games rather than looks. This is of course no substitute for playing real models against real opponenets on the table, but I'm still looking for a local source of Warmachine games.

Still listening to the GutsnGears Podcast, which is really good for anyone into the Iron Kingdoms hobby, beginner or otherwise and once I've caught up to the more recent episodes I'm sure there will be more Retribution/MK2 based material.

Not a lot more to say really, excited about getting hold of the new models, got some rare earth magnets on their way to me from eBay too, ready for when I order my Warjacks.

Thats about it for now I guess, I'll update once I start recieving my purchases :P


Sunday, 4 October 2009


Ok so I've been reading through the retribution book and wondering what I want to get first :)
After a lot of pondering, I decided to get the models i like the look of best for my first purchases. This being because I'm yet to find someone/somewhere to play other than over Vassal online.
So I've decided to go straight for a box of invictors, and maybe Dawnlord Vyros.

The invictors because of the awesome concept art, and really cool looking layered armour plates and. Vyros for essentially the same reasons, coupled with the fact that he is a warcaster, so at a push i can scrape together a playable force without too many more purchases.

Something else that I've been thinking is that Privateer Press minis make me want to spend more time painting, assembling and basing etc. Because there are so many miniatures needed for GW games, I've always been of the mindset of "batch painting" to try and get miniatures table ready ASAP.
After a couple of games of Warmachine, it becomes apparent that every miniature on the table is an individual. Like the infantry guy who takes down a 'jack, or the 'jack who manages to slam his way through the enemy 'caster. I guess I'm trying to say that each mini tells part of the story. The whole game is far more cinematic than anything I've experienced before. So I've been looking to get hold of some rare earth magnets to make the Warjacks I eventually buy;
a) interchangeable (I'm looking at you heavy Retribution 'jacks)
and b) easier to transport - I would much rather remove a halberd holding arm that was magnetized to the 'jack than arrive and see it broken off.

Oh and if anyone can let me know of a source in the UK of rare earth magnets (1/16" or 1/32") please leave a comment :) *EDIT* - Ebay is a wonderful place, I feel dumb for not checking sooner 


Thursday, 1 October 2009

Rational Eyes

So I just had my first game of Warmachine on Vassal online.
The guys that I blagged for a beginners game were really friendly, really helpful, and I had a great time. I lost obviously, and made some silly errors but the game is so cinematic, and even getting my jacks beat up was fun. The guys added some storyline and narration to make it interesting, and it was ace :)
The play style is VERY different from wargames I've played before, but it was a lot more straight forward, and once I had got the hang of a few basic rules, I felt as tough I could muddle my way through a turn or two :)
On top of all this, the Retribution book made its way through my postbox today too, so I have a lot of reading to do, both on the rules, and on prospective new factions. I played Cygnar today which felt really good, some nice 'jacks, and units, so I suppose its a choice bet them and the new retribution guys. I think I will go for maybe Cygnar for 'jacks, and Retribution for the infantry (model-wise) but I suppose playtesting will tell me more :) hopefully retribution will make it to Vassal pretty soon. Either that, or I find a gaming club, and somewhere to order minis from.

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

End of an Era

First post, best be a good one...

I've been wargaming for the past 13 years in the UK, and a staple part of this has been Games Workshop games, from Necromunda and Bloodbowl, to Warhammer (both 40k and Fantasy).
I've found that after a couple of years off at University, and the year or so afterwards when I moved around for work a lot, I can't seem to get back into the hobby. Don't get me wrong, I still have models around to paint (new and old) which I really enjoy, but the rules elude me. I think I got back into playing at a time when one rules set had just been made redundant, so I had bought the book and made an attempt to learn how to play again, only for a new rule book to be published in the coming months.

To be honest, after buying a couple of new rule books and not knowing really where to start, I realised that the friends who I've been playing with for years don't have the time to play so much anymore, and the local gaming club is populated by younger children (half my age) or guys who are a little older than me. Now far be it from me to be judgemental, but I've found that neither prospective opponent makes for great conversation, or a "well spirited" game.

Anyway - long story short, I've been loitering the Privateer Press forums recently, and I want in! The models look great, which is important to me because it seems that painting and modelling are what I enjoy doing at the moment, and the community seems to be a lot more mature (from what I can see).
The only problem I'm having here is that, after checking the relevant websites for UK stockists etc, I seem to be pretty isolated here in Sunny (!) West Yorkshire... It's early days yet though, and I'm yet to sign up and post on the Privateer Press forums, so I'm hoping something will come of all this ;P perhaps I'll get back into actually playing wargames, as opposed to collecting and painting. I recently quit World of Warcraft, and I'm hoping I can swap that community for maybe a couple of forums to regularly post on

Future posts wont be quite as lengthy I guess, but I'll keep updating my search!