Sunday, 15 January 2017

On the payroll - Brothers

Just a quick update today as I've got a busy weekend but did manage to snap a picture to share.

I managed to get the majority of Hoffman and pals based and built completely ready to be primed (whenever it stops raining outside...) for the lowers areas of the bases, I used liquid greenstuff to simulate an uneven 'water' (Sewage?..) texture which I will paint up and then use the paint effect I mentioned previously to hopefully good effect.

In the background you may also be able to make out the alternate Barbaros that I managed to pick up recently which I'm very much looking forward to painting.

That's it for now, keep everything crossed for fairer weather tomorrow sop I can get some miniatures spray coated. My wife also needs a few things sprayed as she 'has run out of models to paint'! I don't think that has ever happened to me :p

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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Weakly WIP

Yeah I'm trying out puns as post titles again, bare with me, but I'm not sure it's going to last long :P

I've got a couple of things on the go at the moment, but more so because I'm weak (oh look, it relates to the title....)

I knuckled down and primed all the Neverborn bases on Saturday morning, I mixed up my own dark grey, watered it down and went to work. It took a reasonably long time as I had to use a relatively small brush instead of just glomping it onto the bases in order to preserver the already pained skin parts of most of the models.

Setting these aside to dry, I decided to start assembling some of the Hoffman miniatures I caved in and bought with some cash I received from family at Xmas. I went ahead and did Ryle and the Guardian first, along with their bases. Just missing greenstuff topping to take flagstone details.

I am going to be pinning unfinished miniatures to unfinished bases and priming the whole lot together with this crew. I seem to have a habit of owning WIP miniatures that can't be used until they are eventually finished, which is not only frustrating, but not really a good use of the minis :p

I have my Peacekeeper (WIP) is based on a sewer style of base, and I will carry this throughout the Guild Constructs.  The idea of Hoffman working on his creations in some kind of mad engineers laboratory, is one that I really like :) I also added some 'charging points' to the Peacekeeper, as he was giving me a very 'Igor' vibe, and I love the idea of him getting recharge via some mad lightning conducting thing... I may have over thought this a little. Here he is, WIP anyway.

There is a technical paint that I've seen from Games Workshop which looks like a decent slimy green kind of effect so I intend to use this to add some interest to the bases, as well as perhaps some blood, because the sewers of Malifaux end up with all sorts down there...

That's it for now, lots more on the painting desk though :)

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Friday, 6 January 2017

Mother of Monsters - All your base are belong to us

I had recently written a post about a new basing method which I had waited for (delayed) delivery of before being able to base my Neverborn models which were otherwise ready to undercoat and get on with.

I sat down over the weekend (1/1/17 it must have been) and tired to use the mountain themed Basius pad to make the bases I wanted. I don't know whether it was me not following the picture guide provided on their website, whether it was the greenstuff I was using, humidity, alignment of the moon etc. but I couldn't get any results worth using. the bases had either nice crisp details and rounded amorphous edges, or stuck to the pad which I had drenched with water, or a mess of greenstuff that didn't make its way into the details of the texture pad properly.

After working on trying different things all afternoon, I decided I could use my time a lot better, and in the hour after putting the greenstuff away, I had cork/gravel bases made up for all my Neverborn models and got them pinned to their bases, which I also added magnets to.

I was a bit disheartened if I'm honest as I use cork and gravel on most of my models so I wanted to try something different and I had hoped that this would allow me to do that. If I'd known I would end up doing this I could have had everything based a long time ago ready to use.

I'm not giving up though, I'm going to give them another go when I get around to the infinity models I have to paint.

In better news, I did get a game with Lilith this week. We visited our friends on New years eve and played a 50pts game and a henchman game before some drinks for new year. I proxied Lilith using my guild models and some empty 40mm bases and had a great time.
The scheme pool had me scratching my head whilst I was thinking in Guild mode, but once we started playing I soon realised just how different the approach to these schemes was as a Neverborn player. There are a lot of rules for Lilith which I felt aren't worded fantastically on her card (Tangle of Shadows is tricky). This wasn't helped by the fact that I was looking at the cards for the second time only whilst playing as I hadn't read and learned them, thinking I wouldn't be playing until I had finished the crew. Very different from the Guild though which is a really nice change of pace
All in all a success though, and a lot of fun to look forward to once I've got the crew painted and ready :)

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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Hard Drive Issues

Just a short one I'm afraid guys & gals, I've had a failure in the hard drive i have ~20 years worth of photos and documents/music/PDFs on so I've been working this week on validating what I have and haven't backed up.

I did have a post ready for today but I've not had time to take the photographs I intended to go with it, so it's not any use to any of us right now ;)

I will be able to post it later this week though and normal service can be resumed :)

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Saturday, 31 December 2016


I'm not a fan of resolutions, New Year ones or otherwise.

Instead I'm going to list what I've got outstanding, and what I hope to get done in the coming arbitrary time measurement :p

-Ortegas. I bought the crew box for Francisco (who I then replaced with the
 limited sculpt ironically).
-Peacekeeper, Lone Marshal & Pale Rider. WIP for to long!
-Hoffman crew, on whom I've had my eye for a while.
-Lucius (see below...).

