Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Bad Things Happen

A bit of a misleading title maybe, I just meant that I actually played a game of Malifaux. Shocker eh?

We went to Element Games the other weekend as some of us wanted to get the Promotion model. I didn't really have anything in mind that I wanted, already feeling pretty guilty about the mountain of miniatures I currently have to paint for Malifaux. I ended up sharing a box of Samurai with my friend who wanted one for his Ten Thunders, so I kept two because, well Samurai are cool, and also because I have Izamu already for Nightmare McCabe. I also picked up a box of Terracota Warriors in order to get the spend price up for my wife to get the promo model, and McCabe loves them :)

The following Thursday all four of us were free so we planned in a game of Malifaux. After so long without a game, I went with Guild as it's something more familiar. I lost pretty badly to a summoner list Asami I think she's called. I got bogged down on the stash markers, and never made it past there to score from my schemes (i picked poorly from a not very guild friendly pool). It was fun to get models on the table again though and got me thinking about getting McCabe ready for the table.
All I'm missing is a bit of time to triage remaining steps to get them at least ready to glue to bases and then finish off at a later date.

I also got to thinking how beneficial an overall coat of brown (leather) would be for all the guild (mainly Ortega) models I have to paint currently. So next time I get a chance to get airbrushing, I will hopefully get a some work done on my Malifaux. There are some Neverborn models that might benefit from a blue base layer too :)

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Monday, 14 August 2017

Life finds a way

Summer is proving to be far busier than I had anticipated. There is both a wedding and a stag weekend to prepare for (for which I'm the best man), so finding free time at the weekends for anything resembling hobby time is proving pretty difficult to be honest which is more than frustrating.

A glimpse of progress though :)
I finally managed to measure up/compare and contrast sizes of boxes to replace the one in which all the Dragons/Wave Serpents are currently in. The new box arrived, and it's a fair bit wider than I had realised which will make finding somewhere to keep it a pain but it fits everything it it which needs to fit in it which is great. To be honest, it will likely fit in all the vehicles for the army, leaving foot troops in the case they live in currently. The new 'magnetic' sheet stuff is still pending delivery, but this is better value per measure than the stuff used previously, and it happens that this roll pretty much fills the new box exactly so that's great (if it ever shows up...)

It's our 6 year anniversary this weekend, and we have one day of going out somewhere for food and somewhere nice, and one day planned with no plans :) this means we are going to finally get a game of Malifaux! Shock horror. It's been a long while since we managed to get some game time so we are both looking forward to this :)

Hopefully this week will allow for some hobby time finally, although due to yet another jam packed weekend tonight is catching up with housework (after Game of Thrones), so fingers crossed!

Apologies yet again for all the text with no real content, but I hope (for my own sanity) that this will improve soon.

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Tuesday, 8 August 2017


I may have mentioned a while ago that I've had Tinnitus and related inner-ear issues this year. this past week has been particularly bad, with migraines, dizziness & pretty bad earache. In true form, the first doctors appointment I could get hold of was on the 21st...

I'v not really been up to concentrating on Hobby stuff, so I can only apologies for the lack of content since last week. Hopefully the worst of it is over and I can actually do something soon.

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Monday, 31 July 2017

Up and coming - August

Trying to get back on top of hobbying after last month being rather hectic. The plan for this month will mainly be consolidating a few things rather than setting targets to achieve.

As per my usual tendency I've bought too much too quickly for the latest project of Eldar.
Current outstanding builds are below, so Ideally, i'd get most of this at least ready for the table, if not ready for WIP painting by month end.

Dragon Storage
I'd like to replace the current not so sturdy (cheap) box that the larger models and soon to be flyers etc will be stored in with a 'Really useful box' as theses tend to be reinforced and pretty sturdy construction. I just need to pull my finger out and find out the right dimensions for those damned wingspans :) then order enough self adhesive magnet stuff to fit.

