Thursday, 14 December 2017

The Living Infinite - Carbon Dated

I've set a date with the guy at work for our first lunchtime intro/refresher game. This means that I need to get some specific models ready by then, which helps me focus rather than doing random bits of random miniatures when I sit at my desk :)

January 4th

I'm pretty much going to be taking the starter set for the first couple of games, with hacker/TAG added later as these each have specific rules to learn in addition to the standard stuff required to play the game.
All that is left to do currently to get them playable is to pin the weapons onto the Vanguard models. Hopefully though, I can get some paint on them before starting to play. I've been thinking alot about a colour scheme, and I think it will look good, close to the stock scheme seen in this picture:
I want to go with the grey and dark blue, but without the red accents. I like the stripe detailing and I'll use Orange for that. As for the glowing orbs on the armour (energy source? no idea really) I'm looking forward to some Airbrush OSL. To be honest, if I can get the grey/blue done with the airbrush, the rest of it should come along poretty quickly :)

I broke apart the Raicho the other night and started scraping out all the olkd superglue from joins and removing mold lines. I will be re-pinning and airbrushing in separate parts, so hopefully the airbrush is easy ebnough to use under the skylight in the new attic study, with the booth hose venting out of there :p

I managed to salvage the old wooden boards from our old makeshift gaming surface, and it'll certainly work as a game table until I have the money/time/motivation to sort something nicer/more permanent.

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Monday, 11 December 2017

The Living Infinite - Aggressive Expansion

A picture is worth a thousand words
After a lot of chatting about Infinity with the guy at work who plays, and talking about some intro games in the new year, I decided to post on the forums about what I have already and what a 'shopping list' would look like to make a usable force.
After a quick look on ebay, I found this little lot which has some of the stuff that was on my own list to buy, and some of the stuff that was on the recommended list. £120 retail for £50 so I consider that quite a find!
I'll be cleaning it all up and re-pinning & basing over Xmas :)

In other news, the great table fiasco continues, after getting out the Malifaux mats to test the new tables finally and realising that the two 3ftx3ft mats on the 6ft (as advertised on the product page) over hang at each side....
Checking the listing on Amazon again, and the '6foot table' is actually 180cm... I'm going to return it, and at a loss for any other options at this point that wont cost the earth, I'm going to re-try the old board table a friend's dad knocked together for me a few years a go, with trestles underneath it. The boards were a little warped before I moved them down the cellar out of the way though so I need to undo that damage plus the damage from the damp cellar for a fortnight...

I'll keep updating as the saga continues. I suspect the table will be fine once it's been wiped down and maybe varnished or otherwise treated. I just need to work out how to attache it to the trestle legs a bit more permanently than resting on top of them, or replace them with proper legs somehow.

Apologies for the slow updates recently. There's a lot going on to make it difficult to find time. New year should improve things hopefully, maybe before then with any luck

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Monday, 27 November 2017


After a fair amount of furniture shuffling, a couple of new storage units, and putting my back out last week, the end is in site.
All the things on the shelves need sorting through and reorganising but the general idea is sound, scenery will live under the table, minis/rulebooks on the shelves. We will also be moving our boardgames from the living room up here too :)

Nearly at the stage where making/painting toy soldiers again is a thing!

More updates soon :)
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Friday, 17 November 2017

Back in action

We managed to get a game night on Thursday :D
I played Hoffman because my friend hadn't even seen my completed models, so it was a good excuse/reason :) It was pretty difficult playing with Hoffman who I'm not very familiar with, after a while of not playing, against Kirai who I'm also not familiar with, 8-10 though so it could have been a lot worse!

Once we have a working 'study' again I want to try and get the rest of my guild collection table ready and get some games going with Perdita & Rollins Black ASAP. As well as a lot more games in general.

Hopefully going to have the room move done this weekend, so no hobby updates incoming for a few days, unless its a pic of the new layout (minus gaming table so probably not!), but will be picking up table soon and get some pictures up :)

Hoping that the Ethernet cables we have currently are long enough to reach their new destination, but Screwfix is close enough to get new stuff at any rate :)

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Monday, 13 November 2017

The Living Infinite - Breaking Ground

After speaking to my friend at work about Infinity, I decided it was high time to stop procrastinating and get my models at least based. In the light of some of the newer released models as well, I need to get painting before I can add to my collection (oh hey, TAGs, Avatar and Charontids in time for Xmas?!).