-Lilith crew is progressing well to completion and hoping to get some use out
 of her on the table top this year.
-Lucius is a master that hasn't really interested me in the Guild, but it's a
 great chance to use him with my Neverborn :)
-Expansion into Titania/Zoraida/Collodi? No Idea who works well with what so
 this is a wildcard :)

-Parker Barrows is cool, need I say more?

-Through The Breach
-We will be playing this in the new year so I expect to be making & paining one
 or two characters.

Warhammer 40,000
-Space Wolves
-I'll be outlining the models I have and what I plan to expand into
-I plan to assemble everything I have & then paint everything as much together
 as possible.

-I'd love to get this project finished and give it the time it deservers, let's see :)

-Cool Stuff
-I intend to buy models that I like in order to paint. Because why not? maybe they
 will be integrated into current projects, maybe not but that doesn't matter :)

-Re-think my painting/desk setup, maybe it's fine how it is, maybe I can improve
-Make a decision finally one way or the other about airbrushing, I'm not sure I can
 do it even with an extractor booth really as my desk is so far away from the window to vent it.            Deliberation required :)

-I have some models which I bought hoping to convince a friend of mine to play but
 this will inevitably be a painting project, so expect pictures at some point :)

-Dark Age
-I'd love to collect, paint and play this but at a push I might be able to get some
 awesome minis to paint.

-Have fun and learn/improve while doing it. Is that not why we are here after all?

I hope you all enjoy whatever way you choose to welcome in 2017, and whatever hobby related goodness you are planning on :)

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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Mother of Monsters. Neverborn - Making a Start

Because I don't have enough projects on the go at the moment...

I bought a bundle of Neverborn a while back as an alternative to my guild collection, mainly I thought to break up the leather colours and greys that I had picked for the guild. I got them assembled pretty quickly but then I wanted to wait for the Kickstarter basing pads that I had backed to get them ready to paint etc.

Fast Forward to last the beginning of the month and I had bought a white and a grey primer as my wife wasn't a fan of using black primer. I tried to prime the Neverborn using a zenithal priming technique to see how it would work out. As it turns out it didn't really, but now I have them all primed and ready to paint.

And now fast forward to this week, and I wanted to get a master ready to use that wasn't the two I've been using for my whole time playing the game.
I've had the idea for colours since I bought the models really, and wanted to do a pale blue and dark purple contrast, so off I went :)

Sticking with a departure from my previous drybrush and wash crutch, I've been using thin layers and glazes and I'm happy with progress so far. Obviously a long way to go yet, but I think the skintone is pretty much finished. Looking at Nekima makes me think I need to go back and do maybe one more layer of a paler colour though :)

Hopefully able to make progress soon and get the bases sorted as well.

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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Product review - Basius Texturis Kickstarter

Turns out I can't work the Scheduler very well here on Blogspot...

I originally wanted this post to go up on the 24th to avoid complete silence over the holiday weekend, but it didn't publish when I set the scheduler to do so. Ah well :) see below anyway.

I backed a kickstarter this year for a greenstuff moulding base system. I have long been a fan of making my own bases, but I saw something similar to this system around on the internet and thought it was a good compromise between making my own bases (as opposed to buying resin bases/toppers) and saving time by making the process a bit easier.

I wont mention what I thought of how well the kickstarter was handled, as apparently delays on that platform are the norm rather than something to be annoyed about. Some creators probably handle expectations better than others too I guess.

I pitched in for 6 of the new pads mainly for Malifaux but I also grabbed two for Infinity, as I love the game system and the models even though I think I'm destined never to play it.

The pads arrived needing a good scrub with hot soapy water, as either the resin or the release agent smells unpleasant to say the least. Even now they have a strange aroma.
The detail is fantastic, very crisp and varied throughout each of the ones I have.

I went with a trial run for this on the metal Sam Hopkins I got for Xmas (along with a convict gunslinger card. 'Party Boy Hopkins' has become some kind of weird in-joke with my friend, long story). I wasn't sure about how the recess in the base would affect the process, so I used a circle cutter to cut the right sized plasticard circle to fit in the indentation.
I loaded up said circle with greenstuff and laid it face down on the pad in the area I wanted the texture from. I pushed this down using a spare 50mm square base to get even pressure after thoroughly wetting both the pad and the greenstuff.
I left it for a minute or two then carefully pried the plasticard away from the pad. There wasn't much overhanging the plasticard which is great. After it had cured for a few hours, as greesntuff requires I glued it to the base. and pinned the model as I usually would.

The only problem I had was that the plasticard circle was maybe 1/1.5mm too small, so I added some sand to cover the gap between greenstuff and the base, and it looks fine in my opinion, and I've learned what to do and what not to do for the next time I use them.

These are well worth checking out now that the kickstarter has ended, maybe even some of the larger products from their similar range if you want lots of variation on one theme.
Watch out for these featuring on at least a few models coming up :)

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