Boxed Sets
2 x Venoms
1 x Raider
10 x Dark Eldar Warriors
10 x Wyches
1 x Starweaver
2 x Harlequin Troupes
1 x Death Jester
Crew for all flyers

Shining Spears
Mounted psyker
Warp Spiders

By no means is this a list of 'have to dos' as, through experience, this isn't the right way to get things done. Hopefully though it'll be good to see progress as things get done & ready to be used and to be painted :)

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Friday, 28 July 2017

Total War

Steam had a sale recently on Games Workshop games, one of which was Total War: Warhammer and associated DLCs. This is a title that's been on my wishlist since it was out, but was just a little more than I would usually spend on a game, so it has stayed there.

Feeling a little more flush than usual after my birthday though, I decided to pick it up and give it a go. It's a great deal of fun, and more than a little nostalgic. I started the Dwarf campaign, and then restarted it a couple of times until I worked out what was best to be doing. To be honest after getting so far this time a round, I think one last re-do would see me being a lot more successful having learnt from some mistakes :)

I'm also really keen, now that I have a vague grasp on the game mechanics, to try all the other factions. Possibly Beastmen/Greenskins next before Norse when the patch becomes available.

It seems to have come at a good time, where I'm still pretty shattered from performance week last week, and late nights/long days (plus the occasional beer after show...), and as much as I have wanted to get on with some assembly/spray coating (not that the weather permitted it really anyway), low maintenance/low effort computer gaming that was still wargame related was definitely a good option :)

Pretty quiet weekend apart from Saturday evening so hopefully this means some progress pictures at some point soon. Apologies for yet another text heavy post.

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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Diamond Geezer

I love birthdays. Doesn't even have to be mine, they are just great.

We had a barbecue with my gaming buddy and his wife to be, and went to one of our favourite places to eat in Manchester with another set of friends, and ate far too much!
A bit of a mixed blessing was having to replace my phone which started draining a full battery in under an hour without being used. Having to shell out for a new handset was a bit gutting, but a shiny new handset is of course great :)

My wife's family sent me vouchers for the Element Games webstore and I managed to convince myself that the couple of boxes of Harlequins I got on our trip to Warhammer World needed bumping up a little...

The full list now is below
2 Starweavers
2 Troupes
2 Skyweavers

The plan is to convert a Troupe Master, and have him with on troupe in one Starweaver, and the Shadowseer with with the others in the second vehicle. There are enough crews/spare bits floating about to also make a Solitaire and maybe even a Death Jester too. Potentially only interested in another box of Skyweavers in the future as this is a solid little force at around 1000pts.

Rather than the common diamond patterning seen on these models (which ironically is what tempted me to pick some models up when I saw them in the exhibition at Warhammer World), I spotted a rather stunning Harlequin force in a battle report video featuring galaxy/nebula themed paint work which I decided to try and replicated for the vehicles with the airbrush.
Hopefully I'll be able to test out some methods for this soon using masking and sponging etc :)

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Monday, 24 July 2017

Checking in

No, I'm not dead just busy. I volunteer on the technical team for a local theatre group, so since my birthday last Monday, I've spent nearly every day at the theatre helping out and running audio for their performance.

Now all that's out of the way, I'll be able to catch up with life again this week, and start to write posts again. I will also continue to replace lost photos when I get time to sit and do that.

The only hobby work I've really done in the downtime I've had is to re-magnetise my Eldar carry case, by removing the old magnetic sheet plus baking tray combo which I never really liked a whole bunch, and replace with the adhesive steel stuff I used in the Malifaux boxes.
I also built a Starweaver sans crew, and both Skyweavers again without crew. Once all vehicles are assembled, I'll get the crew done altogether. Two more Venoms plus a Starweaver left to assemble. I'm using regular 60mm bases for these instead of the clear acrylic bases so that I can add magnets in the base. The acrylic bases also aren't really easy to add features to, and personally I think they look a bit naff, as they aren't invisible despite being see-through so why hide the base at all?

The next priority is to replace the current storage box for dragons/vehicles and use the same self adhesive steel stuff. Hopefully most of the true vehicles will fit in amongst the dragons who only take up so much space due to wingspan rather than height/bulk.

Apologies for the unplanned break.
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