I retried the basing pads I got from Kickstarter, and had a lot more success this time around. I think mainly because the texture is completely flat, unlike the rocky/mountain surface of the last one I tried. I couldn't bring myself to break apart the base I put so much time into for the Sogarat though so he's staying on his lovingly crafted base.
This week I will pin the arms on the grunts, as I don't think it'll make a huge amount if difference to painting them really.

Just a small update for now, planning continues for gaming room, and Bloodbowl team is based now.

Not sure when I will get a chance to prime anything anytime soon as the weather has taken a cold snap here recently, but we have just cleared out the basement a bit so maybe I can get down there at some point...

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Friday, 10 November 2017

Changing Rooms

Both the Bloodbowl kind and the fact that we are changing our room use in our house. It's good word play, I promise.

Anyway, 'Unnamed Orc Bloodbowl team' (catchy right? Go sports) is now complete, with 4 Blitzers, 4 Black Orcs, 2 Throwers and 6 Linemen before the spare orc parts ran out. There's maybe the option of one more lineman if some already built unpainted spares get sacrificed.

All that's left is picking a paint scheme, and adding magnets and sand to the bases. All in all very pleased at how they look. They aren't ground breaking conversions but they were fun to make and it's great to work on a project that has an end point.
Some of the newer Bloodbowl miniatures are nice enough to be tempting if the league goes on enough to start a second team, but for now these will do great.

The other exciting topic is our 'new gaming room'. After getting some measurements we (my very organised other half) mocked up room/furniture sizes to help plan better and the verdict is that necessary furniture items (stupid big bed/wardrobe) will fit into other rooms, allowing the biggest room in the loft to be re purposed.

Current mock up resembles the below. Plus bookcases/shelving added:

The conundrum now, other than planning the other rooms/buying shelving etc, is how to deal with the gaming table. The current set up is two 6foot by 2foot boards which bolt together down the middle to make a 6*4. This was made a while back by a friend of mine's dad for the attic of our old house, to sit on trestle legs. Due to space restrictions in our current house, this usually sits on the kitchen table to provide a play area, but the boards are no longer flat after being propped against a wall in between uses.

There are a few solutions so far:
Buy legs and attach them to these boards
Start from scratch and buy new wood/trestle legs/permanent legs

Some options to consider, but until we have the space free upstairs, we wont know whether or not the boards will straighten themselves out once there is room to lie them flat for a while.

Exciting times though :)

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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Grass Roots

Another long gap between posts, for which I apologise.

Wedding/Best man duties are completely out of the way now after an absolutely phenomenal weekend.

During some downtime both over the wedding weekend/whilst the groom and I were at a loose end when the bridesmaids were sorting themselves out we managed to get a few half games of Bloodbowl played as a time filler. There are enough of us that are nostalgic about this that it looks like we will be playing a league of some sort. It's also a great game to play with very little setup, in a fixed time frame.

I've decided i'm going to run an orc team which I've made a start on. I wanted to make the max number of all available player options. I was still pretty tired after we arrived home on Monday, but was determined to make use of the spare time and nearly finished the Black Orcs/Blitzers for the team.

They aren't groundbreaking conversions by any means, but it was a lot of fun actually creating something again after so long with so little time.

Before we went away for the weekend, I was also talking a lot with the chap at work who plays infinity, and we are going to be playing a demo game or two on some spare tables at work on an unused floor. I got told that there's no chance that any of my regular gaming friends are interested in it, but I'm happy for a game every now and then, and collecting the models to be honest :)

Work/planning still ongoing for moving rooms around but hopefully we can start working towards this in earnest a the weekend now that our time is our own again. The only thing we have on for a while is the house being remortgaged but that's not really so intensive as the solicitors are dealing with it all.

Good to be back, and hopefully more regular updates on the way :)

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